A father needs time off now and then. In this case, in the splendid company of the Porsche Panamera 4S Sport Turismo.

It roars a little at the rear of the car then changes smoothly into the next gear. The needle stays put at 120 and in the digital display I can see than now and then it registers a few km/h too many. So, I quickly tame the horsepower again and continue in a relaxed manner. It is Tuesday afternoon. The mother is looking after the son and papa is making the most of the new Porsche Panamera 4S Sport Turismo.

With 440 PS under the hood, I drive on the 21-inch 911-turbo design tyres in the direction of the Saint-Gotthard Massif. The steering wheel does not need much input when overtaking. In fact, the car moves smoothly from the right to the left lane and back again. Exactly how it should be when you are driving a real sports car. With its market launch in October in five different versions, the Panamera Sport Turismo definitely offers one thing: space. First of all, three people have room in the back and the boot is comparable with that of an estate. The concept behind the model has worked, because originally the Panamera was designed as the ideal combination between sports and family car.

Definitely solid en route

It was my personal preference that I left my family at home on this day. Because I take the liberty of not sharing things. Regardless of how others may view that. They would have liked to have been on board, almost definitely. As the numerous assistance systems in the six-cylinder engine also ensure a comfortable journey. In addition, the parking system leaves nothing to be desired and making a good impression is virtually child’s play thanks to a rear view camera and aerial view.

No matter how small the space. Because at over 5 metres long and almost two metres wide the Panamera 4S Sport Turismo is a sizeable car. And one that is so much fun.
So, I continue to enjoy the journey and scan the cockpit. In Zuffenhausen the digital control centre answers to the name «Advanced Cockpit». And the interior of the Panamera is without a doubt «advanced». The large touch screen, the multifunctional centre console with automatic control element and in particular the numerous functions that can be adjusted from the steering wheel; everything blends aesthetically to a perfect whole, which offers a lot but remains manageable.

Definitely not too fast en route

Fortunately, there is not much traffic today on the motorway connecting north and south Switzerland. Perfect conditions to drive and experience the car – which is available from a price of 159,000 francs for the standard model – at its best. Even if I do not come even close to reaching the maximum speed of 286 km/h and certainly would not want to. Because without a driving licence it would prove difficult to enjoy my time-out with the Porsche, far from all my everyday duties. Therefore, I ultimately remain the sensible husband and father despite the temptation. It is part of my nature after all. But only one part…

Photo Copyrights: Porsche