Enjoyment is a matter of style


I recently completed, just for fun, one of these trivial self-tests titled “Are you a bon vivant?” in a popular men’s magazine. The result was, as expected, complete nonsense but it strikingly reminded me of my pleasure-loving tin opener ‘Adam’.

Are you interested in the result?

You are an absolute bon vivant and focus your entire energy on yourself. You are open to something new but also like to keep it occasionally down-to-earth when it comes to culinary delights. You treat others with respect provided that they do not serve you your steak well done. You think practically, interact cooperatively, are emotionally resistant, live spontaneously and enjoy life and the moment but nevertheless react humanly every now and then.

After a long laughing fit that I had to shake from my fur, I set about exploring the contents of the oversized fridge because my sensitive stomach urgently demanded a cultured meal. Perhaps a titbit of smoked trout fillet or carpaccio as a small snack.

The cold light of the gapingly empty fridge made me spontaneously freeze with horror. Such unforeseen stress situations make me shiver and consequently ruin my shiny fur. I therefore interacted cooperatively by informing Adam about the necessary replenishment and suggesting a barbecue in the garden. As expected, his far too human brain had already forgotten the empty fridge since breakfast but he was very pleased about my spontaneity and promised improvement with a pleasurable barbecue after work. On my advice, he ordered a carefree package, i.e. a few steaks of ‘Heritage Angus Beef’ and ‘dry  aged T-bone steaks’ – of not less than 400g  of course – from this 5-star restaurant in the city centre of Zurich and I filled the waiting time until the evening with a down-to-earth tin of white tuna fillets in olive oil and freshly baked spelt chia bread.

By the way:

As you will certainly have noticed by now, as befits a stylish tomcat, I am very experienced in culinary delights and guide my tin opener, Adam, whom, compared to me, I can only rate as an ambitious hobby cook, in the right direction when it comes to crucial grocery shopping decisions.

Between long raids on the vegetable and fish markets, at his trusted butcher, delicatessens and alternative bakeries, we have heated discussions about the ideal knife, French meat cuts, natural sourdough, the ultimate recipe, the alleged barbecue bible or the best wood type for smoking. In short: Thanks to me, our men’s household is in the habit of cooking and eating excellently. Yes, we develop a real competition to outperform each other.

But back to our barbecue: That day, Adam ended up in the emergency room. It was not my fault: I did warn him that the embers were not yet ready and that the steaks had to be well drained but as usual he reacted just like a human.