Adam at Work

Editor’s Letter

I have settled in. In a number of ways. The word work is without doubt an active verb, because we have to do it to be successful. In 2015 I launched the multidimensional script for men and it is now celebrating its first birthday with this anniversary issue, giving my life structure.

It’s a great pleasure. They say that living without leaping in the air isn’t as sensible as one would believe, because it is extremely rare that rationality gives rise to rationality. Freeze Frame!

All these actions are only possible because the heart can’t recognise rationality. Design lends ADAM a voice. Design means thinking and doing. When I hear doing my mind skips immediately to sport: Fitness namely gives you the feeling that you look better naked. Also true for Champagne.
Less is more. Contentment is for me the natural luxury. Therefore I’ll enjoy the act and keep working until I don’t have to introduce myself anymore.