There is so much to do in Amsterdam. If you only have a weekend, 
you should restrict yourself to one neighbourhood. ADAM 
presents the Jordaan.

The Jordaan is one of the most charming neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. Originally a working-class 
district, today it is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the Dutch capital with its narrow, picturesque streets. There are no traditional attractions as such in the Jordaan, but a walk through the narrow lanes and alleys can transport you back in time. The «winkeltjes» can still be found here – a paradise for sophisticated pleasures. Connoisseurs of tobacco products, liqueurs or confectionary can satisfy their cravings in these mainly vintage shops. They are shops with a tasteful range of products, not only vintage, but also old-fashioned. They make even browsing a one-off experience.

Smoke screen & medicinal herbs

You do not simply buy cigars at «P.G.C. Hajenius». The pleasure of smoking is celebrated here and the queen of tobacco products is honoured. The shop is a temple in the purest form of Art déco and the precious goods are illuminated by massive chandeliers above the Italian marble counter. Whether you choose the air-conditioned room, humidor lockers for regular customers, a reading lounge or the men’s salon – this is every Aficionado’s dream.


The main trade in the «Jacob Hooy», however, comes from 
a completely different kind of herb. They have been purveyor to the court since 1815 and mix herbs according to old, secret family recipes for courses of treatment and kings. For 268 years they have had the right medicinal plant for every condition.


In chocolate heaven & the liquor genuflection

«Unlimited Delicious» caters to the tastes of those with a sweet tooth. Elegant chocolate creations, which give rise to a veritable firework of flavours. The long, golden wall with a multitude of trays makes the shop look like a huge box of chocolates. The rule here is: The greater the choice, the greater the torment. In chocolate paradise nothing is impossible, for example peppery notes, grappa infusion or tomato-balsamic surprises. Those, who love to experiment, can give caution to the wind and treat their palate to a tantalising surprise.


If you prefer fine wines, «Wynand Fockink» is the place for you. From as early as 1679 they have been burning homemade Jenever and mixing liquors to ancient recipes. In the tap room the WF Superior (a three year old Jenever), the «Bruidstranen» 
(a spiced wine, which was administered before a wedding), «Hansje in de kelder» and house specialities such as «Half en Half» and «Boswandeling» among others are served. A highlight is the way the Jenever im Fockink is drunk. The drinker has to bend down to the small glass filled with the Jenever and take the first sip without using his or her hands. Just like the seamen over 300 years ago, one bows deeply to a good Jenever.


In short: The Jordaan is a paradise for all, who like the unconventional. Small, independent boutiques offering original products, trendy restaurants and bars with affordable prices and the oldest cinema in Amsterdam. It is best to simply throw yourself into it. You can wander the streets and alleys for days and discover new hidden courtyards and pubs again and again. The Dutch love «gezelligheid (conviviality)» – and in the Jordaan you’re never too far away from it.

ADAM’s Tip: Foodtour
Whatever takes your fancy – Poffertjes, cheese or meat croquettes from the automatic machines – Amsterdam offers visitors with rumbling tummies a variety of unusual culinary experiences. We recommend the «Hungry Birds Food Tour» on which you are introduced to delicious, Dutch specialities off the beaten tourist track. From regional delicacies and secret tips to gourmet temples, you have over ten stops at different places to eat, the local stories come free with your food. It is a great way to explore the city in a relaxed atmosphere and sample fantastic food at the same time! The tour lasts three to four hours and costs circa. 64 Swiss francs per person. The only condition is to make sure you are hungry!




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