The Souki Lodges & Spa in the South of France could not be simply referred to as accommodation, they are places of natural beauty for a very special stay.

Green elevations, jagged rocks and red stone – in the South of France the Tal von Cabrières presents nature at its best. And this is exactly the reason why Fabien Morcel and Gilles Pascal were certain that it was the only location, their home, to make the project that was so close to their hearts become reality: the Souki Lodges & Spa. On the slope of a hill they created a stylish haven that is synonymous with relaxation, retreat and tranquility. Or as Fabien once put into words: «Souki Lodges & Spa is a small paradise that whispers into your ear, a timeless refuge in which life is an adventure and which also reminds you how important the simple and beautiful things are in life.» And those who have already been there can only confirm this. It is a place where you tank energy and the burden from an otherwise stressful everyday life dissolves the moment you arrive.  

Souki Lodges & Spa consists of two exclusive wooden cocoons. Both built on stilts, to leave nature its space and not to disturb the natural surroundings. The entire wooden structure was made of pine – sourced sustainably and ecologically and processed accordingly. The interior also combines the best names in contemporary modern design. The colourful carpets are from Moooi, the elegant and creative bird pendulum lights from Umut Yamac. And the sofas that are consistently in pastel shades are designs from Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The beds are the work of designer Paola Navone and architect Patricia Urquiola. 

The bathrooms, made completely of wood, are a particular highlight. And of course the respective terrace for each cocoon. In addition to a private jacuzzi it offers above all a fascinating view of the valley. The lodges are directly adjacent to each other but privacy is guaranteed. A place where the world seems to stand still and the guests have the chance to reinterpret the term «natural beauty». 

Photos Copyrights: Souki Lodge & Spa France