On Foot

Distinctive leather loafers form a stylish counterbalance to the new trouser shapes. The loafers we are presenting here with a pronounced sole emit a sense of generosity and highlight the new voluminous pleated trousers. Between seasons the shoes are the perfect companion – with or without socks. The loafers can be classically combined with a double-breasted jacket, but give a more modern touch in the city with a casual bomber jacket and turtleneck.

New line – Penny loafers packaged in calfskin

Jacked up – Thick rubber soles for extra grip

Memorable – Model with silver designer emblem

Perfect in form – Textured leather as signature loafers

Photos Copyrights: Berluti, Yuketen, George Cleverley, John Lobb; Mr. Porter

Ferrari – If you want to go riding you need a good horse

If you want to go riding, you need a good horse.

In our childhood my sister‘s favourite horse was „Black Beauty“. In contrast, mine was not „RI“, the black horse from Karl May‘s desert novels, but even at that early stage had four wheels and could run faster than all others in its class. Ferrari is and remains my passion.

The fact that my childhood was quite a while ago is not only obvious because I have a few white hairs hiding in my beard, but also because my friends buy a family car with storage space and more than two comfortable seats. Some rely on German brands, as they value their reliability; others prefer American models that narrow the roads with their bulky solidness. My real friends hardly drive Asian cars. But the king among the spacious Grand Tourer masculine pleasures comes, of course, from Italy. The black stallion cannot be outdone in beauty, motorization, technical sophistication and workmanship, but above all in emotion and pure pleasure.I get into my Ferrari GTC4Lusso and press the red start button in my cockpit with a joyful smile. The engine roars its greeting like an excited wildcat. I have never been carried by 690 horses that wait in anticipation to fly me over Swiss mountain pass roads. I carefully put the car into first gear with the steering wheel shift and notice immediately that the Ferrari engineers have achieved the impossible. A sports car that embodies a proper family car by virtue of spaciousness, sophistication and a luxurious interior and at the same time a wild mustang that every envious road user turns to admire, but which can be managed by any average rider with a little bit of sensitivity.

On the steering wheel there is the clear chassis set-up and a blue button, bearing the name „Michael Schumacher button“. As my pleasure reaches the highest magnitudes, I glide through the fabulous nature offered by the three Swiss passes Susten, Furka and Grimsel. Every bend, every ascent and every plateau now seem to have been made solely for my magnificent GTC4Lusso. The self-steering back wheels make every curve the greatest driving pleasure. I will not even mention the acceleration values, as I am still happy that I did not meet an Executive on the road.Of course, I studied the technical details on the Ferrari miracle before my ride – they read like a combination of an exciting novel by Dan Brown and the Guinness Book of Records. But reading about the technical feats is far outdone by the emotion of piloting this automobile. We two seem to have been made for each other. I am ADAM, I love life and life loves me. Even in my childhood my favourite horse had four wheels and today as a grown man I can confidently claim: I had great taste even then!

Photos Copyrights: LNNN, Lennen Descamps

Hublot captures the magic of a timeless place, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc

June 12th in Cap d’Antibes (France) – Hublot and Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc have come together to create a limited edition of fifty Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Eden Roc watches.

A unique creation, evoking so many memories, combining tradition and innovation.
An unprecedented collaboration between luxury watchmaking and exceptional hospitality.
With the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Eden-Roc, Hublot joins the prestigious Eden Being collection, with its exclusive and bespoke pieces.
Inspired by the art of fusion, bringing together several natural elements, Hublot combines two new worlds: luxury watchmaking and exceptional hospitality.
A wonderful homage to a legendary place where artists, writers, film stars, royalty and other distinguished figures have all been inspired over time.

“At Hublot, we like to create a fusion between different worlds to develop singular products. The Hotel du Cap- Eden-Roc is one of those mythical places whose very name is enough to instantly conjure up dreams and memories. Today, these moments are enshrined in time with a Hublot watch.”

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot

Majestic setting

In its black ceramic dinner jacket, polished and glossy, the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Eden-Roc has a laid-back look.
The markers, hands and hour counter are all in elegant shades of blue, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea.
It is worn on the wrist with a strap in aged blue leather or perforated black calfskin with blue topstitching.
The second counter at 3 o’clock is inspired by the iconic buoy of Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, the very buoy which looks out over the seawater pool hewn into the rock, with its blue tone, merging with the colour of the sea, which inspired the watch’s various shades.
The HUB1155 self-winding skeleton chronograph movement has a power reserve of forty two hours.

“Elegance, Luxury, Tradition and Innovation are the central themes of our joint initiative with the House of Hublot, enabling the creation of a unique and timeless product.”

Philippe Perd, General Manager and Chief Project Development Officer, Oetker Collection

The Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Eden-Roc watch is a limited edition. Just fifty numbered models, presented in a varnished mahogany case: an exquisite rendering of the hotel’s pier, stretching out into the infinite blue of the Mediterranean Sea, dotted with boats moored in the bay.

Photo Copyrights: Hublot

Bucket List

Adam’s Bucket List


Not only can the elegant «Es Princep» boast of magnificent surroundings with a view of the twinkling bay of Palma and the historic city walls from the hotel window, but it also offers the perfect location to explore Palma de Mallorca at your leisure.


A unique location with unlimited possibilities. Atmospheric interior that fuses  design and warmth. Modern art, which emits a sensual and cosy atmosphere. The perfect setting for special moments.


Jaime Hayon’s design of the Barceló Torre de Madrid broke new ground in art and design in the city of his birth. The recurring design element of mirrors in different shapes and sizes with frames of silver and gold characterises the interior. The designer chairs and sofas shine in strong colours such as orange, pink, kiwi green and mustard.


The stylish 1930s manor house with seven suites, situated directly on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, was the summer residence of the Yugoslavian royal family and later the holiday island of President Tito. All suites in the AMAN resort Sveti Stefan combine the style of old Europe with contemporary design elements.

Photos Copyrights: Es Princep, Roomers-Munich, Barceló Torre de Madrid, AMAN


Mauritius … simply because I owe it to myself!

Some people live to work, some work to live, I am Adam: I live and enjoy life to the full!

As my job places considerable demands on me, I decided to treat myself to a few days relaxation and vitamin D in the form of sunshine before the energy-consuming Christmas season kicks off.  The choice of where to recharge my batteries for the remainder of the year is quickly narrowed down to the paradisiacal island of Mauritius – a spot that has so much more to offer than known to date.

But we want to start at the beginning: There are a number of beautiful hotels on Mauritius, making the choice somewhat more difficult and the anticipation all the more sweet. I follow my friends‘ suggestion and check into the Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness in the southwest of the island. There is nothing better than a personal recommendation, because my dear friends only want the best for me – and this proved no exception.

Roughly 40 minutes’ drive from the airport, I arrive at Domaine Bel Ombre, 2500 hectares of land with one highlight after the next.

The Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort, next to it the family friendly Awali Resort, the 18 hole Heritage Golf Club, which manages to combine the prestigious European Tour, the Asian Tour and the Sunshine Tour in one tournament, the Mauritius Open, is within a few minutes’ walking distance.

The villa area „Villas Valtice“ is situated adjacent to the golf course. Every single house offers a breath-taking view of the golf course or Indian Ocean. The villas are serviced by the Heritage Resort and can either be rented or purchased. The Frédérica nature reserve boasts 1300 hectares and is ideal for excursions and Jeep safaris. The Chateau de Bel Ombre manor house from the 19th century accommodates one of 12 restaurants that pamper the guests‘ palates on the domain with local or international delicacies.

I chose the Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort, which is currently shining in new splendour following a „complete rejuvenation“. The particularly attentive personnel at the hotel, which exclusively offers suite accommodation and is situated directly on the beach at the Indian Ocean, fulfilled my every wish to make my stay unforgettable.

It is my objective to relax and enjoy the moment but also to experience something. This can be accomplished easily in one week, although I would have liked to extend my stay by a few days to make the most of the perfectly tailored services on offer at Le Telfair. Following an 11-hour flight, I partook of a jetlag massage in the new Wellness Pavilion to relax my back and legs. Even at this early stage, I am already aware of the numerous small loving details, which can be found throughout the entire Heritage Resort following its elegant redesign. The Wellness Pavilion is far from the standard spa one may have come to expect. It is an entire area, reminiscent of an Asian temple complex with little ponds, paths, courtyards and small individual houses. Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and numerous other offers take place at different locations to the massages and beauty treatments. The Seven Colour Spa uses its own specially created products. Oh, I could let myself be pampered there every day.

I am a bon vivant, therefore I follow the principle of trying out a number of things with the aim of discovering something wonderful ….and then stick to that. These discoveries include the Strand Restaurant PALMIER. I am served finely dressed seafood with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc on the elegant wooden deck.  Delightful …..this would be the ideal moment to press the „pause button“ and simply linger. I have arrived at a stage of complete relaxation.

I have not even tried any of the numerous activities yet. Cycling along the beautiful coastline with the electric bike, stand-up-paddling on the sea and my first yoga lesson in the middle of the nature reserve – my perfect holiday.

The day before I leave a hotel guest tells me that he has gone swimming with the dolphins  – an overwhelming experience. I definitely do not want to miss that opportunity and ask the hotel staff to help me organise it. So shortly before I settle into my cosy seat on the plane I can add one more highlight to my list.

Mauritius, your beautiful countryside, your hospitality and above all your friendly and welcoming inhabitants – you all made my week wonderful. Thank you!

Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness we will definitely see each other again soon!


Photos Copyrights: Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness

Geobald asks

No, he really wasn’t a handsome man. But he still managed, mainly because of his hair, to win the hearts of the young girls. Indeed, so overwhelmingly that the film studio, in which he briefly danced as an extra with Yvonne de Carlo, who is best known to the European public as the mother in the TV series „The Munsters“, received several thousand fan letters „to the handsome boy, who danced with Yvonne de Carlo“.
But back to the man, who not only became famous as a painter, but also as an author and most importantly as a film and TV actor.
He was Jewish and his real name was Bernhard Schwartz. Let’s just call him Bernie – the name he chose for himself in his first years in film. It sounds German, but was Hungarian. His parents, Emanuel Schwartz and Helen Klein came from a small Hungarian town called Mateszalka.

His father was a tailor there and in the twenties of the last century he emigrated to the USA, where he first had a tailor’s shop in Manhattan, then in the Bronx. Bernhard grew up there with his two brothers, with the family sometimes living in the working area in the tailor’s shop. He only spoke Yiddish and Hungarian until his sixth year of life. He wasn’t a diligent pupil, being more interested in cinema and Broadway, to the extent that he was almost expelled from school due to his constant truancy.
Following his school time and military service with the marines he returned disabled from the second world and received a disability pension. He simultaneously began to take acting and elocution lessons.
Ultimately he got the aforementioned extra role, which was to completely shape his future life, because shortly afterwards he was signed up by Universal Studios in Hollywood. From this moment on his acting career took off.
He was also famous for his coiffure, a sleek quiff treated with a large portion of pomade, which was to set the style for a whole generation. It was also to be copied by a ten year younger man from the town of Tupelo in the state of Mississippi, who went on to become one of the most famous rock singers in the country.

As his acting contracts were drafted in such a way that he received a proportional share of the box office sales and his films were extremely successful, he quickly became a rich man.
In 1959 he made the film, which would become his most well-known, with a young, blond, world famous actress, perhaps better known at that time as one of the greatest sex symbols in the country, and which is still regarded today as one of the best comedies in film history. The director of this film was an Austrian Jew, who had fled from the Nazis and, not only because of the numerous Oscars he received, is considered to be the most prominent Austrian
Hollywood director, maybe even one of the most famous in general.
Despite his success our actor was never to receive an Oscar. He was nominated once but went home empty handed.
However he does rank as one of the bridge builders between cinematic film and television, because in 1970 – when
his days in the sun as a film actor had begun to set – he accepted a role in a TV series, in which he, as a rich American playboy, solved criminal cases together with an extravagant English Lord. His partner in the series became mainly famous in other films in the role of a British secret agent, who repeatedly saves the world from super villains.
Our actor, Bernie, was known for all sorts of escapades – alcohol, drugs, divorce problems, custody battles, even a dubious child abduction – nothing could tarnish his reputation, on the contrary, it made him even more popular. For example, when Marihuana as well as other substances were found in his luggage on his arrival at Heathrow airport in London his media popularity increased immensely. His fine didn’t seem to affect him much: he was summonsed to pay 50 pounds sterling.

His popularity meant that he was financially secure for life, could afford to play in third-class productions and even in advertising films. He promoted tourism in his parents country of origin, Hungary, but also donated generously to the maintenance and rebuilding of Jewish graveyards and synagogues, to Holocaust memorials, as well as to orphanages or animal sanctuaries for abandoned or mistreated horses or mules.
When he was older he focused completely on painting and was successful again: his pictures, featured at numerous exhibitions, are traded today at prices of up to 100,000 dollars.
He was married several times and had four daughters and two sons.

Bernie died in 2010. He is buried at the Palm Memorial Park graveyard in Las Vegas.
After his death his name made the headlines again in the tabloids, as he had named his last wife as the sole heiress of his gigantic fortune estimated at 60 million dollars, a decision which his children (his first son, Nicolas, had died at the age of war 22 from drug abuse) fought vehemently but without success.

1. Under which stage name is our painter and actor known?
2. What is title of his presumably most famous film?
3. And who is the blond actress?
4. Who was the Austrian–American director?
5. Who was his series partner in 1970?
6. To which master spy are we referring?
7. And who was the rock singer, who copied his hairstyle?







ANSWERS : 1. Tony Curtis, 2. Some like it hot, 3. Marylin Monroe, 4. Billy Wilder, 5. Roger Moore, 6. James Bond, 7. Elvis Presley