Editor’s Notes

“We know much too seldom what happiness is, but we often know what happiness was.”

Life is pure courage in which we defy the fear of losing something. We have to learn to see what we can gain. This new edition is entitled desires. They actually show us what we really want in life and in this issue we want to satisfy that feeling. In this current
edition of ADAM there is a complete “Hot-List” of things for living in the moment and stories about people who have created their own present moment – notably Dieter Meier and Boris Blank, the sound creators of Yello or the trend researcher and humanitarian Li Edelkoort. What do they have in common? They live precisely now! Prosper and Martine Assouline created books with a rarity value, under a brand of the same name. They are a treasure chest for all literary aesthetes among us. Here is an ultimate selection of the great collections.

“The virtual world needs tangible things.”

Are you now ready to live life to the full ? We have leased some confidence, because ultimately we have most things under our own control. An edition full of positive vibes – so start reading or start living.

Side Notes

Las Vegas consumes THE SAME AMOUNT OF ELECTRICITY as the entire country of PERU

THE GREENLAND SHARK (also known as the gurry shark) is the vertebrate with the highest life expectancy. It can live up to approximately 400 years old. In the animal world this age is only surpassed by the Arctica islandica (over 500 years old) and the Antarctic giant sponge (approx. 10,000 years old).

Scorpios can endure 200 times more RADIOACTIVITY than people.

ADAM’s Bucket List

1 Brixen

Feel like some mountain magic? The Forestis is a retreat surrounded by nature, where we can perceive time again. The large-scale beauty, which this retreat offers anew every second, is perceptible, when looking from one of the tower suites onto the wonderful backdrop of the Dolomites. In the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening – you can become inspired among the treetops, with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc “Quarz” from Terlan and the most impressive mountain range in World heritage.

2 Buje

The San Canzian Village & Hotel is a location that captures you through its architecture, which perfectly combines country and modern, old and new furnishings, and gives the guest the opportunity to experience Istria in a completely new light. The resort does not only stand out because of the individual access to guests and the premium service of a 5-star hotel, but also in the way it fuses its unique concept, culture, modern art and locally influenced design.

3 Gonnesweiler

In the middle of nature. Built near the lake. And for that very reason so joyful. A free spirit. And down-to-earth all the same. Situated at an exposed location on a small wooded cape – with a magnificent view over Lake Bostal in Sankt Wendeler Land. Constructed between the security of the forest and the expanse of the lake. Interwoven with regional, cultural history. I want to stay here.

4 Zurich

Stylish comfort meets elegant design. In the Sorell Hotel St. Peter a meeting place has been created under the architectural management of Andrin Schweizer, a  gem in the middle of Zurich’s inner city. Functional furnishings fuse with design and offer a generous character  of cosiness.

Photos Copyrights: © Forestis, Seezeitlodge Bostalsee, Sorell Hotel St. Peter, San Canzian Village & Hotel

On Foot

Distinctive leather loafers form a stylish counterbalance to the new trouser shapes. The loafers we are presenting here with a pronounced sole emit a sense of generosity and highlight the new voluminous pleated trousers. Between seasons the shoes are the perfect companion – with or without socks. The loafers can be classically combined with a double-breasted jacket, but give a more modern touch in the city with a casual bomber jacket and turtleneck.

New line – Penny loafers packaged in calfskin

Jacked up – Thick rubber soles for extra grip

Memorable – Model with silver designer emblem

Perfect in form – Textured leather as signature loafers

Photos Copyrights: Berluti, Yuketen, George Cleverley, John Lobb; Mr. Porter

Ferrari – If you want to go riding you need a good horse

If you want to go riding, you need a good horse.

In our childhood my sister‘s favourite horse was „Black Beauty“. In contrast, mine was not „RI“, the black horse from Karl May‘s desert novels, but even at that early stage had four wheels and could run faster than all others in its class. Ferrari is and remains my passion.

The fact that my childhood was quite a while ago is not only obvious because I have a few white hairs hiding in my beard, but also because my friends buy a family car with storage space and more than two comfortable seats. Some rely on German brands, as they value their reliability; others prefer American models that narrow the roads with their bulky solidness. My real friends hardly drive Asian cars. But the king among the spacious Grand Tourer masculine pleasures comes, of course, from Italy. The black stallion cannot be outdone in beauty, motorization, technical sophistication and workmanship, but above all in emotion and pure pleasure.I get into my Ferrari GTC4Lusso and press the red start button in my cockpit with a joyful smile. The engine roars its greeting like an excited wildcat. I have never been carried by 690 horses that wait in anticipation to fly me over Swiss mountain pass roads. I carefully put the car into first gear with the steering wheel shift and notice immediately that the Ferrari engineers have achieved the impossible. A sports car that embodies a proper family car by virtue of spaciousness, sophistication and a luxurious interior and at the same time a wild mustang that every envious road user turns to admire, but which can be managed by any average rider with a little bit of sensitivity.

On the steering wheel there is the clear chassis set-up and a blue button, bearing the name „Michael Schumacher button“. As my pleasure reaches the highest magnitudes, I glide through the fabulous nature offered by the three Swiss passes Susten, Furka and Grimsel. Every bend, every ascent and every plateau now seem to have been made solely for my magnificent GTC4Lusso. The self-steering back wheels make every curve the greatest driving pleasure. I will not even mention the acceleration values, as I am still happy that I did not meet an Executive on the road.Of course, I studied the technical details on the Ferrari miracle before my ride – they read like a combination of an exciting novel by Dan Brown and the Guinness Book of Records. But reading about the technical feats is far outdone by the emotion of piloting this automobile. We two seem to have been made for each other. I am ADAM, I love life and life loves me. Even in my childhood my favourite horse had four wheels and today as a grown man I can confidently claim: I had great taste even then!

Photos Copyrights: LNNN, Lennen Descamps

Hublot captures the magic of a timeless place, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc

June 12th in Cap d’Antibes (France) – Hublot and Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc have come together to create a limited edition of fifty Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Eden Roc watches.

A unique creation, evoking so many memories, combining tradition and innovation.
An unprecedented collaboration between luxury watchmaking and exceptional hospitality.
With the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Eden-Roc, Hublot joins the prestigious Eden Being collection, with its exclusive and bespoke pieces.
Inspired by the art of fusion, bringing together several natural elements, Hublot combines two new worlds: luxury watchmaking and exceptional hospitality.
A wonderful homage to a legendary place where artists, writers, film stars, royalty and other distinguished figures have all been inspired over time.

“At Hublot, we like to create a fusion between different worlds to develop singular products. The Hotel du Cap- Eden-Roc is one of those mythical places whose very name is enough to instantly conjure up dreams and memories. Today, these moments are enshrined in time with a Hublot watch.”

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot

Majestic setting

In its black ceramic dinner jacket, polished and glossy, the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Eden-Roc has a laid-back look.
The markers, hands and hour counter are all in elegant shades of blue, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea.
It is worn on the wrist with a strap in aged blue leather or perforated black calfskin with blue topstitching.
The second counter at 3 o’clock is inspired by the iconic buoy of Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, the very buoy which looks out over the seawater pool hewn into the rock, with its blue tone, merging with the colour of the sea, which inspired the watch’s various shades.
The HUB1155 self-winding skeleton chronograph movement has a power reserve of forty two hours.

“Elegance, Luxury, Tradition and Innovation are the central themes of our joint initiative with the House of Hublot, enabling the creation of a unique and timeless product.”

Philippe Perd, General Manager and Chief Project Development Officer, Oetker Collection

The Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Eden-Roc watch is a limited edition. Just fifty numbered models, presented in a varnished mahogany case: an exquisite rendering of the hotel’s pier, stretching out into the infinite blue of the Mediterranean Sea, dotted with boats moored in the bay.

Photo Copyrights: Hublot

Bucket List

Adam’s Bucket List


Not only can the elegant «Es Princep» boast of magnificent surroundings with a view of the twinkling bay of Palma and the historic city walls from the hotel window, but it also offers the perfect location to explore Palma de Mallorca at your leisure.


A unique location with unlimited possibilities. Atmospheric interior that fuses  design and warmth. Modern art, which emits a sensual and cosy atmosphere. The perfect setting for special moments.


Jaime Hayon’s design of the Barceló Torre de Madrid broke new ground in art and design in the city of his birth. The recurring design element of mirrors in different shapes and sizes with frames of silver and gold characterises the interior. The designer chairs and sofas shine in strong colours such as orange, pink, kiwi green and mustard.


The stylish 1930s manor house with seven suites, situated directly on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, was the summer residence of the Yugoslavian royal family and later the holiday island of President Tito. All suites in the AMAN resort Sveti Stefan combine the style of old Europe with contemporary design elements.

Photos Copyrights: Es Princep, Roomers-Munich, Barceló Torre de Madrid, AMAN