Sabrina Kaiser-Kossmayr


Return to a paradise in design

The hotel The Fontenay is situated at one of the most beautiful locations on this earth for a city resort. In the heart of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, direct on the Aussenalster, in the middle of a park.

I’m returning. Four years have passed since my last visit. Will it still be as paradisiacal and the design as enchanting as back then? Yes, it certainly is. The interior design at The Fontenay still reflects as much attention to detail as before. Flower arrangements as far as the eye can see; kind people who make my arrival easy and the furnishings are still just like new.

When my gaze can wander again after being preoccupied checking in, I remember the hotel’s centerpiece. The almost 30 meter high atrium with its comfortable 25 meter long sofas. A dream, I had not internalized it as beautiful as this. The sound is intoxicating, as someone is playing on the Steinway grand piano in the bar. The weather in Hamburg is cool, what else, we are, after all, speaking of the city in the north. Inspired by the musical rain I indulge in a glass of Champagne at the bar on the sixth floor and after this sparkling refreshment begin my short trip to the exclusive spa area, which extends over 1000 square meters, under the heading «go with the flow». The urban roof landscape with the 20 meter long indoor and outdoor pool with sun terrace is a magical place. From a swimmer’s perspective the Infinity pool and the Alster lake seemingly form a common waterline. Pure resilience.

For all those who did not get the chance to read my article in 2018, an inspiration statement for all fans of design: The architect was inspired by water, trees and the sky and designed a building with a basic form consisting of three overlapping circles, which flowingly embeds itself into the Alster landscape. The result is not only a paradise for fans of architecture and design, but also a balance between urbanity and nature.

Jan Störmer, the Berlin born architect said to me at the time: “In The Fontenay the furniture has to show consideration for the architecture.” At our next meeting I will ask him how he felt on his first night in The Fontenay …

Jan Störmer was born in Berlin in 1942. After studying in Bremen, Hamburg, Delft and London he founded Hamburg Design GmbH for architecture, industry and graphic design in 1970. Followed two years later by the foundation of the architect group me di um, Hamburg (with three partners). In 1990 the Jan Störmer Architekten office was formed, later to be renamed following  a merger with Will Alsop as Alsop & Störmer Architects, Hamburg, London, Moscow. Since 2002 Holger Jaedicke, and since 2004 Martin Murphy have been partners in the office, which today operates under the company name Störmer Murphy and Partners. Jan Störmer has played a decisive role in the architectural scene in Hamburg. He is in wide demand as a juror in architectural design competitions and lectures both at home and abroad.

Photos Copyrights: The Fontenay Hamburg

Hey Mercedes

A call. An invitation. A journey. A car and a country that I did not know and a lot of congenial encounters awaiting me and you. Accompany me on an electronic transformation in Iceland. Now.

My trip began in Zurich – I am flying to Reykjavik under good weather conditions and in the best of moods. A city that I did not yet know. Exciting. When I open the door of the arrivals terminal, wet and bitterly cold air almost blows me back. The driver who collected me saw my discomfort and said: «If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.» Alright, I only had to wait 2 minutes until I could get into a breathtaking and incredibly beautiful limousine. The beauty was an EQS limousine. A straightforward beginning for the announced (driving) experience.

It was evening already and Mercedes invited me to a joint Get2gether with drinks at the bar and subsequent dinner, both began enchantingly. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable if too many people are in one room but somehow it was unexpectedly wonderful to have personal encounters and conversations again. Experience a bit of normality and freedom, that was the plan for the beginning of the next day with the new Mercedes EQE. I’m curious and go to bed in The Edition.

Key issuance

Day guard, a Cappuccino and the key issuance. Things are finally getting going. I have missed the social experience and here with the Mercedes Crew I’ll be experiencing it again in its entirety. The instructors explain the vehicle allocated to me today at lightning speed. Including an emergency telephone. I start the electric car and drive off carefully following the directions from the navigation system. Firstly I adjust the seats, the mirror and everything that is important to me during a very long drive. After roughly 40 minutes in my test car I take notice  of the design for the first time. I really only know Mercedes vehicles from an optical perspective and can differentiate between the classes but never drove one myself, except for the G-class belonging to a famous German sports presenter. How that came about and all other details will remain my secret for now.

Modern design language

I am completely high on a sensory level from the design – interior and exterior. The crew from Mercedes told me that the product developments took three to five years until the vehicle was launched on the market. The EQE line is, in my opinion, in line with the spirit of the times, fashion and current color trends, this fact only becomes apparent to me now – as I sit completely alone in the car. Everything is new to me in my EQE 500, but I press all the buttons and talk to her. She is called «Mercedes» and reacts to «Hey Mercedes» to receive my instructions and questions and at best to answer them. She would incidentally understand me in 27 languages. I have so much fun in a country that I am visiting for the first time. The countryside changes every twenty minutes and now I am driving up and down in the Icelandic Highlands and arrive on time for lunch in a villa. The view, the people, the interior and the food prepared by the head chefs put a permanent grin on my face.


Short break with the Exterior Designer and Program Developer. Robert and Timo, they have mercy on me and explain everything that I should know about this model series. Laura, the product manager joins us and we treat each other with welcome empathy. Robert explains to me that the design line management is called «one bow». I am already extremely impressed because this design is immediately recognizable. Sensuous clarity, generous surfaces and reduced joins with seamless transitions. The EQE has a sporty purpose design with all characteristic elements of the Mercedes-EQ. The rear forms a dynamic accent with a sharp tear bar. The shoulder section is muscular and the flush positioned wheels with dimensions of 19 to 21 inches give the EQE an extremely athletic character.

Live and drive freedom, that’s the message behind this black EQE model on the terrace of this villa, in the background an impressive and clear backdrop and scenery from Iceland. After the strong Espresso I get into my test vehicle again. It was not charged, because the range promises 654 km of driving fun and I have a remaining range of 221 km until the next station. I plan to experience the driving pleasure for the next two hours and that is exactly what I do, until I stop in front of a huge waterfall and the spray of the water rings out.

The Hyperscreen

Driving with the EQE is, on the contrary, silent. I have the constant feeling that I am extremely relaxed, even after a four-hour drive. Nevertheless I decide to take a short break, until I continue to drive to my destination. An absolute highlight is the MBUX Hyperscreen. This large, curved screen extends from A-pillar to A-pillar. Three screens are located under one cover glass and fuse optically to one display. Optional extra of course. A bit like a cinema on wheels. The screen intuitively offers touch operation with haptic feedback and force feedback. The glass is scratch resistant, coated and wonderfully easy to maintain.

When approaching a roundabout I notice the ECO assistant, it offers me situation-optimized anticipation – it is delayed as strongly or weakly as necessary so that all things considered you drive in the most efficient way. Recognized preceding vehicles are approached with the least possible driving resistance. This continues even until a complete stop, for example at traffic lights. So you do not even need to press the brake pedal – pure one-pedal driving.

The shortest way is not necessarily the fastest

While the classic distance calculator lives in the past, navigation with Electric Intelligence looks to the future. The energy requirement is estimated to calculate the route. This considers topography, track layout, ambient temperature, speed, heating and cooling requirements. Other factors include the traffic situation on the planned route and the charging stations available there, its charging performance and the payment functions. The calculation takes place in the Cloud and is combined with onboard data.

The customer does not have to tank full at every charging station, but receives a specific recommendation of the optimal charging time at the charging station. The charging stations are planned in a way that proves the most favorable with regard to the entire journey time: Because under certain circumstances two short charging stops with a higher charging performance could be more advantageous than charging once for a long period. Then I got everything right today. In addition the vehicle’s charging settings are automatically adapted by the navigation with Electric Intelligence and optimized for fast charging along the route. I roll into the destination or to be more precise to the charging station and say goodbye to Mercedes. The location feels like it is nowhere and near the famous volcano Eyjafjallajökull in south Iceland. The day was impressive, intoxifying and electrifying. I am in love with digital technology, with the maximum driving pleasure and the joy that we were able to experience together.

“After the EQS, the EQE is already the second model on  our new platform for electric vehicles. With the new EQE,  we can quickly make the high-tech solutions of our electric flagship EQS available to a wider group of buyers.”
Markus Nast, Global Communications Mercedes Benz Cars

Photos Copyrights: Mercedes

An excellent alliance

Perrier-Jouët and the GUIDE Michelin celebrate the chefs of the world together

Perrier-Jouët – for more than 200 years, the champagne house has been standing for perfection, elegance and unconditional love for exquisite artisanship. The maison is synonymous with the making of great wines and the refinement of the Chardonnay grapes. The elegant and flowery flavour of the cuvées is their unmistakable hallmark. The same goes for the prestigious Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque, whose bottles are engraved with the white anemone of “Art Nouveau” pioneer, Émile Gallé, based upon the close relations to the art scene.

Cuisines with star level

The Michelin Guide has been awarding for not yet 200 years, but about 100 years already, its stars every year, thus acknowledging the extraordinary achievements of chefs all over the world. What once began as a repair shop guide for French motorists in 1900, is the red book most anticipated by chefs worldwide today. The Michelin Guide, which by now is published in various country versions, no longer deals with four wheels and their maintenance. The people responsible for the publication of the book in various country-specific versions decide every year on the excellence served in cuisines all over the world. Once a year, it is announced during a festive ceremony what stars are confirmed or whose magic cuisine may celebrate being awarded one or more new stars.

A new partner for culinary highlights

In 2022 the event for the publication of the Swiss Michelin Guide was held at the traditional École Hôtelière de Lausanne. The representatives not only revealed the secret surrounding the stars. They also announced that there will be a close collaboration with the French Champagne label Perrier-Jouët in the future.

We are standing for a community of passionate gourmets and friends.

Stefan Heilemann

Excellent Ambassador

One who is glad to be inspired by the excellence of Perrier-Jouët happens to be starred chef Stefan Heilemann. The chef at the traditional hotel WIDDER in Zurich not only is the brand ambassador of Perrier-Jouët, but he loves to refine his dishes with a drop of champagne. The «Heilemann’s poached Oysters x Perrier-Jouët blanc de blancs» is a real highlight served by the cook.

Here is the recipe from the Chef of the Year 2021

Images: Perrier Jouët / Pernod Ricard

Timeless values

Lohri offers an extensive and very lovingly curated collection of sophisticated vintage and pre-owned timepieces for all lovers of exquisite watches. Several of the models have written chapters in the history of time, others are coveted rarities that make collectors’ hearts beat faster. We met the team responsible for the Certified-Pre-Owned (CPO) watch world at Lohri for an interview and began the search for you.

Mr. Kupper, why is «old» more popular than «new»?

Colin Kupper: The increasing demand for second-hand watches is based on different factors. We feel on the one hand that the topic of sustainability has also assumed a central role in the watch industry. There is a trend towards long-lasting watches and the timepieces are still cutting-edge and in demand after years. This is also the reason why limited edition watches in particular can often only be purchased on the CPO market. In addition, a number of luxury watch manufacturers are making the latest editions of iconic pieces from the 60s and 70s again. However, a reproduction can never replace an original from this time, as they have their very own charm. Something else that definitely played a role in the past few years is that people had more time due to the pandemic to research watches and now they are interested in the new offer of certified pre-owned timepieces. They have gained increased appreciation. Knowledge about sustainability often encourages the customer to prioritize a watch from the secondary market over a new watch.

Will this boom continue over the next few years?

Colin Kupper: We are convinced that the CPO market will continue to grow. Watch dealers in particular, who are the official agents for known luxury watch brands, sense the great potential for the certified second-hand watch market. The customers have recognized that this form of watch purchase provides them with completely new possibilities and is extremely attractive. Wearing a pre-owned watch has become completely fashionable.

Which brands do you trade and sell in the CPO sector?

Colin Kupper: We stock a wide range of vintage and new watches. We also offer exquisite collector’s pieces, so every watch enthusiast can find exactly the right time-piece. Basically almost every watch finds a new home, regardless of the brand. We also trade, of course, in luxury brands and not with fashion watches and there has to be a basic level of quality and intrinsic value.

As an expert in second-hand, vintage and collector pieces you also offer the possibility to exchange watches? How does that work exactly and where can the customer get an evaluation beforehand?

Colin Kupper: It is very simple to get an evaluation at our store and we offer three options: The customer can spontaneously bring their second-hand watch to one of our stores, send photos of the watch using an online form or send us the photos via WhatsApp. At the same time they can tell us which watch they are interested in acquiring. We can ascertain the trade-in value for the watch within a few days. This offer is free-of-charge for our customers. Incidentally we offer the best price in Switzerland for second-hand watches! If you want a change or would like to have something new, call by and trade in your second-hand watch and leave the store with a pre-owned or vintage piece.

Which service can the customer expect from you in contrast to the anonymous online market, what makes Lohri stand out?

Colin Kupper: Our know-how and our experience! Since the 80s our family has been extremely passionate about vintage watch trading on a worldwide scale and as an official agent for premium and luxury watches we have years of experience with high-quality prestige models – with current models as well as rare time-pieces. Another valuable asset is that all watches are checked by our special-ized watchmakers on site in Zug and tested and certified for their authenticity and integrity. This gives our CPO customers the security and guarantee that they are not purchasing stolen or counterfeit products. Thanks to our know-how in the luxury watch sector we can inform all our customers precisely on the value of the watch in question and issue a comprehensive watch description. This clear overview of the condition of the watch helps the customer to decide whether to sell or not. We offer this service in all of our Lohri boutiques as well as online. But of course, speaking personally with a watch connoisseur or watch-maker and looking at the timepiece together is a service that is very much appreciated and often given preference by our customers. The sale and acquisition of a second-hand or vintage watch in our renowned boutique is a unique experience, because watches are our passion.

Perrier-Jouët and Guide Michelin

A partnership dedicated to excellence

For roughly 100 years the French Guide Michelin has been awarding its stars and as such acknowledging the exceptional achievements of head chefs worldwide. The ceremony itself, which takes place once a year and in which existing stars are reaffirmed, new stars are awarded for the first time or also no longer awarded, is therefore always an absolute highlight – and a tense, emotional experience for the culinary wizards in the kitchen. This year the event took place at the traditional École hôtelière de Lausanne.

During the ceremony the responsible parties not only revealed the secret of the star recipients, but officially introduced Perrier-Jouët as partner of the Guide Michelin Switzerland. The objective of the collaboration with the exclusive Champagne company is to promote creativity within the local culinary scene and to provide a stage for aspiring talents.

Perrier-Jouët represents the development of major wines and is synonymous with the refinement of the Chardonnay vine. Founded in 1811 in Epernay, to date eight cellar masters have shaped its history. And guarded the secret behind the unique cuvée. With the very first taste you can distinguish the elegant, flowery panache, which has inspired numerous head chefs to include the Champagne in their recipes. In Switzerland these include Rolf Fliegauf from the ECCO in Ascona and Jeroen Achtien in the SENS restaurant in Vitznauerhof. Stefan Heilemann, who currently holds two Michelin stars and 18 Gault Millau points, also created a very special oyster dish. In this case you may and should cook it yourself.

Here is the recipe from the Chef of the Year 2021

Images: Perrier Jouët / Pernod Ricard

Legendary on a new level

A legend reaches a new level. Breathe in the fragrance, sense the change. Being a man also means having the scent of a man. Or in other words: It means having the scent of Invictus Platinum.

«Invictus» is synonymous with masculinity. Fragrant, purpose-fulfilling, triumphant masculinity. As early as 2013, Paco Rabanne launched the first fragrance bearing his name onto the market. A powerful fragrance that attracted fans and fame worldwide. A scent that combines audacity, self-confidence and determination. But time passes and things change. A good reason for the French fashion house to «shake things up» and to «experiment to the limits, to change mentalities». The perfume «Invictus Platinum» is therefore not simply a new edition; it translates the irreverent spirit and the colorful facets of Paco Rabanne into a modern and new world of sensuality.

The content makes all the difference

«Each new product is like telling a new story », says Domitille Michalon-Bertier, who was already responsible for the fragrances «Invictus Legend» and «Invictus Victory». «And Invictus Platinum encapsulates a real, impressive signature fragrance that leaves an unforgettable resonance – a scent that is both spontaneous and natural.» Ingredients such as absinthe, mugwort as well as balsam fir and oak moss plus a hint of patchouli create a unique mix, which – according to the maker – «produces an aromatic, almost cold scent with a metallic effect ». A floral undertone is added with the complementary duo of cypress and lavender. A veritable masterpiece and a piece of art. 

The best version possible

In conjunction with the director Airton Carmignani, Paco Rabanne has also given «Invictus» visual and modern rebranding. Although it would be more fitting to say that it has been raised spectacularly and with prominent support to a new and extremely high visual level. The star of the new visual campaign, of the really impressive film for the new fragrance is Jalen Green. An NBA star, 20 years old, whose motto is «to become the best version of myself for myself ». These bold and courageous words reflect the discourse about the new «Invictus». It is about going to the limits and, as the name suggests, becoming invincible and as such unique. Or to conclude with the words of Domitielle Michalons-Bertier: «We must enjoy the pleasures of life in every single moment.» 

A Pre-Owned Watch

Timeless, precious and shaped by stories – the boom in Certified Pre-Owned watches.

The demand for luxury watches is exploding; the value of CPO watches has partially multiplied in the past few years. What lies behind this particular fascination with rare models from renowned brands? They are easier to obtain than new watches, the mechanism is impressive, every watch tells its own story and on top of that it is usually also a sound investment. At Bucherer, CPO watches have been in focus for some time. Each week there are highlights on offer on the website with integrated web shop. The Global Head Europe for Pre-Owned watches at Bucherer, Odilo Lamprecht, answered our questions. 

How long have you been working with Pre-Owned watches and which timepiece was number one in your personal collection?
Odilo Lamprecht: I always had a flair for watches but it is only since I began working for Bucherer that I have been actively involved in the field. As there is immediate availability of Certified Pre-Owned watches, I was keen on several models straight away and was able to build up an interesting collection in a short time. 

… is there one watch that you particularly fancy at the moment?
If the passion has already seized you it is difficult to answer this question precisely and conclusively …there are new watches as well as watches from our Certified Pre-Owned portfolio that constantly catch my eye. 

The purchase of a watch – whether it is new or worn – is always an extremely emotional experience. What does the customer get at Bucherer?
The customer can buy both online as well as in our stores. In the boutiques we ensure a very luxurious customer experience. Certified Pre-Owned areas are not only simply sales areas, but also meeting places for all watch enthusiasts, who often meet with like-minded watch lovers for a drink, e.g. at the bar on the second floor of the Zurich Bucherer boutique with a sensational view of Bahnhofstrasse. All Certified Pre-Owned watches are also available in the Bucherer online shop; customers can always discover our changing collections, an exciting and emotional experience that can also arouse the hunting instinct.

How do you at Bucherer guarantee that the customer also gets authenticity? 
All our watches are tested by a certified watchmaker for functionality and authenticity. All watches are completely serviced; access to original spare parts is essential in this process. A two-year international Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned guarantee completes the experience. As such Bucherer’s customers never incur the risk.

Do you think that certified models replace new models? 
Certified Pre-Owned watches are an exciting alternative to new watches.

Is the collection value higher when the customer keeps the original documents and the original box? What is the policy at Bucherer? 
The original documents and box are definitely important. However the condition of the watch is the main factor for determining the price. 

When you think of your target groups, do they prefer stationary trading or the online platform when purchasing a watch? 
Bucherer has several boutiques at top locations, in particular in Switzerland in all major cities, so we can welcome the vast majority of our customers primarily in the stores. In others countries, where Bucherer is not represented as extensively, the online ratio is higher.

The main target group for ADAM THE MAGAZINE is between 25 and 39 years old. How do you appeal to Generation Z in the world of CPO watches? 
Certified Pre-Owned watches are products that basically appeal to all age groups. In the past few weeks we have initiated a dedicated Gen-Z campaign and regularly conduct Gen Z events to get specifically the younger customers enthusiastic about the topic.

So when you say that the millennials are keen on CPO watches, can that be understood as a sustainability topic? 
The positive aspect of luxury watches is that they have been produced for an eternity. In this respect it is self-evident that these products will also be worn across generations. 

Bucherer has opened a Pop-Up-Store with Enea in the luxury department store, Globus, on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. What does Bucherer wish to convey/aim to achieve with this step?
The partnership with Enea is built on the idea of «timeless values». Bucherer and Enea are both family companies and we share the same standards in quality, aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship. Bucherer and Enea want to fuse the past with the present using this consistent vision. Visitors to the Pop-up spaces in Zurich experience the curated selection of unique Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned timepieces, embedded in impressions of an urban garden landscape of the future. Enea has managed to create a spatial platform, a green design oasis in which watch, design and garden enthusiasts can linger and exchange experiences. Community and experience concepts are again in the foreground here.

How do you envisage the future of Certified Pre-Owned?
Bucherer invests a lot of time and effort in this certification to provide customers with a high level of trust in Pre-Owned products. Because this is the only way that the market can continue to survive and grow in the long term. As an official retailer of the leading watch brands we are constantly seeking contact and try to set a new course for the future of Certified Pre-Owned in conjunction with the brands. 

Place to be

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz was completely re-designed in 2019. However it has remained true to its philosophy of focusing completely on the individual in every single aspect and to its innovative and elegant character.  

We’re in the year 1242. Several men discover a warm water source when hunting in the Tamina gorge. Subsequent inspections show that the water springing from the mountain is exactly 36.5° degrees. The monks in the nearby Benedictine abbey attribute a healing effect to the water and consequently lay the foundation stone for a spa and healing tradition that has now been in existence for a number of centuries. Today in the year 2022 the source is still gushing and has lost none of its healing power. 

Good, better, Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz in the Eastern part of Switzerland is synonymous with nature, health, and regeneration; it is also full of culinary delights. All in all the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers a stylish experience of the very highest standards. The seven restaurants at the resort boast a total of 76 Gault Millau Points and five Michelin Stars. They have also been distinguished with the accolades «Hotel of the Year 2021» or «Best Spa Hotel in Switzerland ». And in particular the unique and exclusive in-house combination of healing, prevention and self-discovery, created by experts in the medical, hotel and cuisine sector, can only be experienced at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. 

Live your best life

The NEWYOU method is the quintessence of the longstanding health philosophy at the Grand resort: Healing, relaxation and an exceptional, delightful experience. It is the modern and innovative answer to traditionally successful healing and treatment procedures. Because the term health has been re-defined for today. «It is about much more than simply the absence of illness», as Stefan Küpfer, Medical Director at the Bad Ragaz Health Center, says. The new method has been developed in conjunction with his team and the health team at Resort Bad Ragaz. Avoiding illnesses, but primarily sustainably increasing life quality, that is the objective of the NEWYOU Method. 

Be conscious of what you eat

And the focus is directed above all towards the factor of nutrition. Food is an experience, lifestyle and a compass at the same time. The chef de cuisine at «verve by sven» – the health and lifestyle restaurant at the resort – is Sebastian Titz. The young chef fully guarantees that not only organic and high-quality produce is prepared but foremost healthy food that has been produced sustainably. He does not compromise on taste. Careful preparation ensures genuine flavors, homemade products accentuate the specialties and the focus is on the overall experience. And just as one should always consider people from a health point of view as a whole, the kitchen staff at «verve by sven» does not only use parts of food. «Nose to tail & Leaf to root» is the motto that Titz consistently practices and lives with his team. 

Tradition as a guarantee for the future

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is built on tradition, but consistently re-defines it. Surprising, because one can build on long-term experience. In the same way the source has been gushing for centuries, the resort has been the perfect place for a retreat, relaxation or a new beginning for over 15 decades.


Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa

We arrived early in the morning and as we entered the Seezeitlodge, I was drawn straight into the restaurant by the delicious smell of bread rolls, danish pastries and co. I was transported back to my childhood, my grandfather was also a baker. The roots of the founding family are reflected in the Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa in the open bakery with its large bread oven, a conscious focus on the baker and patisserie trade and original photographs from the time frame the buffet area to the left and right. But why? The owner Kathrin Sersch is the granddaughter of the frozen pizza creator, Ernst Wagner. Therefore, the baking craft is so to speak in her blood and forms a culinary foundation stone in the Seezeitlodge.

The sense of traditional, nature and originality merges with the overall Seezeitlodge concept. It is in the heart of nature and built near to water. It is a free spirit in its own way. And at the same time grounded. Situated in an exposed location on a small wooded cape – with a proud view of the Bostal Lake in the Sankt Wendel district. Constructed between the safety of the forest and the expanse of the lake. Intertwined with regional cultural history. I want to stay here and breathe the air deeply. Inspired by the surrounding nature on the Bostal Lake, the spa resort with lodge character conveys all the advantages of a hideaway. This powerful place is integrated into the low mountain landscape of the Saar-Hunsrück natural park. Far removed from everyday life, the lodge has 84 generous rooms and 14 suites with feel-good ambiance; half of them with a lake view. All rooms are inspired by the force and tranquility of the natural environment.

Natural colours blend with accents in green and blue. Oak creates a sense of warmth. Four-poster, feel-good beds treat you to a magnificent view of the surrounding nature. The panorama perspective continues, regardless of where you are lying, sitting or standing. A further highlight is the generous SPA area, which includes an indoor and outdoor pool, fitness and application rooms for treatments or massages. A visit to the Celtic outdoor sauna village is unforgettable – with three sauna huts and a tranquillity house – positioned in lines of magnetic force. The golf course at Bostal Lake is ideally suited to followers of the «green sport».

Our creative and down-to-earth lunch snack arrives, enriching our arrival with regional specialities. The chef de cuisine – Daniel Schöfisch, does not only serve delicious dishes at lunchtime but also in the evening in the LUMI Restaurant and is devoted to regional products, such as oxen heart carrots, mushrooms, trout or blueberries picked from the surrounding forests. The herbs, which complete the dishes, grow in the bordering nature and herb gardens. Daniel Schöfisch, a native of Berlin, attaches particular importance to retaining the taste experience of all products that are used. His style of cooking is cosmopolitan with traditional roots and Mediterranean influences. His last stations – before coming to beautiful Saarland– were international hotels such as Grand Hyatt Berlin and Park Hyatt Vienna. The host couple, Kathrin and Christian Sersch’s, sense of connection to the region and their creative thinking are reflected throughout the entire hotel. Following the motto “Genuinely beautiful. Beautifully genuine” they manage a hotel that enraptures spa guests, sportspeople, connoisseurs as well as culture and nature lovers alike with a high level of innovation and attention to detail. In and around the Seezeitlodge you can switch off, take your time, forget the world and be happy

Fotos: Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa

Visions in Blue

Bucherer surprises. Consistently. The Bucherer Blue Project is now continuing with exviting collaborations within and outside the watch sector. What’s more Blue Space is opening in the Bucherer Gallery on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse.

Customers today want to be able to experience products and their history. And few understand how to create a complete world of experience like the traditional Swiss company Bucherer. Their motto from the outset has been to continuously reinvent themselves and to move with the times. Founded in 1888, Bucherer is considered to date as one of the visionaries in the branch. Dictating the pace instead of imitating the competition. Consequently Bucherer has expanded in the past few years and become the largest provider of watches and jewellery worldwide. Not to mention the Certified Pre-Owned sector, also completely in touch with the latest trends.

Bucherer BLUE has without a doubt been a particular success story over the past few years. Launched in 2016, Bucherer worked on this project with the most renowned manufacturers, as a sign of a close or sometimes longstanding liaison. They created special editions inspired by the colour blue especially for the traditional Swiss company. Since then roughly 50 masterpieces have been created by 24 watch brands, including Audemars Piguet, Baume & Mercier, Blancpain, Breguet, Chopard, Hublot, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget or Vacheron Constantin, to name just a few. And (fortunately) the portfolio of the blue “Trouvaillen“ continues to grow.

The journey continues
This can be seen for example in the “Carl F. Bucherer Heritage BiCompax Annual Bucherer BLUE“, a limited number taken from the new model captivates with spectacular 3D effects of the New York Skyline – a homage to the reopening of the legendary Time Machine Flagship Stores in New York. This special edition is exclusively available in New York. Or the two models “Longines Spirit Automatic Bucherer BLUE“ and “Longines Spirit Chronograph Bucherer BLUE“, both timepieces are appearing for the first time with black DLC casing and blue accents and celebrate the aeronautics and daring of the pilots. The new models include the “FREAK X Bucherer BLUE“ by Ulysse Nardin with its balance wheel visible to the naked eye and made of Carbonium®, a composite of “phased out” materials, which is also used in the aviation industry and means 40 percent less environmental impact.

More than just watches
The BLUE collaborations however surpass timepieces. That was clear from the outset, when Bucherer presented the unique specimen of a super exclusive Harley Davidson, which is currently on display in the Bucherer Flagship in New York. Completely true to the BLUE concept and at 1.888 million Swiss francs, the most valuable motorbike in the world. Ultimately, the Lamborghini Aventador S also marked another unexpected highlight; it is also a unique piece.
But there are also more affordable options, as demonstrated for example by the Danish Label Shamballa Jewels from the brothers Mads and Mikkel Kornerup. The bracelets, which form a bridge between Eastern philosophy and Nordic Design, became cult pieces a long time ago. With “Shamballa Bucherer BLUE Special Editions“ beautiful arm jewellery was created using individual Lapis pearls. The mystic blue of the semiprecious stones perfectly harmonizes in turn with the timepieces in blue, for example the IWC Schaffhausen „Portugieser Chronograph Bucherer BLUE“, in which the precision scale in blue harmoniously frames the white dial. Or even the Panerai Luminor GMT Bucherer BLUE, in which the Swiss art of watch making, Italian Design and the maritime brand’s legacy merge. Its GMT function is one of the most popular complications from Panerai and makes the watch the perfect travel companion. And “travel“ is a good keyword because Bucherer also has something in the luggage line for jetsetters: Working closely with the Berlin start-up Horizn Studios, the stylish carry-on luggage was created „Horizn Studios M5 Smart Cabin Trolley“, in which purism and accent meet in the form of Electric Blue on matt black. Built-in power bank and top case included.

For the community
And another exciting BLUE premier can be seen this summer in the Zurich Flagship Store: the BLUE Space in the Gallery area, with which Bucherer once again proves its visionary spirit. 160 square metres of lifestyle, crafts, art and enjoyment. The BLUE Space – kept completely in white, clear lines, while the timepieces and accessories are illuminated to perfection. In conjunction with the Zurich start-up Artdeal, works of art are curated and staged as in a gallery. Pure aesthetics. The expansion of the store in the second floor creates on one hand more space for the Certified Pre-Owned area, but also for the BLUE Collection and masterpieces from Haute Horlogerie. Designed as a meeting point for watch fans and lovers of modern lifestyles. A community space that entices you to enjoy and exchange conversations in its stylish bar and the lounge area. Welcome to the (blue) Bucherer universe

Fotos: Bucherer