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Arrived, stayed, returned

With the «Tivoli Doelen Amsterdam», Tivoli Hotels & Resorts is opening its first hotel in the Netherlands – and, as always, it’s stylish, elegant and endowed with that very special charm that turns a break into a rest.

Came to stay? Definitely the hotel when it comes to dependability. As a guest, you are more likely to be a repeat visitor. That’s because the Tivoli Doelen Amsterdam is more than just a hotel. It is the perfect temporary home for anyone who wants to experience the Dutch metropolis right outside the door during the day, but wants to enjoy peace, time away and style again in the evening. Newly opened this spring, the establishment offers 81 superior rooms plus suites and canal views. And from as little as EUR 250 per double room. You have to keep on coming back. There’s just no other way …

New, yet steeped in history
The Tivoli Doelen may have recently opened, but that does not mean that the establishment lacks history. The neoclassical building dates back to the 16th century and was home to Rembrandt’s painting «The Night Watch» for 70 years. The famous Dutch painter lived very nearby, which inspired the new owners to create a suite that bears his name and his art can be found throughout the hotel – not exclusively, but impressively recreated. And the Empress also liked to step through the doors to enjoy the proximity to the canal and the elegance of the discreet demureness. Because Sissi appreciated exactly that.

First class, and colour-coordinated
The culinary delight in the establishment goes by the name «Omber».

The in-house restaurant serves Dutch fusion dishes, which are also dedicated to Rembrandt. Namely in colour in this case, since the famous painter was satisfied with just 12 shades of colour in his time and yet combined them to create unique images. Each dish therefore contains at least one of these colour nuances and, as the name suggests, the restaurant was decorated in the painter’s signature colour. An inviting shade of brown that is as warm as it is elegant and even more refined for an interior.

Wonderful inside, even more to experience outside
But as beautiful as the hotel is, during the day you just have to step out and let yourself explore. Either on a guided tour of the city or on a cruise through the canals of the metropolis. A boat tour with drinks and snacks can be booked directly at the hotel. At the sightseeing event «In the footsteps of Rembrandt» you can go into the studio of this luminary of the art world, who died in 1669, and then visit all the places that he captured forever in his paintings. Make sure to also include a visit of the iconic Rembrandthuis. Or you can simply enjoy Amsterdam with all its beautiful and unique attractions such as the Rikjksmuseum, the Ice Bar or the Anne Frank House. Amsterdam has everything, but only one Tivoli.

Photos Copyrights: Tivoli Doelen Amsterdam

1+2=3 – and provide culinary delights

Three likeable guys, one mission and a restaurant in Vienna’s hotspot – that’s all that is needed for success. And this success is damn tasty.

The Chef
Alexandru Simon

The Sommelier
Max Populorum

The Manager
Andreas Rehrmbacher

“Ringstrasse” sounds somewhat bland, but “world heritage site in the historic centre of Vienna” is a lot more exciting. Still, both names denote this one special place in Vienna that is more than just a street leading from A to B. Many historic buildings grace its path and anyone visiting the Austrian capital must stop by here. The latest highlight of the 5.3-kilometre-long street is the “Glasswing”, which is considered a new top culinary address.

And thus, they came in a group of three – and as always, to stay: Chef Alexandru Simon, sommelier Max Populorum and restaurant manager Andreas Rehrmbacher. The meeting point for the three exceptional talents is the luxury boutique hotel “The Amauris Vienna”. And those who love puns are welcome to speak of “ama”. That is, Alexandru, Max and Andreas. And “ama” in Italian means “he or she loves”. That is basically all we need to say. But, after all, just “basically”, because who are these three successful guys who are making a culinary statement in the Austrian metropolis?

The Chef

First of all, we have Mr Alexandru Simon. A connoisseur of the world, and no, not a globetrotter. Trotting is much too slow for the French-born chef. He is bursting with energy and manages to combine the experience of his numerous international stations in one dish. As, for example, in the lukewarm Norway lobster combined with cauliflower parfait, Vadouvan hollandaise and Walter Grüll caviar. That doesn’t just sound exotic, it’s real master cuisine. And because Ringstrasse is definitively Austrian tradition after all, new interpretations of Styrian chicken and national innards cuisine are also served in modern form.

The Sommelier

Max Populorum is the youngest of the trio and even boasts a “2” as the first digit in his age. Young, however, does not mean inexperienced. He already knows exactly which aroma goes best with which course – and he knows this at a professional level. With a classic 7-course menu, as served at “The Amauris Vienna”, he always hits the mark. He has had a selection of around 350 international wines put on the menu – starting with the Austrian Grüner Veltliner to classics like the Montrachet or Château Pétrus. And if a wine won’t fit, the expert knows how to convince with the appropriate cocktail accompaniment.

The Manager

Well, someone has got to do the job. And who could be a better boss than the unexcited Mr Rehrmbacher? Whereby unexcited is a compliment, because it means that he holds all the strings and knows how to pull them with precision and professionalism. Andreas brings the expertise of the Hotel Sacher with him and sees himself as a link between guest and kitchen. The manager from the state of Lower Austria ensures the service, staff structure and purchasing harmonise perfectly. And that every guest simply feels like visiting the Ringstrasse a second time.

Three cheers and bon appetit!

Photos Copyrights: The Amauris Vienna

A gem in the heart of Vienna

For almost a year now, “The Amauris Vienna” has been welcoming its discerning guests full of viennese cordiality, with style, elegance and upscale comfort making a stay in this luxury boutique hotel unique.

Not even a thick blanket of snow covering the city of music in winter could mean that there is nothing going on in Vienna. Quite the opposite. Especially in the cold season, the Austrian capital is a place full of life and numerous experiences. Museums and galleries invite you on a voyage of discovery and the concert halls invite you to enjoy the music. Strolling through one of the many Christmas markets or through the small alleys, the festively decorated Vienna evokes a real Advent atmosphere.

To be able to enjoy the city ideally these days, you need a fine little home, of course – and preferably right in the cultural centre. A place of tranquillity that invites you to relax. And thus, this home, called «The Amauris Vienna» opened its doors at the beginning of 2023. This luxury boutique hotel is located directly on the famous Ringstrasse in a magnificent 19th century city palace. 62 elegant rooms and suites offer guests a stylish retreat.

With modern furnishings, interior and design, fans get their money’s worth. And even though every room, every suite is elegant and beautiful, two of them deserve special mention. The «Opera Suite», for example, not only has its own dining room and marble bathroom, it is the private balcony that sets it apart. From here you have a direct view of the Vienna State Opera, which is within walking distance. And those who like it even more luxurious can spend the night in the «Loft Suite». A freestanding tub in the bathroom, a private living room and your own terrace above the city rooftops for a bird’s eye view of the winter lights.

Culinary seductions are offered to guests in the hotel’s own gourmet restaurant «Glasswing». Which – like the hotel itself – was named after a butterfly, by the way. And for those interested in art, the private exhibition of the Breiteneder family that owns the hotel is highly recommended. The exhibition is located in the bar as well as the lobby. And to complete the stylish hospitality, the Amauris of course has a wellness and spa area.

Photos Copyrights: The Amauris Vienna

Benvenuti estate!

The doors of Il Sereno on Lake Como have been open again since March and you are invited to discover one of the most beautiful regions in Italy in style and delight over the summer months. But above all with a view.

The locals call it «Lario», but to most people the 146-square metre tourist magnet is known as «Lago di Como». The third largest lake in Italy is one of the most popular holiday regions in Lombardy and the views over it from the rooms of Hotel Il Sereno are particularly outstanding. The hotel designed by Patricia Urquiola opened its doors in 2016 and has not only captivated numerous guests with its elegance and uniqueness, but also renowned media representatives. The Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Choice named Il Sereno the best Italian hotel in 2022. And ELLE Decoration also thinks that it is one of the «10 best design hotels of the last two decades».

Just seclude yourself
The drive to Il Sereno from Zürich takes around three and a half hours. Depending on the route, you can enjoy views of «Lago» before you have to take the small driveway that leads to the hotel. However, the lack of large advertising boards and signposts are intentional, as the focus is on the privacy of the guests. The hotel is a real retreat for discerning travellers who value not only first-class service but also individuality. Arrive, park up, experience the personal check-in and then, of course, it’s time for some delicious food. Why else go to Italy?

Just enjoy
Raffaele Lenzi, who comes from Naples, conjures up real culinary delights with the local and seasonal ingredients. That’s why the «Ristorante Il Sereno Al Lago» has already been awarded a Michelin star. His speciality is the «Contrasti & Contraddizioni» inspired by his own career, as well as the «Vegetali, Tuberi & Radici» – and an insider tip: the olive oil that he makes himself.

Just experience
The in-house pool is small but exquisite, because you would be also to jump out of the pool directly into Lake Como if that were allowed. However, it is better to climb from the jetty into the cooling water of the lake.

All guests also have the option of taking part in the «Wild Swimming Tour Experience». Which means to experience the most concealed and most beautiful bathing spots on the lake. Or to throw yourself into an adventure in the truest sense of the word and jump into the water from the famous bridge on the Isola Comacina.

Just combine
New this year is the partnership with the Bürgenstock resort on Lake Lucerne, which was christened «Dual Stay». And as the name suggests, guests begin their «vacanza di lusso» at Il Sereno. Two nights at the luxury hotel right on the lake, and then move on to the Bürgenstock resort above another lake – in the form of a leisurely walk or, if you wish, by helicopter. Culinary explosions await at Lake Lucerne, but above all an exquisite 10,000-square meter spa. But a little tip: nobody should miss the «Feet in Heaven» care treatment in the Il Sereno Spa!

Photos Copyrights: Il Sereno

Curtain up!

The Sanders is Copenhagen’s first luxury boutique hotel. An elegant venue that combines the glamorous age of travel with the drama of the theater. 

Denmark – copenhagen / Dänemark – Kopenhagen
55° 67′ N / 12° 58′ 0

He felt at home in the Royal Danish Theatre for many years, and now the Danish ballet dancer Alexander Kølpin has made a new home for himself, so to speak, around the corner from his former place of work. Since the end of 2017, the luxury boutique hotel Sanders has been welcoming its guests in the historic centre of Copenhagen. But the former insiders’ tip has now become a real hotspot – but has lost none of its tranquillity, elegance and quality. «Walking into the Sanders is like walking into a theatre», says Kølpin himself. Guests will always be the focal point, but the set design and carefully curated interiors will provide the elegant and exquisite backdrop to their experience. The passion, generosity and professionalism of our staff will coordinate the enactment to offer our guests an unforgettable experience. The entire building has an elegant mise-en-scène. Stylish but understated luxury meets lovingly designed retreats. The 53 rooms as well as the «Sanders Kitchen» restaurant and the «TATA» bar give you the feeling of being welcomed into a friend’s home as soon as you enter.

The roof terrace is open all day and offers a great view of the Danish capital’s old quarter. And in the inner courtyard you can enjoy an apéritif in the late afternoon after a tour of the city. The design of the hotel was influeced by Alexander Kølpin. Together with the London studio Lind + Almond and the founders of the Kølpin Hotels Group, which also includes the Sanders, they planned and implemented every detail of the building. What particularly pleases the former ballet dancer is the fact that many locals are also regulars. They like to drop by to enjoy a cocktail at TATA or a culinary highlight in the restaurant. «The mixture of international hotel guests and locals makes for an interesting dynamic,» says Kølpin. «We are neither complicated nor formal. We want to be simple and focus on the quality of the products and the ambience.» And that is exactly what has been achieved in a unique way for five years now. A warm welcome!

Photos Copyrights: Sanders Hotel

A “rock cristal” for that feel-good feeling

Four Stars, an impressive spa and genuine hospitality, the “Bergkristall” resort in Oberstaufen invites you to pamper yourself. And offers comprehensive support at a very high level.

As is so often the case, big things start out small with great attention to detail – and that is also how it was with the Bergkristall resort in the Allgäu. More than 50 years ago, Hans Lingg and his wife Hedi opened a small guest house on the local farm. Word got around quickly, although in addition to the hospitality, it was also their knowledge of the best regional dishes that inspired people. More rooms were quickly made ready to show holiday guests one of the most beautiful sides of Bavaria at an altitude of 850 metres: the Allgäu. The establishment has been known under the name Bergkristall since 2018 and with its extensive range of facilities it can justifiably call itself a superior four-star hotel. The hotel is currently managed by Hans and Hedi’s son and his wife, who now welcome the guests together with their own children and their partners.

The complete package

For the Linggs, being a host means offering a stylish retreat. An oasis of pleasure – for the spirit, for the soul, and to recharge your batteries. In the 2,700-square metre SPA, the crystal is the main protagonist, after the guest, of course. That’s why the motto «Out of love for me» is the focus of everything. A highlight is certainly the wavebalance® room, in which nature’s energy fields can be meaningfully enjoyed in the form of water, sounds and touch. To remind themselves to always do something good for themselves, each guest receives a personal crystal after a treatment. In the restaurant, head chef Andreas Krohn also conjures up à la carte dishes every day in line with the 80/20 principle. Which means no sugar and no white flour, but absolute enjoyment. On request, simple, vegan fare can also be provided, which aids purification and detoxification.

For individualists

And of course top dog Hansi should not be forgotten. As the secret ruler of the Bergkristall, he and his flock make sure that everything matches expectations. Which brings us back to the famed hospitality. Everyone is welcome in the hotel, and everyone is treated as an individual. Starting with the choice of room: classic single and double rooms are available as well as a penthouse or fitness suite. Before each treatment in the spa, you can have a discussion with a therapist to work out the most suitable option. And yes, the cuisine is still Bavarian, but with even more creativity and lightness. Because even if this small hotel has grown into the colossus it is today, the attention to detail is still an integral part of one of the best wellness hotels in Oberstaufen.

Photos Copyrights: Hotel Bergkristall

In the morning, straight after getting up, look out at the magnificent mountain panorama and breathe in the crystal-clear air. This is the pinnacle of pure relaxation.” 

 Germany – allgäu / Deutschland – allgäu

47° 31′ N / 10° 14′ 0

Culinary Dialogue

The new Mikuriya restaurant in The Dolder Grand signifies enjoyment with all your senses. Unique culinary art, for the guest, in front of the guest. The host is Atsushi Hiraoka and he enters into a culinary dialogue with the guests

Omakase, Mikuriya & Atsushi Hiraoka – the concept «made in Japan» now reigns supreme in the Swiss luxury hotel the Dolder Grand. And it’s a concept full of pleasure and one that provides even more in the way of an experience. «Omakase» signifies a very special Japanese menu. The guests sit, mostly in small numbers, directly at the kitchen counter and watch the chef prepare the dishes. Above all, however, they rely or trust in the selection of the right dishes by the master at the stove. «Mikuriya» means the kitchen in which «special guests are served with something special». Very fitting, therefore, that this is the name given to the new luxurious restaurant in the Dolder Grand, as everyone in charge thinks. And Atsushi Hiraoka? He is the master who prepares the omakase for the selected guests in the Mikuriya restaurant. A unique experience repeated every evening.

Located on the fourth floor of the traditional Dolder Grand hotel, the restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday. A maximum of eight people can sit at the counter to watch Atsushi Hiraoka prepare the 18 courses and to enjoy his culinary artistry with all their senses. The cost per person is CHF 300.00 excluding drinks. But it’s definitely worth it. Since during the preparation, the chef initiates his guests into the art of Japanese cuisine, the culinary dialogue is about preparation, origin and of course the centuries of omakase. Because, as Atsushi Hiraoka himself says, it’s «a form of eating that is revered in Japanese culture and arouses curiosity.»

Part of the spectacular Suite 100 in the Dolder Grand was converted for the new restaurant concept. The restaurant impresses with its puristic design, artwork and a unique view of the historic main building, the city, Lake Zürich and the Alps. The restaurant seats eight people and is open from Wednesday to Sunday evenings. Booking essential.

Photos Copyrights: Dolder Grand

I’m on my way

The new luxury retreat “The Lodge” in the middle of a conservation area offers the perfect combination of individuality, privacy, relaxation and an experience of nature.

Bumblebees buzzing, brimstone butterflies fluttering by and that incomparable scent – if you visit Mallorca in summer, you will experience this beautiful natural spectacle on the edge of the lavender fields with all your senses. Other features of the backdrop are the numerous almond, olive and carob trees, which also enrich the diverse fauna of the Balearic island. And yes, Mallorca is certainly still a party hotspot for many – but that’s just one aspect of the 3,620-square kilometre island. Embedded in Mediterranean nature, however, there are also many special places of silence. Places where switching off, pressing pause, and simple enjoyment define the day. Places like «The Lodge», the new luxury retreat in the middle of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

«Simple luxury, things that are well done – at The Lodge we offer a holistic experience,» says Pau Guardans, owner of Único Hotels, which also includes the new Majorcan residence with a total of 24 exquisite suites. «With this project, we are offering an experience where people can find peace and quiet all year round.» The individual suites are designed and placed on the 157-hectare site in such a way that privacy is the top priority. In addition to the deluxe suites, there are pool-side and garden suites, so that everyone stays exactly where it best suits their needs and desires. The Private Pool Suite offers the ultimate in intimacy.

It’s all about personality first

Two infinity pools are available to all guests. And plenty of space to explore the surrounding area. Whether on a bike or on foot, hiking and biking trails can be found in the immediate vicinity. Likewise, several golf courses can be reached quickly and easily. And the enchanting villages of Pollença, Sa Pobla and Campanet can be found in the immediate vicinity. The Lodge stands for individuality in the truest sense of the word. Everything is possible, but you don’t have to do anything. And of course that applies above all to your own wellbeing. A modern fitness room, regular yoga classes, a wellness suite, massage rooms and of course the advice of experienced beauty experts – there is a wide range of options for enjoying sustainable luxury holidays.

The culinary temptation at The Lodge is called «The Singular Restaurant». With «Le Cocina del Fuego» the chefs put on a gastronomic firework display here. Whether it’s fish, meat or vegetables, everything is cooked on the wood of different trees so that the aromas become a taste explosion. «With our We Care by Único Hotels program, we are making a sustainable commitment to the environment,» says Pau Guardans. «The careful use of resources, including in relation to energy and water, is an integral part of our vision.»

The best in just one place

The Lodge is the sister establishment of «Hotel Finca Serena», which since 2019 has been inviting its guests to relax and experience life in the midst of centuries-old olive trees and Mallorcan vineyards. The renowned interior designer Pilar García-Nieto has already received international praise – rightly so – for the design of this oasis of calm. With The Lodge, however, he has shown once again that elegance, modernity, freshness and warmth can be presented perfectly if you rely on natural and organic materials. Soft earthy tones, sensuous lighting, retreats as well as meeting places – The Lodge is a real masterpiece.

Photos Copyrights: The Lodge Mallorca

Return to a paradise in design

The hotel The Fontenay is situated at one of the most beautiful locations on this earth for a city resort. In the heart of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, direct on the Aussenalster, in the middle of a park.

I’m returning. Four years have passed since my last visit. Will it still be as paradisiacal and the design as enchanting as back then? Yes, it certainly is. The interior design at The Fontenay still reflects as much attention to detail as before. Flower arrangements as far as the eye can see; kind people who make my arrival easy and the furnishings are still just like new.

When my gaze can wander again after being preoccupied checking in, I remember the hotel’s centerpiece. The almost 30 meter high atrium with its comfortable 25 meter long sofas. A dream, I had not internalized it as beautiful as this. The sound is intoxicating, as someone is playing on the Steinway grand piano in the bar. The weather in Hamburg is cool, what else, we are, after all, speaking of the city in the north. Inspired by the musical rain I indulge in a glass of Champagne at the bar on the sixth floor and after this sparkling refreshment begin my short trip to the exclusive spa area, which extends over 1000 square meters, under the heading «go with the flow». The urban roof landscape with the 20 meter long indoor and outdoor pool with sun terrace is a magical place. From a swimmer’s perspective the Infinity pool and the Alster lake seemingly form a common waterline. Pure resilience.

For all those who did not get the chance to read my article in 2018, an inspiration statement for all fans of design: The architect was inspired by water, trees and the sky and designed a building with a basic form consisting of three overlapping circles, which flowingly embeds itself into the Alster landscape. The result is not only a paradise for fans of architecture and design, but also a balance between urbanity and nature.

Jan Störmer, the Berlin born architect said to me at the time: “In The Fontenay the furniture has to show consideration for the architecture.” At our next meeting I will ask him how he felt on his first night in The Fontenay …

Jan Störmer was born in Berlin in 1942. After studying in Bremen, Hamburg, Delft and London he founded Hamburg Design GmbH for architecture, industry and graphic design in 1970. Followed two years later by the foundation of the architect group me di um, Hamburg (with three partners). In 1990 the Jan Störmer Architekten office was formed, later to be renamed following  a merger with Will Alsop as Alsop & Störmer Architects, Hamburg, London, Moscow. Since 2002 Holger Jaedicke, and since 2004 Martin Murphy have been partners in the office, which today operates under the company name Störmer Murphy and Partners. Jan Störmer has played a decisive role in the architectural scene in Hamburg. He is in wide demand as a juror in architectural design competitions and lectures both at home and abroad.

Photos Copyrights: The Fontenay Hamburg

Hey Mercedes

A call. An invitation. A journey. A car and a country that I did not know and a lot of congenial encounters awaiting me and you. Accompany me on an electronic transformation in Iceland. Now.

My trip began in Zurich – I am flying to Reykjavik under good weather conditions and in the best of moods. A city that I did not yet know. Exciting. When I open the door of the arrivals terminal, wet and bitterly cold air almost blows me back. The driver who collected me saw my discomfort and said: «If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.» Alright, I only had to wait 2 minutes until I could get into a breathtaking and incredibly beautiful limousine. The beauty was an EQS limousine. A straightforward beginning for the announced (driving) experience.

It was evening already and Mercedes invited me to a joint Get2gether with drinks at the bar and subsequent dinner, both began enchantingly. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable if too many people are in one room but somehow it was unexpectedly wonderful to have personal encounters and conversations again. Experience a bit of normality and freedom, that was the plan for the beginning of the next day with the new Mercedes EQE. I’m curious and go to bed in The Edition.

Key issuance

Day guard, a Cappuccino and the key issuance. Things are finally getting going. I have missed the social experience and here with the Mercedes Crew I’ll be experiencing it again in its entirety. The instructors explain the vehicle allocated to me today at lightning speed. Including an emergency telephone. I start the electric car and drive off carefully following the directions from the navigation system. Firstly I adjust the seats, the mirror and everything that is important to me during a very long drive. After roughly 40 minutes in my test car I take notice  of the design for the first time. I really only know Mercedes vehicles from an optical perspective and can differentiate between the classes but never drove one myself, except for the G-class belonging to a famous German sports presenter. How that came about and all other details will remain my secret for now.

Modern design language

I am completely high on a sensory level from the design – interior and exterior. The crew from Mercedes told me that the product developments took three to five years until the vehicle was launched on the market. The EQE line is, in my opinion, in line with the spirit of the times, fashion and current color trends, this fact only becomes apparent to me now – as I sit completely alone in the car. Everything is new to me in my EQE 500, but I press all the buttons and talk to her. She is called «Mercedes» and reacts to «Hey Mercedes» to receive my instructions and questions and at best to answer them. She would incidentally understand me in 27 languages. I have so much fun in a country that I am visiting for the first time. The countryside changes every twenty minutes and now I am driving up and down in the Icelandic Highlands and arrive on time for lunch in a villa. The view, the people, the interior and the food prepared by the head chefs put a permanent grin on my face.


Short break with the Exterior Designer and Program Developer. Robert and Timo, they have mercy on me and explain everything that I should know about this model series. Laura, the product manager joins us and we treat each other with welcome empathy. Robert explains to me that the design line management is called «one bow». I am already extremely impressed because this design is immediately recognizable. Sensuous clarity, generous surfaces and reduced joins with seamless transitions. The EQE has a sporty purpose design with all characteristic elements of the Mercedes-EQ. The rear forms a dynamic accent with a sharp tear bar. The shoulder section is muscular and the flush positioned wheels with dimensions of 19 to 21 inches give the EQE an extremely athletic character.

Live and drive freedom, that’s the message behind this black EQE model on the terrace of this villa, in the background an impressive and clear backdrop and scenery from Iceland. After the strong Espresso I get into my test vehicle again. It was not charged, because the range promises 654 km of driving fun and I have a remaining range of 221 km until the next station. I plan to experience the driving pleasure for the next two hours and that is exactly what I do, until I stop in front of a huge waterfall and the spray of the water rings out.

The Hyperscreen

Driving with the EQE is, on the contrary, silent. I have the constant feeling that I am extremely relaxed, even after a four-hour drive. Nevertheless I decide to take a short break, until I continue to drive to my destination. An absolute highlight is the MBUX Hyperscreen. This large, curved screen extends from A-pillar to A-pillar. Three screens are located under one cover glass and fuse optically to one display. Optional extra of course. A bit like a cinema on wheels. The screen intuitively offers touch operation with haptic feedback and force feedback. The glass is scratch resistant, coated and wonderfully easy to maintain.

When approaching a roundabout I notice the ECO assistant, it offers me situation-optimized anticipation – it is delayed as strongly or weakly as necessary so that all things considered you drive in the most efficient way. Recognized preceding vehicles are approached with the least possible driving resistance. This continues even until a complete stop, for example at traffic lights. So you do not even need to press the brake pedal – pure one-pedal driving.

The shortest way is not necessarily the fastest

While the classic distance calculator lives in the past, navigation with Electric Intelligence looks to the future. The energy requirement is estimated to calculate the route. This considers topography, track layout, ambient temperature, speed, heating and cooling requirements. Other factors include the traffic situation on the planned route and the charging stations available there, its charging performance and the payment functions. The calculation takes place in the Cloud and is combined with onboard data.

The customer does not have to tank full at every charging station, but receives a specific recommendation of the optimal charging time at the charging station. The charging stations are planned in a way that proves the most favorable with regard to the entire journey time: Because under certain circumstances two short charging stops with a higher charging performance could be more advantageous than charging once for a long period. Then I got everything right today. In addition the vehicle’s charging settings are automatically adapted by the navigation with Electric Intelligence and optimized for fast charging along the route. I roll into the destination or to be more precise to the charging station and say goodbye to Mercedes. The location feels like it is nowhere and near the famous volcano Eyjafjallajökull in south Iceland. The day was impressive, intoxifying and electrifying. I am in love with digital technology, with the maximum driving pleasure and the joy that we were able to experience together.

“After the EQS, the EQE is already the second model on  our new platform for electric vehicles. With the new EQE,  we can quickly make the high-tech solutions of our electric flagship EQS available to a wider group of buyers.”
Markus Nast, Global Communications Mercedes Benz Cars

Photos Copyrights: Mercedes