Six favourite books

Touching, enriching books are vehicles for the imagination; it is not majorly significant where the books transport the reader: they can thrill us with a journey around the world or straight through life and at best, they always penetrate our very core a little. These are our six favourite books in the past few months …

1. Der Junge, der Maulwurf, der Fuchs und das Pferd

A boy, alone and with a head full of questions, meets a mole that is always avidly looking for cake, is small, but fearless and achieves great things, a fox that is deliberately quiet, because life has hurt him, and a horse with wings. They journey together through the wilderness and overcome the storm, which like every storm had to come sooner or later. The work was written and illustrated by Charlie Mackesy and marks the fulfilment of his dream. It is a work that has the capacity to obliterate even the most stubborn cloud of worry, leaving the reader in tears of joy.

List Hardcover, 128 Pages
by Charlie Mackesy,

2. Draußen gehen

Thoughts are thieves. But not these thoughts. These thoughts are at one with nature. Instead of sitting in a closed room staring at a screen and intensely forcing inspiration, Christian Sauer – Author and Coach for creativity – animates his readers to follow the title of his latest book and simply: to go outside and not only get good ideas in the process but also to find themselves. „Draussen gehen“ is possibly the first book of its kind that you have read, one more reason to go out and buy it.

Linenband, 176 Pages
by Christian Sauer,

3. Die Parade

This story takes place in an anonymous country torn apart by civil war and is about two nameless construction workers about which the reader will never discover a great deal. Their mission: to level a road within twelve days, on which a parade is to take place, and in so doing connect the poor south with the rich north. While one of the protagonists is meticulously committed to the job in hand to ensure that he can return home as quickly as possible, the other is in search of adventure and easy sex. In „The Parade“ Dave Eggers once again shows that he is one of the most influential authors of our time.

192 Pages
by Dave Eggers,

4. Baedeker’s Handbuch für Schnellreisende

Did you know that it was once was common – or at least recommended – to have sixty bottles of French red wine in your luggage on a journey to Egypt? And that tourists in India should not travel without their own washbasin? Or that it was discouraged to drink cow’s milk in Switzerland without mixing Cognac into it? These and numerous other strange, highly amusing travel insights from the historic Baedeker travel guides have now been compiled in one work: „Baederker’s Handbuch für Schnellreisende“.

384 Pages
by Christian Koch und Hasso Spode,

5. Wir sind das Klima

In his bestseller „Eating animals“ the American author, Jonathan Safran Foer, caused a sensation on a worldwide scale and motivated countless people to become vegetarian. The reprehensibility of mass livestock farming is now also the central theme of his latest work, which is dedicated to climate change. Foer reminds us of the power and necessity of joint action and instances a number of clear, successful examples which should be our motivation and are easily implemented

336 Pages
by Jonathan Safran Foer,

6. Ein Rundgang durch die Wunderkammer der deutschen Sprache

Tones of desire, begetting mother, assassinating buffer – there is actually nothing disreputable about this strange Germanization by the poet Philipp von Zesen, what is really meant is simply: Music, Nature and Pistols. This and other bizarre rarities can be found in „Ein Rundgang durch die Wunderkammer der deutschen Sprache“ and you will become aware that the German language is more diverse than almost any other. This book truly revels in its beauty, strangeness and wonderful manifestations. From anagrams and palindromes to visual baroque poems through to the present. An entertaining read for word wizards with a love for the German language

Hardcover, 320 Pages
by Thomas Böhm und Carsten Pfeiffer,

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