I’m on my way

The new luxury retreat “The Lodge” in the middle of a conservation area offers the perfect combination of individuality, privacy, relaxation and an experience of nature.

Bumblebees buzzing, brimstone butterflies fluttering by and that incomparable scent – if you visit Mallorca in summer, you will experience this beautiful natural spectacle on the edge of the lavender fields with all your senses. Other features of the backdrop are the numerous almond, olive and carob trees, which also enrich the diverse fauna of the Balearic island. And yes, Mallorca is certainly still a party hotspot for many – but that’s just one aspect of the 3,620-square kilometre island. Embedded in Mediterranean nature, however, there are also many special places of silence. Places where switching off, pressing pause, and simple enjoyment define the day. Places like «The Lodge», the new luxury retreat in the middle of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

«Simple luxury, things that are well done – at The Lodge we offer a holistic experience,» says Pau Guardans, owner of Único Hotels, which also includes the new Majorcan residence with a total of 24 exquisite suites. «With this project, we are offering an experience where people can find peace and quiet all year round.» The individual suites are designed and placed on the 157-hectare site in such a way that privacy is the top priority. In addition to the deluxe suites, there are pool-side and garden suites, so that everyone stays exactly where it best suits their needs and desires. The Private Pool Suite offers the ultimate in intimacy.

It’s all about personality first

Two infinity pools are available to all guests. And plenty of space to explore the surrounding area. Whether on a bike or on foot, hiking and biking trails can be found in the immediate vicinity. Likewise, several golf courses can be reached quickly and easily. And the enchanting villages of Pollença, Sa Pobla and Campanet can be found in the immediate vicinity. The Lodge stands for individuality in the truest sense of the word. Everything is possible, but you don’t have to do anything. And of course that applies above all to your own wellbeing. A modern fitness room, regular yoga classes, a wellness suite, massage rooms and of course the advice of experienced beauty experts – there is a wide range of options for enjoying sustainable luxury holidays.

The culinary temptation at The Lodge is called «The Singular Restaurant». With «Le Cocina del Fuego» the chefs put on a gastronomic firework display here. Whether it’s fish, meat or vegetables, everything is cooked on the wood of different trees so that the aromas become a taste explosion. «With our We Care by Único Hotels program, we are making a sustainable commitment to the environment,» says Pau Guardans. «The careful use of resources, including in relation to energy and water, is an integral part of our vision.»

The best in just one place

The Lodge is the sister establishment of «Hotel Finca Serena», which since 2019 has been inviting its guests to relax and experience life in the midst of centuries-old olive trees and Mallorcan vineyards. The renowned interior designer Pilar García-Nieto has already received international praise – rightly so – for the design of this oasis of calm. With The Lodge, however, he has shown once again that elegance, modernity, freshness and warmth can be presented perfectly if you rely on natural and organic materials. Soft earthy tones, sensuous lighting, retreats as well as meeting places – The Lodge is a real masterpiece.

Photos Copyrights: The Lodge Mallorca


The Souki Lodges & Spa in the South of France could not be simply referred to as accommodation, they are places of natural beauty for a very special stay.

Green elevations, jagged rocks and red stone – in the South of France the Tal von Cabrières presents nature at its best. And this is exactly the reason why Fabien Morcel and Gilles Pascal were certain that it was the only location, their home, to make the project that was so close to their hearts become reality: the Souki Lodges & Spa. On the slope of a hill they created a stylish haven that is synonymous with relaxation, retreat and tranquility. Or as Fabien once put into words: «Souki Lodges & Spa is a small paradise that whispers into your ear, a timeless refuge in which life is an adventure and which also reminds you how important the simple and beautiful things are in life.» And those who have already been there can only confirm this. It is a place where you tank energy and the burden from an otherwise stressful everyday life dissolves the moment you arrive.  

Souki Lodges & Spa consists of two exclusive wooden cocoons. Both built on stilts, to leave nature its space and not to disturb the natural surroundings. The entire wooden structure was made of pine – sourced sustainably and ecologically and processed accordingly. The interior also combines the best names in contemporary modern design. The colourful carpets are from Moooi, the elegant and creative bird pendulum lights from Umut Yamac. And the sofas that are consistently in pastel shades are designs from Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The beds are the work of designer Paola Navone and architect Patricia Urquiola. 

The bathrooms, made completely of wood, are a particular highlight. And of course the respective terrace for each cocoon. In addition to a private jacuzzi it offers above all a fascinating view of the valley. The lodges are directly adjacent to each other but privacy is guaranteed. A place where the world seems to stand still and the guests have the chance to reinterpret the term «natural beauty». 

Photos Copyrights: Souki Lodge & Spa France

Return to a paradise in design

The hotel The Fontenay is situated at one of the most beautiful locations on this earth for a city resort. In the heart of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, direct on the Aussenalster, in the middle of a park.

I’m returning. Four years have passed since my last visit. Will it still be as paradisiacal and the design as enchanting as back then? Yes, it certainly is. The interior design at The Fontenay still reflects as much attention to detail as before. Flower arrangements as far as the eye can see; kind people who make my arrival easy and the furnishings are still just like new.

When my gaze can wander again after being preoccupied checking in, I remember the hotel’s centerpiece. The almost 30 meter high atrium with its comfortable 25 meter long sofas. A dream, I had not internalized it as beautiful as this. The sound is intoxicating, as someone is playing on the Steinway grand piano in the bar. The weather in Hamburg is cool, what else, we are, after all, speaking of the city in the north. Inspired by the musical rain I indulge in a glass of Champagne at the bar on the sixth floor and after this sparkling refreshment begin my short trip to the exclusive spa area, which extends over 1000 square meters, under the heading «go with the flow». The urban roof landscape with the 20 meter long indoor and outdoor pool with sun terrace is a magical place. From a swimmer’s perspective the Infinity pool and the Alster lake seemingly form a common waterline. Pure resilience.

For all those who did not get the chance to read my article in 2018, an inspiration statement for all fans of design: The architect was inspired by water, trees and the sky and designed a building with a basic form consisting of three overlapping circles, which flowingly embeds itself into the Alster landscape. The result is not only a paradise for fans of architecture and design, but also a balance between urbanity and nature.

Jan Störmer, the Berlin born architect said to me at the time: “In The Fontenay the furniture has to show consideration for the architecture.” At our next meeting I will ask him how he felt on his first night in The Fontenay …

Jan Störmer was born in Berlin in 1942. After studying in Bremen, Hamburg, Delft and London he founded Hamburg Design GmbH for architecture, industry and graphic design in 1970. Followed two years later by the foundation of the architect group me di um, Hamburg (with three partners). In 1990 the Jan Störmer Architekten office was formed, later to be renamed following  a merger with Will Alsop as Alsop & Störmer Architects, Hamburg, London, Moscow. Since 2002 Holger Jaedicke, and since 2004 Martin Murphy have been partners in the office, which today operates under the company name Störmer Murphy and Partners. Jan Störmer has played a decisive role in the architectural scene in Hamburg. He is in wide demand as a juror in architectural design competitions and lectures both at home and abroad.

Photos Copyrights: The Fontenay Hamburg

Dolce Vita in the historic jewel

The gentle hills of Umbria rise between Perugia and Siena, the original landscape radiates a feeling of peace and comfort. Amidst the natural idyll lies Castello di Reschio – a magnificent estate, with a castle from the 10th century in the center captivating everyone’s attention.

From ruins to new splendor
Light-colored, historical stone walls, small turrets and slender, tall cypresses afford the Reschio its distinctive charm of Dolce Vita. The estate’s history is unique: In 1994 Graf Antonio Bolza purchased the 1500 hectare plot to renovate the listed castle and dozens of medieval farmhouses scattered around the grounds of the estate and proceeded to convert them to luxurious villas. Partly designed as a residential property, partly as a holiday home for leasing, each one of the houses built in a traditional Italian design is unique. Tradesmen, stonemasons, blacksmiths, tile manufacturers and restorers from the region breathed new life into the old walls with exceptional skills and a great love of detail.

Customized design
The castle itself is a superlative jewel: For over 25 years the architect Benedikt Bolza has been investing a great deal of effort and verve into the restoration of the building. The 36 very individual design suites in the boutique hotel are constructed in a charming mix of stately-rustic and modern-elegant flair. He designed numerous pieces of furniture, lamps, glasses and wall colors specifically based on an old archetype for the Reschio. Antique objects and opulent works of art were sourced from small antique markets and art exhibitions from all over Italy. The highlight is the 180 square meter Tower Suite, which extends over five storeys of the old tower that dates back centuries, and has two bedrooms and an open air bathtub.

Close to nature
The size of the estate is also breathtaking: A tour of the unique countryside with its hills, meadows, forests and olive groves takes roughly one hour on the e-bike. As well as vegetables, flowers and herbs there are also fruit bushes grown organically in the garden at the Reschio. The yield is served in the Farm-to-Table Restaurant. Olive oil is gained from the olives of over 5000 trees and roughly one million busy bees produce the finest organic Mille Fiori blossom honey. The high-quality wines produced from the estate’s Sangiovese, Ciliegolo, Cesanese and Merlot vines are also exquisite. In addition to activities such as truffle hunting, hiking, swimming in the private lake and cooking courses the Reschio is a paradise for horse lovers: 40 Andalusians – the noble animals have always been regarded as the horses of kings – live on the estate.

Culture and spa
After an excursion to the enchanting cities of Assisi, Arezzo, Siena or Perugia, which are all respectively approximately a one-hour drive from the Reschio, you can relax in the elaborate palm house or in the underground spa area with salt water pool, private rooms and hammam. Approximately 3000 years ago people lived in the area that is today the magnificent estate. An almost magic flair can still be felt today in the old walls. Unlike then however, we experience the Reschio today as a place of rural luxury, which is unparalleled.

Photos Copyrights: Reschio




The estate has an extraordinary charm, which also unfolds in the autumn and winter months. In the heated pool, by the crackling fireside or in the extra large whirlpool at the castle, the hours you spend will be as tranquil as they are inspiring, surrounded by an eclectic collection of excellent design and outlandish art. 

 Exclusivity and art 

There are only six rooms available to book at Castle Elvira – therefore there are at most eleven other guests experiencing the excusive castle experience with you. Castle Elvira was built in the late 18th century and lay vacant for over 100 years before Steve Riseley and Harvey B-Brown purchased the historic building on the 37 hectare estate. The architects preserved the original, authentic flair of the castle during its renovation and added design details from the 20th century, eclectic interior design and modern technology. Particular attention was given to the carefully curated art works – including a selection of works by Riseley’s husband and artist, Harvey B-Brown.

Fairytale flair  

Befitting any fairytale castle, Castle Elvira is enveloped in a tragic legend: Elvira is supposed to have been the name of a young, dreamy girl from Naples, whose affluent parents gave their only daughter the enchanting castle on her 17th birthday as a gift. To celebrate this, there was to be a banquet for which Elvira went out to gather mushrooms. As she accidently found poisonous mushrooms instead of porcini mushrooms, Elvira died, the inconsolable parents fled from the castle never to return. We can only assume the real reason that the stately property remained abandoned for a century – as in every good fairytale there is also a happy end for Castle Elvira: The castle was renovated with love by a new owner and the magic of Elvira’s contented spirit is tangible until this day in every room. 

Exquisite cuisine

The castle restaurant serves delicacies: The chef, Fabiana, comes from Salento – her passion is focused on traditional Cucina Salentina – and she refines her daily menus with citrus fruits, pomegranates and fresh herbs from the castle garden. She prefers to use seasonal, local produce for her classical Apulian cuisine. The dishes are served in the two generous dining halls; the hotel also has a piano room with bar, two lounges, a cinema and a business suite. There is an air of romance on the large rooftop terrace of the castle: It is the perfect place to gaze at spectacular sunsets and the view of the splendid park landscape with its lemon and olive groves is indeed fabulous.

The castle was renovated carefully after slowly deteriorating for a century. The unique ceramic tiles on the floor bear testimony to the history of the location.

 A place of tranquility: The aperitif is served every day on the rooftop terrace, from this location your view opens out on the huge park landscape surrounding the castle. 

The mixture of antique and modern designer furniture, the stylish, opulent interior and the atmospheric lighting, which unite to create the luxurious atmosphere, has been hand-picked.

 The temperatures in Apulia rarely drop below 10 degrees, with a little luck the air warms and it is pleasantly spring like. And if a thin layer of snow does happen to cover the landscape, you can relish the time in the warm pool, by the fireside or in the free-standing bathtub.

Not only the castle is enchanting – but also the art in Castle Elvira attracts a high degree of attention. The artist Harvey-B-Brown works in his atelier in the castle and is inspired by the magical flair surrounding him.

The ultimate luxury experience: A few kilometers from Lecce in Apulia, the exclusive and design-focused estate, Castle Elvira, welcomes its guests.

Photos Copyrights: Castle Elvira

Photos Copyrights: Castle Elvira

Place to be

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz was completely re-designed in 2019. However it has remained true to its philosophy of focusing completely on the individual in every single aspect and to its innovative and elegant character.  

We’re in the year 1242. Several men discover a warm water source when hunting in the Tamina gorge. Subsequent inspections show that the water springing from the mountain is exactly 36.5° degrees. The monks in the nearby Benedictine abbey attribute a healing effect to the water and consequently lay the foundation stone for a spa and healing tradition that has now been in existence for a number of centuries. Today in the year 2022 the source is still gushing and has lost none of its healing power. 

Good, better, Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz in the Eastern part of Switzerland is synonymous with nature, health, and regeneration; it is also full of culinary delights. All in all the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers a stylish experience of the very highest standards. The seven restaurants at the resort boast a total of 76 Gault Millau Points and five Michelin Stars. They have also been distinguished with the accolades «Hotel of the Year 2021» or «Best Spa Hotel in Switzerland ». And in particular the unique and exclusive in-house combination of healing, prevention and self-discovery, created by experts in the medical, hotel and cuisine sector, can only be experienced at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. 

Live your best life

The NEWYOU method is the quintessence of the longstanding health philosophy at the Grand resort: Healing, relaxation and an exceptional, delightful experience. It is the modern and innovative answer to traditionally successful healing and treatment procedures. Because the term health has been re-defined for today. «It is about much more than simply the absence of illness», as Stefan Küpfer, Medical Director at the Bad Ragaz Health Center, says. The new method has been developed in conjunction with his team and the health team at Resort Bad Ragaz. Avoiding illnesses, but primarily sustainably increasing life quality, that is the objective of the NEWYOU Method. 

Be conscious of what you eat

And the focus is directed above all towards the factor of nutrition. Food is an experience, lifestyle and a compass at the same time. The chef de cuisine at «verve by sven» – the health and lifestyle restaurant at the resort – is Sebastian Titz. The young chef fully guarantees that not only organic and high-quality produce is prepared but foremost healthy food that has been produced sustainably. He does not compromise on taste. Careful preparation ensures genuine flavors, homemade products accentuate the specialties and the focus is on the overall experience. And just as one should always consider people from a health point of view as a whole, the kitchen staff at «verve by sven» does not only use parts of food. «Nose to tail & Leaf to root» is the motto that Titz consistently practices and lives with his team. 

Tradition as a guarantee for the future

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is built on tradition, but consistently re-defines it. Surprising, because one can build on long-term experience. In the same way the source has been gushing for centuries, the resort has been the perfect place for a retreat, relaxation or a new beginning for over 15 decades.


Fascination North

Ski tours in the Norwegian Lyngen Alps – it is a moment to fall to your knees. The beauty of nature can hardly be expressed in words. Sensory impressions that are actually indescribable. I’ll try it anyway.

Mighty snowcapped mountain ranges elevate from the ice-blue fjord arms. From 0 to 2000 meters – one way to describe the ascent of the white giants in altitude. The sun brings forth the most beautiful glittering of snow crystals and at the same time transforms the inhospitable Nordic sea into a gentle surface. I gaze in awe – and simply cannot get enough of this view before me.

Our ski tour guide knows the area like the back of his hand. Every day a different mountain, a new experience. I feel safe but still maintain a high level of respect. Nature claims its sacrifices, if you do not comply with the rules of the game. We glide downwards through unspoiled slopes and perfect powder snow. What an indescribable feeling of freedom, with the glittering view of the fjords constantly in view. If I had to describe happiness, then it would look like this.

You hear… nothing! Silence, that is so quiet that this «Non sound» really stands out. On the endless straight roads you do not meet another car for kilometers. I relish the expanse and solitude – and the chance to switch my brain, which is otherwise constantly set to output mode, to «Stand-by» even away from the virgin deep snow slopes

The sea is cold. Ice cold. Even in summer the water temperature does not exceed 11 degrees Celsius here. Hardened sauna lovers are not put off by this fact and go in for a short dip. Occasionally a small harbor with ocean-going fishing cutters adorns the long shore of a fjord tongue. I close my eyes and a mix of cold snow air and fresh sea fish reaches my nose…

I am lucky and on a clear night the light is shown from its most beautiful side: The northern lights draw their green trails in the sky. An exceptional spectacle of nature, a heavenly dance. I experience the people as direct and uncomplicated as the nature around me. The Norwegians are helpful and friendly. House doors are left unlocked, no one steals. Beautiful and calming, that – especially in these times – there is still something resembling an «intact world».

Erde. Feuer. Wasser. Luft.

No one can escape the power and beauty of the four elements.

An austrian business family has transformed the four elements into a unique relaxation hideaway and made four houses named “fire”, “air”, “water” and “king fisher” a living experience of the highest standards. High above the wild, romantic Salza river luxury houses hang on the rock face. Standing in front of the panorama glass wall, the turquoise coloured water thunders by under our feet and entices us to dream of adventure.

In the Styrian Gesäuse, Hermann Berger, who was born into the building trade on his father’s side, has created something exceptional. He translated the forces of nature from the four elements into stylish luxury houses „Four Elements – Living by Berger“, fulfilling every heart’s desire. To escape the hectic everyday life in the big city, we booked into house „Water“ for several days. Generous and well thought out rooms, high quality materials, comfortable furniture and smart style thrill when we first enter the house. However, the absolute highlight is the tremendous natural view through the panorama window – a natural work of art that could not be captured as impressively by any painter in the world. We enjoy a glass of Champagne on the terrace and observe the play of colours in the turquoise-blue-green Salza, cutting its bed through stone 30 metres below us.

Inspired by the thundering river we relax in the whirlpool beside the panorama sauna and relish in the sensation of being surrounded by trees as part of this wonderful natural beauty. In this environment, it is easy to get rid of anything that is weighing you down and to concentrate completely on oneself. The anticipated relaxation is immediate. We go for a short walk to the bank of the Salza and observe the fish dancing in the crystal clear water.
Three of the four houses represent an element – which is reflected in the materials, the colours and the decoration, with the King Fisher house fusing all four. The King Fisher flies with FIRE in his heart through the AIR and creates an EARTH-bound retreat on the WATER. The positioning of the houses provides a high degree of private space and intimacy. Although the recommended restaurants are only a stone’s throw away, we have our delicious dinner delivered to our house, to enjoy every minute in this oasis of peace and tranquillity. My companion has made herself comfortable on the soft sofa in front of the window, while I, sitting on the terrace, lose my thoughts in the meandering river valley. In nature, the four elements are immense forces, which Hermann Berger has skilfully transformed in his FourElements into well-being of the highest standards!

Fotos: Four Elements Living by Berger

Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa

We arrived early in the morning and as we entered the Seezeitlodge, I was drawn straight into the restaurant by the delicious smell of bread rolls, danish pastries and co. I was transported back to my childhood, my grandfather was also a baker. The roots of the founding family are reflected in the Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa in the open bakery with its large bread oven, a conscious focus on the baker and patisserie trade and original photographs from the time frame the buffet area to the left and right. But why? The owner Kathrin Sersch is the granddaughter of the frozen pizza creator, Ernst Wagner. Therefore, the baking craft is so to speak in her blood and forms a culinary foundation stone in the Seezeitlodge.

The sense of traditional, nature and originality merges with the overall Seezeitlodge concept. It is in the heart of nature and built near to water. It is a free spirit in its own way. And at the same time grounded. Situated in an exposed location on a small wooded cape – with a proud view of the Bostal Lake in the Sankt Wendel district. Constructed between the safety of the forest and the expanse of the lake. Intertwined with regional cultural history. I want to stay here and breathe the air deeply. Inspired by the surrounding nature on the Bostal Lake, the spa resort with lodge character conveys all the advantages of a hideaway. This powerful place is integrated into the low mountain landscape of the Saar-Hunsrück natural park. Far removed from everyday life, the lodge has 84 generous rooms and 14 suites with feel-good ambiance; half of them with a lake view. All rooms are inspired by the force and tranquility of the natural environment.

Natural colours blend with accents in green and blue. Oak creates a sense of warmth. Four-poster, feel-good beds treat you to a magnificent view of the surrounding nature. The panorama perspective continues, regardless of where you are lying, sitting or standing. A further highlight is the generous SPA area, which includes an indoor and outdoor pool, fitness and application rooms for treatments or massages. A visit to the Celtic outdoor sauna village is unforgettable – with three sauna huts and a tranquillity house – positioned in lines of magnetic force. The golf course at Bostal Lake is ideally suited to followers of the «green sport».

Our creative and down-to-earth lunch snack arrives, enriching our arrival with regional specialities. The chef de cuisine – Daniel Schöfisch, does not only serve delicious dishes at lunchtime but also in the evening in the LUMI Restaurant and is devoted to regional products, such as oxen heart carrots, mushrooms, trout or blueberries picked from the surrounding forests. The herbs, which complete the dishes, grow in the bordering nature and herb gardens. Daniel Schöfisch, a native of Berlin, attaches particular importance to retaining the taste experience of all products that are used. His style of cooking is cosmopolitan with traditional roots and Mediterranean influences. His last stations – before coming to beautiful Saarland– were international hotels such as Grand Hyatt Berlin and Park Hyatt Vienna. The host couple, Kathrin and Christian Sersch’s, sense of connection to the region and their creative thinking are reflected throughout the entire hotel. Following the motto “Genuinely beautiful. Beautifully genuine” they manage a hotel that enraptures spa guests, sportspeople, connoisseurs as well as culture and nature lovers alike with a high level of innovation and attention to detail. In and around the Seezeitlodge you can switch off, take your time, forget the world and be happy

Fotos: Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa

Getting back in touch with my inner self

The past few months have been shaped by a particularly challenging situation. Initially I felt I was locked away and could only think of getting out! Therefore, the first travel experience again should be well thought out. My only thought: headfirst into PURELife.

In my world, everything that happens always has a positive side as well. The “isolated year” inspired me to contemplate what is really important to me. And the answer is crystal clear: I am important to me. So my attractive companion and I booked into one of the PURESLeben premium houses in the beautiful Austrian Südsteiermark. Dietmar Silly and his brother Gerald have created a veritable dream hideaway. Twelve old winegrowers‘ houses were removed and lovingly reconstructed on beautiful mountainsides with a breathtaking view. Furnished with a fireplace, panorama sauna, pool and in the style of PURESLeben, the houses are the perfect location to get back in touch with oneself. No hectic distractions, but the force of breathtaking nature enticed us to take romantic strolls. Our Tablets, TV and social networks were immaterial and we instead enjoyed good conversation over a delicious dinner, which was delivered to the house. The comfortable sofa in the bay window quickly became the favourite spot and my mobile was exchanged for an exciting book. We lit the open fire, which could be seen from both the living room and the bath in the neighbouring room, every night. I found myself exploring the course natural wooden wall with my fingertips, as the look of the materials used was fascinating. Charming details and old tools as a decoration inspired me to redesign my own garden shed. Simply the sight of my loved one exchanging her stressful working life for a relaxing and pleasurable time for several days in „Stadl Wuggitz“ confirmed that it had been the right decision to start the new travel period after the pandemic in a „PURESLeben“ house. These PURESLeben houses bring you back to your own SELFat the highest level.

The south Styrian wine route is particularly enchanting during mid-season in spring and autumn. Maybe we can buy the highest level of quality on holiday, but the heart and love that the Silly brothers have put into their houses can only be found. If you love yourself, you should enjoy Pure Life!

5 reasons for PURESLeben:

  • The Silly family has managed with the premium, superbly located houses to create an unspoilt destination that is unrivalled and consistently places the guest at the heart of their focus
  • The Silly family provides service of the highest level
  • They are synonymous with quality and conduct sustainable management
  • They work with products from their own agricultural sources or acquire food from selected organic, regional partners
  • They are passionate hosts and fulfil your heart’s desire

Fotos: PURESLeben , Günter Standl, Vera Prinz