Place to be

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz was completely re-designed in 2019. However it has remained true to its philosophy of focusing completely on the individual in every single aspect and to its innovative and elegant character.  

We’re in the year 1242. Several men discover a warm water source when hunting in the Tamina gorge. Subsequent inspections show that the water springing from the mountain is exactly 36.5° degrees. The monks in the nearby Benedictine abbey attribute a healing effect to the water and consequently lay the foundation stone for a spa and healing tradition that has now been in existence for a number of centuries. Today in the year 2022 the source is still gushing and has lost none of its healing power. 

Good, better, Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz in the Eastern part of Switzerland is synonymous with nature, health, and regeneration; it is also full of culinary delights. All in all the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers a stylish experience of the very highest standards. The seven restaurants at the resort boast a total of 76 Gault Millau Points and five Michelin Stars. They have also been distinguished with the accolades «Hotel of the Year 2021» or «Best Spa Hotel in Switzerland ». And in particular the unique and exclusive in-house combination of healing, prevention and self-discovery, created by experts in the medical, hotel and cuisine sector, can only be experienced at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. 

Live your best life

The NEWYOU method is the quintessence of the longstanding health philosophy at the Grand resort: Healing, relaxation and an exceptional, delightful experience. It is the modern and innovative answer to traditionally successful healing and treatment procedures. Because the term health has been re-defined for today. «It is about much more than simply the absence of illness», as Stefan Küpfer, Medical Director at the Bad Ragaz Health Center, says. The new method has been developed in conjunction with his team and the health team at Resort Bad Ragaz. Avoiding illnesses, but primarily sustainably increasing life quality, that is the objective of the NEWYOU Method. 

Be conscious of what you eat

And the focus is directed above all towards the factor of nutrition. Food is an experience, lifestyle and a compass at the same time. The chef de cuisine at «verve by sven» – the health and lifestyle restaurant at the resort – is Sebastian Titz. The young chef fully guarantees that not only organic and high-quality produce is prepared but foremost healthy food that has been produced sustainably. He does not compromise on taste. Careful preparation ensures genuine flavors, homemade products accentuate the specialties and the focus is on the overall experience. And just as one should always consider people from a health point of view as a whole, the kitchen staff at «verve by sven» does not only use parts of food. «Nose to tail & Leaf to root» is the motto that Titz consistently practices and lives with his team. 

Tradition as a guarantee for the future

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is built on tradition, but consistently re-defines it. Surprising, because one can build on long-term experience. In the same way the source has been gushing for centuries, the resort has been the perfect place for a retreat, relaxation or a new beginning for over 15 decades.


Fascination North

Ski tours in the Norwegian Lyngen Alps – it is a moment to fall to your knees. The beauty of nature can hardly be expressed in words. Sensory impressions that are actually indescribable. I’ll try it anyway.

Mighty snowcapped mountain ranges elevate from the ice-blue fjord arms. From 0 to 2000 meters – one way to describe the ascent of the white giants in altitude. The sun brings forth the most beautiful glittering of snow crystals and at the same time transforms the inhospitable Nordic sea into a gentle surface. I gaze in awe – and simply cannot get enough of this view before me.

Our ski tour guide knows the area like the back of his hand. Every day a different mountain, a new experience. I feel safe but still maintain a high level of respect. Nature claims its sacrifices, if you do not comply with the rules of the game. We glide downwards through unspoiled slopes and perfect powder snow. What an indescribable feeling of freedom, with the glittering view of the fjords constantly in view. If I had to describe happiness, then it would look like this.

You hear… nothing! Silence, that is so quiet that this «Non sound» really stands out. On the endless straight roads you do not meet another car for kilometers. I relish the expanse and solitude – and the chance to switch my brain, which is otherwise constantly set to output mode, to «Stand-by» even away from the virgin deep snow slopes

The sea is cold. Ice cold. Even in summer the water temperature does not exceed 11 degrees Celsius here. Hardened sauna lovers are not put off by this fact and go in for a short dip. Occasionally a small harbor with ocean-going fishing cutters adorns the long shore of a fjord tongue. I close my eyes and a mix of cold snow air and fresh sea fish reaches my nose…

I am lucky and on a clear night the light is shown from its most beautiful side: The northern lights draw their green trails in the sky. An exceptional spectacle of nature, a heavenly dance. I experience the people as direct and uncomplicated as the nature around me. The Norwegians are helpful and friendly. House doors are left unlocked, no one steals. Beautiful and calming, that – especially in these times – there is still something resembling an «intact world».

Erde. Feuer. Wasser. Luft.

No one can escape the power and beauty of the four elements.

An austrian business family has transformed the four elements into a unique relaxation hideaway and made four houses named “fire”, “air”, “water” and “king fisher” a living experience of the highest standards. High above the wild, romantic Salza river luxury houses hang on the rock face. Standing in front of the panorama glass wall, the turquoise coloured water thunders by under our feet and entices us to dream of adventure.

In the Styrian Gesäuse, Hermann Berger, who was born into the building trade on his father’s side, has created something exceptional. He translated the forces of nature from the four elements into stylish luxury houses „Four Elements – Living by Berger“, fulfilling every heart’s desire. To escape the hectic everyday life in the big city, we booked into house „Water“ for several days. Generous and well thought out rooms, high quality materials, comfortable furniture and smart style thrill when we first enter the house. However, the absolute highlight is the tremendous natural view through the panorama window – a natural work of art that could not be captured as impressively by any painter in the world. We enjoy a glass of Champagne on the terrace and observe the play of colours in the turquoise-blue-green Salza, cutting its bed through stone 30 metres below us.

Inspired by the thundering river we relax in the whirlpool beside the panorama sauna and relish in the sensation of being surrounded by trees as part of this wonderful natural beauty. In this environment, it is easy to get rid of anything that is weighing you down and to concentrate completely on oneself. The anticipated relaxation is immediate. We go for a short walk to the bank of the Salza and observe the fish dancing in the crystal clear water.
Three of the four houses represent an element – which is reflected in the materials, the colours and the decoration, with the King Fisher house fusing all four. The King Fisher flies with FIRE in his heart through the AIR and creates an EARTH-bound retreat on the WATER. The positioning of the houses provides a high degree of private space and intimacy. Although the recommended restaurants are only a stone’s throw away, we have our delicious dinner delivered to our house, to enjoy every minute in this oasis of peace and tranquillity. My companion has made herself comfortable on the soft sofa in front of the window, while I, sitting on the terrace, lose my thoughts in the meandering river valley. In nature, the four elements are immense forces, which Hermann Berger has skilfully transformed in his FourElements into well-being of the highest standards!

Fotos: Four Elements Living by Berger

Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa

We arrived early in the morning and as we entered the Seezeitlodge, I was drawn straight into the restaurant by the delicious smell of bread rolls, danish pastries and co. I was transported back to my childhood, my grandfather was also a baker. The roots of the founding family are reflected in the Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa in the open bakery with its large bread oven, a conscious focus on the baker and patisserie trade and original photographs from the time frame the buffet area to the left and right. But why? The owner Kathrin Sersch is the granddaughter of the frozen pizza creator, Ernst Wagner. Therefore, the baking craft is so to speak in her blood and forms a culinary foundation stone in the Seezeitlodge.

The sense of traditional, nature and originality merges with the overall Seezeitlodge concept. It is in the heart of nature and built near to water. It is a free spirit in its own way. And at the same time grounded. Situated in an exposed location on a small wooded cape – with a proud view of the Bostal Lake in the Sankt Wendel district. Constructed between the safety of the forest and the expanse of the lake. Intertwined with regional cultural history. I want to stay here and breathe the air deeply. Inspired by the surrounding nature on the Bostal Lake, the spa resort with lodge character conveys all the advantages of a hideaway. This powerful place is integrated into the low mountain landscape of the Saar-Hunsrück natural park. Far removed from everyday life, the lodge has 84 generous rooms and 14 suites with feel-good ambiance; half of them with a lake view. All rooms are inspired by the force and tranquility of the natural environment.

Natural colours blend with accents in green and blue. Oak creates a sense of warmth. Four-poster, feel-good beds treat you to a magnificent view of the surrounding nature. The panorama perspective continues, regardless of where you are lying, sitting or standing. A further highlight is the generous SPA area, which includes an indoor and outdoor pool, fitness and application rooms for treatments or massages. A visit to the Celtic outdoor sauna village is unforgettable – with three sauna huts and a tranquillity house – positioned in lines of magnetic force. The golf course at Bostal Lake is ideally suited to followers of the «green sport».

Our creative and down-to-earth lunch snack arrives, enriching our arrival with regional specialities. The chef de cuisine – Daniel Schöfisch, does not only serve delicious dishes at lunchtime but also in the evening in the LUMI Restaurant and is devoted to regional products, such as oxen heart carrots, mushrooms, trout or blueberries picked from the surrounding forests. The herbs, which complete the dishes, grow in the bordering nature and herb gardens. Daniel Schöfisch, a native of Berlin, attaches particular importance to retaining the taste experience of all products that are used. His style of cooking is cosmopolitan with traditional roots and Mediterranean influences. His last stations – before coming to beautiful Saarland– were international hotels such as Grand Hyatt Berlin and Park Hyatt Vienna. The host couple, Kathrin and Christian Sersch’s, sense of connection to the region and their creative thinking are reflected throughout the entire hotel. Following the motto “Genuinely beautiful. Beautifully genuine” they manage a hotel that enraptures spa guests, sportspeople, connoisseurs as well as culture and nature lovers alike with a high level of innovation and attention to detail. In and around the Seezeitlodge you can switch off, take your time, forget the world and be happy

Fotos: Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa

Getting back in touch with my inner self

The past few months have been shaped by a particularly challenging situation. Initially I felt I was locked away and could only think of getting out! Therefore, the first travel experience again should be well thought out. My only thought: headfirst into PURELife.

In my world, everything that happens always has a positive side as well. The “isolated year” inspired me to contemplate what is really important to me. And the answer is crystal clear: I am important to me. So my attractive companion and I booked into one of the PURESLeben premium houses in the beautiful Austrian Südsteiermark. Dietmar Silly and his brother Gerald have created a veritable dream hideaway. Twelve old winegrowers‘ houses were removed and lovingly reconstructed on beautiful mountainsides with a breathtaking view. Furnished with a fireplace, panorama sauna, pool and in the style of PURESLeben, the houses are the perfect location to get back in touch with oneself. No hectic distractions, but the force of breathtaking nature enticed us to take romantic strolls. Our Tablets, TV and social networks were immaterial and we instead enjoyed good conversation over a delicious dinner, which was delivered to the house. The comfortable sofa in the bay window quickly became the favourite spot and my mobile was exchanged for an exciting book. We lit the open fire, which could be seen from both the living room and the bath in the neighbouring room, every night. I found myself exploring the course natural wooden wall with my fingertips, as the look of the materials used was fascinating. Charming details and old tools as a decoration inspired me to redesign my own garden shed. Simply the sight of my loved one exchanging her stressful working life for a relaxing and pleasurable time for several days in „Stadl Wuggitz“ confirmed that it had been the right decision to start the new travel period after the pandemic in a „PURESLeben“ house. These PURESLeben houses bring you back to your own SELFat the highest level.

The south Styrian wine route is particularly enchanting during mid-season in spring and autumn. Maybe we can buy the highest level of quality on holiday, but the heart and love that the Silly brothers have put into their houses can only be found. If you love yourself, you should enjoy Pure Life!

5 reasons for PURESLeben:

  • The Silly family has managed with the premium, superbly located houses to create an unspoilt destination that is unrivalled and consistently places the guest at the heart of their focus
  • The Silly family provides service of the highest level
  • They are synonymous with quality and conduct sustainable management
  • They work with products from their own agricultural sources or acquire food from selected organic, regional partners
  • They are passionate hosts and fulfil your heart’s desire

Fotos: PURESLeben , Günter Standl, Vera Prinz

Das Gute ist so nah…

Hotel Bayerischer Hof

The pandemic has at least one positive side: we have learned to recognize and appreciate those local things in our vicinity. At the same time we are yearning to travel and experience something new.

The hurdles to enter Bavaria are falling again and Munich’s top address is looking forward to welcoming its guests from neighbouring Switzerland. Bayerischer Hof – a hotel that is synonymous with tradition and simultaneously a sustainable modern era – made use of the time and is waiting with several new features.

Hotel owner, Innegrit Volkhardt, renowned for her passion for change and innovation, has now completed the seventh construction project in Hotel Bayerischer Hof. After converting the “Garden” and “Atelier” restaurants, the Cinema Lounge and the Palaishall, she devoted herself to the restructuring of the south and north wing. Four storeys were demolished and five floors were rebuilt including a Penthouse Garden Suite. The well-known interior designer, art collector and antique trader, Axel Vervoordt, from Belgium, with whom the head of the hotel has already collaborated successfully for 10 years, again gave the hotel the perfect fitting touch: quiet and discrete, while remaining sophisticated and chic. His concepts for the rooms and suites have a comfortable and authentic effect.

The light plays with the colours of the room, minimalistic furniture and natural pigments provide a feeling of authenticity and earthiness. You feel an immense sense of calm – right in the middle of the city.

His specific way of approaching tradition and his respect for development were also apparent in Vervoordt’s subsequent project – the restructuring of the “Palais Keller” restaurant – in which he again created something extraordinary: he puts his stamp on his creations by combining the warm tradition of hospitality in Hotel Bayerischer Hof with exciting, contemporary accents.

And the subject of sustainability is also reflected in his designs – Materials such as stone and old wood have been carefully selected and integrated.

Vervoordt’s sensibility to historic structures, his efforts also being highly esteemed by famous persons such as Sting or Robert de Niro, most recently gave the “Palais Montgelas” its distinctive style. The fine and delicate choice of colours and materials provide the historic rooms with a new lustre. A perfect ambient for all festivities and celebrations that had been postponed. And talking of celebrations and culinary delights: The Guide Michelin has again just awarded the “Atelier” restaurant in Hotel Bayerischer Hof with three Michelin Stars. Chef de cuisine, Jan Hartwig, was also named “Chef of the year 2021” by the Restaurant and Hotel guide “Der Grosse Guide”. | Photos Copyrights: Daniel Schvarcz, Benjamin Monn

ADAM’s Bucket List

1 Brixen

Feel like some mountain magic? The Forestis is a retreat surrounded by nature, where we can perceive time again. The large-scale beauty, which this retreat offers anew every second, is perceptible, when looking from one of the tower suites onto the wonderful backdrop of the Dolomites. In the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening – you can become inspired among the treetops, with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc “Quarz” from Terlan and the most impressive mountain range in World heritage.

2 Buje

The San Canzian Village & Hotel is a location that captures you through its architecture, which perfectly combines country and modern, old and new furnishings, and gives the guest the opportunity to experience Istria in a completely new light. The resort does not only stand out because of the individual access to guests and the premium service of a 5-star hotel, but also in the way it fuses its unique concept, culture, modern art and locally influenced design.

3 Gonnesweiler

In the middle of nature. Built near the lake. And for that very reason so joyful. A free spirit. And down-to-earth all the same. Situated at an exposed location on a small wooded cape – with a magnificent view over Lake Bostal in Sankt Wendeler Land. Constructed between the security of the forest and the expanse of the lake. Interwoven with regional, cultural history. I want to stay here.

4 Zurich

Stylish comfort meets elegant design. In the Sorell Hotel St. Peter a meeting place has been created under the architectural management of Andrin Schweizer, a  gem in the middle of Zurich’s inner city. Functional furnishings fuse with design and offer a generous character  of cosiness.

Photos Copyrights: © Forestis, Seezeitlodge Bostalsee, Sorell Hotel St. Peter, San Canzian Village & Hotel

Glamorous Zeitgeist – AMERON Zürich


Ameron Zurich Bellerive au Lac brings urban lifestyle directly to lake Zurich and welcomes its first guests. Stylish and relaxed elegance and modern design blend to a fascinating experience in the four-star superior hotel directly on the lake zurich promenade.

The traditional establishment was built in the 1920s in Art déco style and is today one of the best-known hotels in the city. After extensive renovation the Bellerive au Lac now projects a new image as AMERON Zurich. Following the conversion it is still presented in the style of the Golden 20s, fused with contemporary interiors. The new “place to be” consequently creates an atmosphere that is classical and at the same time relaxed and warm. 61 rooms and suites offer guests a special level of comfort and open up a superb view of the city or the lake – combining urban lifestyle and Mediterranean flair.

Studio Bellerive is an impressive symbiosis of brasserie, grill and bar. The spectacular design, professional service and the uncomplicated cuisine create an outstanding overall experience in an informal atmosphere. The new scene location shares its name with the legendary Zurich film studio, which had its origins in 1953 in the former indoor-tennis halls of the present-day Ameron Zurich Bellerive au Lac.

Ameron Zurich Bellerive au Lac is situated in the best location on the picturesque Lake Zurich promenade and is only a few minutes’ walk from Sechseläutenplatz with the Opera House and the famous Bahnhofsstrasse. The cosmopolitan city on the Limmat has countless sights and attractions on offer and is well worth a visit at any time of the year. The hotel offers diverse event and conference areas on the first floor for special occasions – including the listed “Freddie Frinton Private Bar”. Ameron Zurich Bellerive au Lac combines distinguished history with contemporary lifestyle in an absolutely premium location.

Photos Copyrights: AMARON Zürich by Althoff Hotels

The Central – Alpine. Luxury. Life.

Five stars distinguish the hotspot in Sölden, but also Tyrolean hospitality The Central – Alpine. Luxury. Life.

We Austrians know how it works!

The Central offers the guest a sparkling combination of international luxury and Tyrolean hospitality. Each room type surprises with a different style. Appreciated by James Bond and by demanding alpinists, the hotel Das Central – Alpine. Luxury. Life. is located in the heart of Tyrol, one of the highest ski areas in Austria, which also includes two glaciers. Sports fans, gourmets and connoisseurs are in good hands at the “Central”: The Ötztaler Stube was recently awarded the 3rd cap by Gault&Millau. You can also dine spectacularly at 3,048 meters above sea level in the gourmet restaurant ice Q. The “James Bond” location crowns itself among other things as the “highest hood restaurant in Austria”! If Daniel Craig had had time for this, he would probably have stayed longer to treat himself to a culinary highlight.

Sölden has shaped alpine cuisine like no other destination in the Alps.
The combination of haute cuisine and Tyrolean culinary culture has repeatedly won renowned awards for the only 3-bonnet restaurant in the Ötztal. 4 stars (91 /100 points) in the à la carte guide, 3 forks (92 points) in the Falstaff guide and above all the three toques (15 points) from Gault Millau – speak for the high quality that is offered to gourmet lovers of gourmet cuisine from all over the world in the gourmet restaurant Ötztaler Stube. The culinary delights are accompanied by over 30,000 bottles of selected wines from Austria and the world’s best wineries.

The extensive pistes extend over a total of 144 km. Skiers and snowboarders will find snow fun for all levels of ability in the multi-faceted World Cup ski area, as well as the longest downhill run in Austria at around 15 kilometres.

Foto ©: Das Central Sölden.

Island Oasis

In the venetian lagoon

Lush gardens, ancient courtyards, a historical church built in the 12th century- the San Clemente Palace Kempinski, previously a monastery, transports its guests on a journey through time.

The history of the San Clemente Island goes back to the 10th century to the time of the crusades. A number of pilgrims came to Venice and waited to begin the journey to the Holy Land. Today guests come to the private island to combine a city trip with a relaxing holiday, romance with culture and history with cuisine.

La Serenissima

The private island San Clemente is referred to as the gateway to the sinking city. Only ten minutes by boat from the Piazza San Marco there are extensive gardens, a church from the 12th century and five-star superior luxury. The San Clemente Palace Kempinski offers over 190 rooms and suites, packaged in a former monastery with antique relicts and the typical, Venetian flair. Mellow, classic decor and traditional high ceilings are elements of Venetian style and reminiscent of historical times. The Kempinski retreat presents its guests with a perfect combination of luxury and centuries of Italian tradition.

The Private Palazzo

The San Clemente Suite is the centrepiece of the San Clemente Palace Kempinski – a living room, a bedroom and two bathrooms for infinite possibilities. The suite is in the former monastery laundry and links historical elements such as open, dark ceiling beams with modern furnishings. Several large panorama windows provide the best possible view of Venice. It can also be extended by the adjacent Navigante suite, with 100 square metres the second largest suite in the hotel, as well as five Navigante Junior suites and the Marco Polo suite, which are also in the same part of the building. The result: a private Palazzo a Venezia that is completely independent from hotel events and still offers all the amenities of a luxury resort.

Culinary delights

The culinary delights are provided in an exquisite selection of typical Italian cuisine: modern, Venetian haute cuisine in the Acquerello, interactive atmosphere in the Insieme or relaxed dining at the pool in La Dolce. Asparagus with truffles, pasta with grilled octopus and Zuppa della Laguna, an Italian fish soup, to name but a few highlights.

Best place to be

ADAM highly recommends a drink at sunset in the hotel’s outdoor area. The breathtaking backdrop, the setting sun above the sinking city presents an almost epic image, which will stay in your memory for a long time. It is simply a privilege to be there! In short: If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Venice, this is your location. The tourists, over 25 million a year, getting channelled through the narrow alleyways, the Piazza San Marco and over the Rialto Bridge will not disturb you here.

Photos Copyrights: Kempinski Venice