The days have barely started to get longer and Hamburg‘s convertible drivers are already folding back the tops of their cars and putting on their sunglasses. And they are not the only ones with a passion for fresh air – vintage racing bike enthusiasts are again showing off their models. The cyclists do not only have a sense of style but can appreciate value too. Because a 40-year old classic from Bianchi, Cinelli or Mercier is a promising investment. If properly maintained, this type of bike can certainly generate a return.

Investing as a sensory experience: biking around town and country on a narrow saddle is not the only way to invest. For one, investment boutiques have good ideas. However, in this regard Adam‘s creed tallies with Warren Buffet’s demand to: „Buy what you know „. And also what suits your personality and your style, one might add. It may be an apartment in the city, which inspires Adam. This could turn out to be an expensive affair as property prices have become extremely high after years of boom– even if the increase in value in today’s and tomorrow’s trend metropoles is expected to continue.

To the example of stocks and shares. In a world with low interest rates, which are likely to continue this year, they promise share price gains and dividends. For friends of the two wheeler that means that solid securities with a good reputation are an alternative to a direct investment in steel bikes. For example the gear and chain specialists Shimano. The shares may be expensive, however the company is free of debt and one of the most renowned in its branch worldwide. An alternative is the Dutch Accel Group, with known brands such as the US classic Ghost and Raleigh. The company makes 50 percent of its turnover with e-bikes, is profitable and pays dividends.

For those, who prefer more powerful bikes, there’s always KTM Industries. The shares from the profitable investment company, to which the motocross specialists KTM and Husqvarna belong, have been listed on the Zurich stock exchange for a few months.

In light of the countless securities and funds reissued daily, identification and affinity provide sound orientation in the investment world of 2017. Perhaps, when Adam met her, Eva was driving a Nissan-Coupé 350 Z – also called Fairlady – and Adam loved it as much as he loved her. He could not do much wrong with the shares from the Japanese company – they are inexpensive, the manufacturer is solid and invests in the automobile world of the future with electro mobility. He would also be safe with the Swiss special chemical stock Clariant. The company developed a designer fuel from straw that, like the electric car, should lower exhaust emissions in Europe in the future. Adam follows his own path with regard to investments. Important for him: his titles have to remain solid. Then he can stay calm, even if he suffers some setbacks, which are not uncommon on the stock market.




Photos Copyrights: Shutterstock,  Illustration:  Manuela Dona