Minimalism is stylish and timeless. The Dutch Interior Brand HKLiving shows that it can also be warm. The two childhood friends Emiel Hetsen and Sander Klaver bring us nordic design with an Asian touch.

Jungle fever in the modern city apartment: The Wall Chart of printed linen-cotton material.

The current collection presents Asian influences in the lamps. These traditional fabric and bamboo lanterns are available in different models.

HKliving places emphasis on natural elements in the kitchen such as wood and tree slices as well as creative glazes on beautiful ceramics.

Sit comfortably so you can spend more time together.

Minimalism stylishly applied – the HKliving living room looks like this. 
The couch can be assembled individually from different elements.

Japanese minimalism and the courage to use unconventional colours make a minor but significant difference.

It’s all in the quantity and of course the style: At HKliving the cushions in different colours and shapes win us over.

Photos Copyrights: HKliving