White sneakers are an absolute must-have if you want to be a trendsetter in the fashion league this season.

What do men wear this season? What is your favourite accessory this winter?

What do men wear this season?

“White sneakers are an absolute must-have if you want to be a trendsetter in the fashion league this season. Whether as slip-on style, inspired by the skater scene, or as low or high top models, all that matters is that they are white, white, white all-over and of course by MICHALSKY. You wear them with black or grey slim-fit jeans, a white shirt and – when it’s a bit colder in autumn – with a black blouson or alternatively a cashmere coat as outer garment. The trendy look is minimalist, preferably black-and-white, and puristic – preppy with a minimalist touch.”

What is your favourite accessory this winter?

“Definitely my Chrome Hearts Keychain. The hip look is clean, fairly unobtrusive and monochrome but in my opinion, an eye- catching accessory is indispensable to express your individual style and to complete the look.”

What will fashion be like in 2016/2017 ?

“Fashion in general is changing. The massive shifts in the sector, the appearance of new, strong market players and the consumers’ changing information behaviour result in new general conditions for us designers. Designers are obliged to continuously reinvent and reposition themselves. From my point of view, the step towards sustainable couture fashion as a strong positioning and statement against the ‘fast-fashion’ trend is the future way in the oversaturated fashion business: High-quality, hand-made and tailored fashion for people who appreciate consistency and quality.”

What is your emotional state like during your fashion show?

“Excitement in combination with incredible happiness. I am a real perfectionist and plan, try out and design everything in advance down to the last detail. But there are some things beyond one’s control – for example a model stumbles or something like that. But knock on wood – everything has gone smoothly so far and the reactions of the guests were exactly as I wished them to be. I think if you stop being excited, something will definitely go wrong and your passion for what you are doing has disappeared. Stage fright is definitely an integral part of a good show.”

Is there a quotation that sums up your lifestyle?

„Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another“- Madonna