Swedish Excellence and the ambition to build the best beds in the world is innate to the people at “Hästens”. The fabulous beds are characterised by natural materials, old-fashioned craftsmanship and the company’s distinctive DNA, the “blue check” pattern.

The world is changing but the dedication to craftsmanship remains. This has been the philosophy at Hästens since its foundation in 1852 and the company has been perfecting its craft for generations in its in-house atelier in Köping, Sweden. The beds are nothing without the established craft and the craft is only as good as those who practice it. Sleep is the most natural thing in the world and this is also the reason why the beds are only manufactured from the same natural materials as in the beginning when the first beds were made: cotton, linen, horsehair and pure wool. Natural materials have a number of advantages for healthy sleep – including the property of supporting and relieving your body so the blood can circulate freely. They simultaneously allow air to circulante around your body, lower the temperature and as such help you to fall asleep quicker and to remain in a state of deep sleep longer.

A work of art in the bedroom
A masterpiece is not the end but a new beginning because at the exact moment when a bed is completed, work begins on the next bed. At Hästens it never stops and this is the reason why the company is also open to new approaches and creative minds of our time driven by inspiration. What would we create if an architect designed a bed or we would take our inspiration from the world of Haute Couture? Or perhaps a designer who is inspired by different cultures from throughout the world? Legendary designs are not achieved by sitting around idly, but by working together on a highly creative level.

Bed manufacture broke new ground when the Canadian designer Ferris Rafauli Wege presented a bed which ranked as one of the most exclusive beds in the world – the Grand Vividus. Rafauli, who is known globally for his innovative projects for luxury apartments, wanted to improve the design of the most comfortable bed in the world, by making it an architectonic statement that would transform any bedroom into a splendid and opulent chamber. With its finest leather, polished wood, nubuck and brass decoration and its elegant architectural lines, the Grand Vividus is showcased as a work of art and majestic focus of every bedroom.

In a world full of dreamers
«It is the master of ultimate luxury. There is no-one who presents the traditions we have at Hästens better than Rafauli», claims Jan Ryde, CEO and fifth generation owner of Hästens. On the occasion of the 170 anniversary of the company this year, the collaboration with Rafauli was continued and a new chapter began in the Hästens history, which is dedicated to the «drēmǝr». Drēmǝr are inspiring people who do more than just dream and lead a conventional life. They are conscious of their inner greatness and make their dreams, both small and large, come true. This is the impetus for the drēmǝr being launched on the market on the day of the anniversary and is simultaneously intended to embody six generations of dreams, achievements, excellence, mission and mastery for the traditional company. Of course this bed was also manufactured with meticulous craftsmanship and completed with unique textiles designed by Ferris Rafauli – the same material used for the Grand Vividus. Rafauli’s basic principle is simple and goes like this, «creations should be timeless but still correspond to our time. My designs play with and arouse the senses in their opulence and extravagance, but remain classical and formal».

Photos Copyrights: Hästens