Timeless, precious and shaped by stories – the boom in Certified Pre-Owned watches.

The demand for luxury watches is exploding; the value of CPO watches has partially multiplied in the past few years. What lies behind this particular fascination with rare models from renowned brands? They are easier to obtain than new watches, the mechanism is impressive, every watch tells its own story and on top of that it is usually also a sound investment. At Bucherer, CPO watches have been in focus for some time. Each week there are highlights on offer on the website with integrated web shop. The Global Head Europe for Pre-Owned watches at Bucherer, Odilo Lamprecht, answered our questions. 

How long have you been working with Pre-Owned watches and which timepiece was number one in your personal collection?
Odilo Lamprecht: I always had a flair for watches but it is only since I began working for Bucherer that I have been actively involved in the field. As there is immediate availability of Certified Pre-Owned watches, I was keen on several models straight away and was able to build up an interesting collection in a short time. 

… is there one watch that you particularly fancy at the moment?
If the passion has already seized you it is difficult to answer this question precisely and conclusively …there are new watches as well as watches from our Certified Pre-Owned portfolio that constantly catch my eye. 

The purchase of a watch – whether it is new or worn – is always an extremely emotional experience. What does the customer get at Bucherer?
The customer can buy both online as well as in our stores. In the boutiques we ensure a very luxurious customer experience. Certified Pre-Owned areas are not only simply sales areas, but also meeting places for all watch enthusiasts, who often meet with like-minded watch lovers for a drink, e.g. at the bar on the second floor of the Zurich Bucherer boutique with a sensational view of Bahnhofstrasse. All Certified Pre-Owned watches are also available in the Bucherer online shop; customers can always discover our changing collections, an exciting and emotional experience that can also arouse the hunting instinct.

How do you at Bucherer guarantee that the customer also gets authenticity? 
All our watches are tested by a certified watchmaker for functionality and authenticity. All watches are completely serviced; access to original spare parts is essential in this process. A two-year international Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned guarantee completes the experience. As such Bucherer’s customers never incur the risk.

Do you think that certified models replace new models? 
Certified Pre-Owned watches are an exciting alternative to new watches.

Is the collection value higher when the customer keeps the original documents and the original box? What is the policy at Bucherer? 
The original documents and box are definitely important. However the condition of the watch is the main factor for determining the price. 

When you think of your target groups, do they prefer stationary trading or the online platform when purchasing a watch? 
Bucherer has several boutiques at top locations, in particular in Switzerland in all major cities, so we can welcome the vast majority of our customers primarily in the stores. In others countries, where Bucherer is not represented as extensively, the online ratio is higher.

The main target group for ADAM THE MAGAZINE is between 25 and 39 years old. How do you appeal to Generation Z in the world of CPO watches? 
Certified Pre-Owned watches are products that basically appeal to all age groups. In the past few weeks we have initiated a dedicated Gen-Z campaign and regularly conduct Gen Z events to get specifically the younger customers enthusiastic about the topic.

So when you say that the millennials are keen on CPO watches, can that be understood as a sustainability topic? 
The positive aspect of luxury watches is that they have been produced for an eternity. In this respect it is self-evident that these products will also be worn across generations. 

Bucherer has opened a Pop-Up-Store with Enea in the luxury department store, Globus, on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. What does Bucherer wish to convey/aim to achieve with this step?
The partnership with Enea is built on the idea of «timeless values». Bucherer and Enea are both family companies and we share the same standards in quality, aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship. Bucherer and Enea want to fuse the past with the present using this consistent vision. Visitors to the Pop-up spaces in Zurich experience the curated selection of unique Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned timepieces, embedded in impressions of an urban garden landscape of the future. Enea has managed to create a spatial platform, a green design oasis in which watch, design and garden enthusiasts can linger and exchange experiences. Community and experience concepts are again in the foreground here.

How do you envisage the future of Certified Pre-Owned?
Bucherer invests a lot of time and effort in this certification to provide customers with a high level of trust in Pre-Owned products. Because this is the only way that the market can continue to survive and grow in the long term. As an official retailer of the leading watch brands we are constantly seeking contact and try to set a new course for the future of Certified Pre-Owned in conjunction with the brands.