Barbequing goes digital

The Swiss national sport is as popular as ever: Cooking in the great outdoors is simply twice as enjoyable. In the coming garden season we will see beautiful designs merging with innovative technology. The new charcoal Booster grill from Röshults for example scores full points with its infrasound technology. Instead of 20 to 30 minutes warm-up time it promises the necessary heat in only 5 to 7 minutes. But above all the barbeque of the future will communicate with us, or rather with our smartphone or tablet … in the latest models numerous parameters, such as temperature and length of cooking time, can be controlled from a convenient distance via Bluetooth and the compatible app. So get barbequing!

Outdoor Living

The trend of the last few years to chillax outdoors continues: The garden is the new living room. Indoors and outdoors merge to one living space. Garden professionals intertwine materials such as wood and stone to a harmonious connection. Lounge furniture, high quality outdoor kitchens and flamboyant light designs transform the green retreat into a personal sanctuary. So take your portable speakers with you and enjoy your garden!

In the name of the rose

The permanent “higher, further, faster” call in our work-orientated society is triggering a countertrend in a number of areas of life. In the garden this means: too much perfection is out. Garden professionals are called upon to give the garden the overall appearance of having grown naturally. This type of garden setting involves a lot of work. The English gardens with their enchanting paths, romantic rose gardens and seemingly wild climbing plants – hiding an occasional rippling well or a small fountain – set a good example. Home grown happiness!

Water is life

What a blessing this cool water! That’s obviously what garden owners are thinking more and more, because the boom in pools and swimming ponds is unbroken. The trend is moving toward natural pools – to chlorine-free swimming pleasure in drinking water quality. Surrounded by natural stone walls or gently curved paving stones, it brings an element of elegance with an added pleasure factor into the garden. Bridges of natural wood intentionally interrupt the overall picture and are used as integrated reclining areas. So put on your trunks and have fun!

Classic autumn

Summer is not the only time we can enjoy the green living room: The Mediterranean way of life has become part of native gardens. Even at somewhat cooler temperatures the outdoor pleasure is popular: Thick fur and blankets keep the autumn champagne drinkers warm and winter barbeques are experiencing a veritable boom. And the cosy, warm whirlpool helps you relax completely at frosty temperatures. It’s good to enjoy life to the full!

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Photos Copyrights: Hauser Gärten, Gärten & Pools Sven Studer, Depositphotos