Ski tours in the Norwegian Lyngen Alps – it is a moment to fall to your knees. The beauty of nature can hardly be expressed in words. Sensory impressions that are actually indescribable. I’ll try it anyway.

Mighty snowcapped mountain ranges elevate from the ice-blue fjord arms. From 0 to 2000 meters – one way to describe the ascent of the white giants in altitude. The sun brings forth the most beautiful glittering of snow crystals and at the same time transforms the inhospitable Nordic sea into a gentle surface. I gaze in awe – and simply cannot get enough of this view before me.

Our ski tour guide knows the area like the back of his hand. Every day a different mountain, a new experience. I feel safe but still maintain a high level of respect. Nature claims its sacrifices, if you do not comply with the rules of the game. We glide downwards through unspoiled slopes and perfect powder snow. What an indescribable feeling of freedom, with the glittering view of the fjords constantly in view. If I had to describe happiness, then it would look like this.

You hear… nothing! Silence, that is so quiet that this «Non sound» really stands out. On the endless straight roads you do not meet another car for kilometers. I relish the expanse and solitude – and the chance to switch my brain, which is otherwise constantly set to output mode, to «Stand-by» even away from the virgin deep snow slopes

The sea is cold. Ice cold. Even in summer the water temperature does not exceed 11 degrees Celsius here. Hardened sauna lovers are not put off by this fact and go in for a short dip. Occasionally a small harbor with ocean-going fishing cutters adorns the long shore of a fjord tongue. I close my eyes and a mix of cold snow air and fresh sea fish reaches my nose…

I am lucky and on a clear night the light is shown from its most beautiful side: The northern lights draw their green trails in the sky. An exceptional spectacle of nature, a heavenly dance. I experience the people as direct and uncomplicated as the nature around me. The Norwegians are helpful and friendly. House doors are left unlocked, no one steals. Beautiful and calming, that – especially in these times – there is still something resembling an «intact world».