Tips from the interior designers Doris Ambühl and Martin Piffer from Roomdresser

Pure structures and discreet colours tend to be predominant in male apartments. Do men and women furnish differently? This is actually the case. Men prefer less mixes of material and form. The trend is towards clear statements with contrast, beautiful leather, warm metals and dark wood. Features are emphasised with only a few, however, spectacular highlights such as a light sculpture, artwork or a special solitary piece.

Retro inspiration from the 70s has been influencing furniture design for years. Is the classic armchair a “Must” or a “No-Go” in a male dwelling? We consider it a “Must”. If it is positioned right, as a solitary piece, it is a real eye-catcher. There are terrific upholstery fabrics, which can be combined with piping as a contrast or beautiful soft leather to retrieve the atmosphere of the smoking room. Whether you choose an old piece and reupholster it or a newly interpreted design, you are increasing the character of the living room.

Opinions tend to differ on the subject of wall colour. Some can do without it completely, for others it’s indispensable. What do the professionals say? Wall colours are an essential interior design element when combined with other materials. It’s not necessary to have a striking colour. For example dark wall colours emphasise everything that is positioned in front of it perfectly. If you are apprehensive, you can reach for the “non colours”, these create a cosy ambiance and make hard, cold materials appear softer.

Motifs and patterns on the walls are becoming increasingly popular. Is wallpaper now finally acceptable? Wallpaper is definitely back! In contrast to wall colours it also provides the chance to give the room a structure, a style or even a piece of art. From textile wallpaper, which makes everything warmer and cosier, to hand-painted silk wallpaper that is customised to suit the wall, there are endless splendid possibilities.

Mit einem sicheren Gespür für Form, Farbe und das richtige Objekt bieten die beiden Einrichtungsprofis seit 2008 massgeschneiderte Lösungen für ihre Kunden.

A carpet can have a staid and conservative effect or it can give the room that certain something. What should we look out for? Size, material and colour are decisive when choosing a carpet. Carpets that are too small appear lost. The most important pieces of furniture should fit onto it. A round form is often advantageous for example in a more square room, as it forms an island. We recommend natural materials such as wool, silk or leather. But again, a beautifully patterned carpet can make a statement or a simple version can create more comfort – depending on your needs.



Photos Copyrights: Roomdresser