For people in the south of Switzerland, a good meal is the perfect combination or regional food paired with wine that was also pressed in Ticino. The traditional winery «Terreni alla Maggia» has therefore laid the perfect foundation with the new brand «Cantina alla Maggia».

Nothing goes better with polenta than a good wine. The same is true for risotto. And all three are best enjoyed in the Ticino sun. Thanks to this, the ingredients are perfectly ripened. This has regularly been part of the agenda of the «Cantina alla Maggia» winery since 1930. Today, wine, rice and corn are passionately grown on almost 100 hectares between Ascona, Locarno and the Magadino plain. The only thing that has changed now is the name. The agricultural business was once called «Terreni alla Maggia».

«With the new brand Cantina alla Maggia, we are emphasising the dedication with which we care for our vineyards and produce our wines,» says Simon V. Jenny. And the Director of the «Cantina alla Maggia», «Terreni alla Maggia» and the «Castello del Sole Beach Resort & Spa» adds: «The new appearance of the wines and especially the wine labels reflect the excellence of our wines. It is a tribute to our growth and is an expression of the quality efforts of our employees in recent years.»

Enjoy originality

The vines currently take up around 11.5 hectares of the total cultivated area, with a diverse variety of grapes. Starting with the traditional Merlot and ending with Bondola, an indigenous grape variety from Ticino, the taste portfolio is challenging. And of course the grappa should be mentioned also, three varieties are produced every year. Plus the aforementioned corn and rice production. It’s hard to know where to start sampling.

The products are sold in our own store directly in Ascona. The «Enoteca Alimentare» also offers tours, tastings and events. But it’s also worth asking in your favourite restaurant, because the products from «Cantina alla Maggia» and «Terreni alla Maggia» are in demand throughout Switzerland when it comes to fine dishes and tasty accompaniments.