man with demanding objectives, feel and know-how

man with demanding objectives, feel and know-how.

What does it mean to be a CEO of a family-owned company?

It is an honour and an unparalleled privilege that I may contribute to the longstanding success of the Bucherer family. The history and tradition of this family-owned company have fascinated and inspired me right from the start. I not only convey this enthusiasm to my team but also live it myself. Just like the values for which Carl F. Bucherer stands: Continuity, passion, independence and technical perfection. That is what we strive for every day. The nice thing is that new, very diverse challenges consistently await me. Jörg G. Bucherer is a shining example. He is an extremely intelligent man and an excellent mentor. I am very lucky that I can work with him.


As a CEO, you often have to develop new corporate strategies. How does one know which one is the right strategy? Or is there something like a “feel” for the right direction?

To recognise the right strategy, one needs not only the feel and knowledge but also experience. My sector knowledge and my career to date obviously help me but really important is not only my personal experience but also the expertise of the Carl F. Bucherer company. The experience gained in Carl F. Bucherer’s success story that started more than 125 years ago – that is the direction in which we continue. It is important to me that we also retain the values of Carl F. Bucherer in the future and further enhance and communicate the brand essence.

When I started as CEO of Carl F. Bucherer in 2010, I set myself the objective of strengthening the brand permanently and substantially increasing the sales of our precision timepieces. We have achieved that. A large contribution to that was made by our large network that we established with long-trusted and new partners. My team has in many respects not only fulfilled my expectations but exceeded them by far. Only as an example: We have managed to increase the annual sales of 6,500 timepieces to 25,000.

What does “leadership” mean to you?

What is important to me is to set myself demanding objectives and to show my team a clear direction. To me, good “leadership” means the objective-oriented work in and with the team in order to jointly go a successful way. That includes keeping promises and working with heart and soul towards a joint goal. Passing on my enthusiasm and knowledge is important to me. Mistakes must be accepted and permitted because they are the most important learning elements for everyone. It is important in that respect that you set a good example by remaining loyal to your own principles.

Can one’s own identity be separated from that of the company or is it even decisive for the success?

The values of the company certainly play a special role. It is not sufficient to convey them to others; to be able to successfully manage a company it is important that you can identify yourself with its values and live them yourself. Decisive is not a single person. It is the entire team thatmakes it possible to be continuously successful.

Is the watch increasingly becoming the status symbol for a man?

A watch is not just an item of use. A timepiece can express and even emphasise the individuality of the wearer. It can often be seen that especially mechanical watches have a great emotional value for the wearer. Many timepieces are worn over generations and passed on from father to son. These watches are not just something that shows the time, they are an everyday companion and an expression of the wearer’s style. Items surrounded by history.

What does a CFB watch mean to today’s man?

Our timepieces are intended to be worn by people who go their own way. The typical Carl F. Bucherer wearer wants a watch that is unique and that he does not want tonregularly see on someone else’s wrist. The watch chosen by such customer is an expression of his personality, his quisite style. Carl F. Bucherer customers individual taste and his feel for an exalso place great importance on excellent quality – on quality combined with innovative engineering, traditional craftsmanship and an exceptional design. Such customer is not easily satisfied because he expects only the best – from himself, from the things with which he surrounds himself and above all the watch that interests him.

What can we look forward to in the followingnmonths?

We will present wonderful new timepieces that will astonish our customers. We intend to further develop our collections and present the next generation of fantastic complications and beautiful ladies’ watches.This year, we will also celebrate the anniversary of the PATRAVI TravelTec family with the launch of a new model: the impressive PATRAVI TravelTec II. The exceptional combination of the three time zones display and that of the chronograph is now available in a distinct, slightly larger case and with clearer dial design. We are also proud to be able to announce that we participate in the “Only Watch” auction, a charity auction to the benefit of muscular dystrophy research, the patron of which is Prince Albert of Monaco. Selected luxury brands around the world have been invited to design a unique watch, an absolute one-off, which will be auctioned to watch lovers and collectors in Geneva in November. Carl F. Bucherer has created a unique special edition of the MANERO ChronoPerpet al in white gold