The past few months have been shaped by a particularly challenging situation. Initially I felt I was locked away and could only think of getting out! Therefore, the first travel experience again should be well thought out. My only thought: headfirst into PURELife.

In my world, everything that happens always has a positive side as well. The “isolated year” inspired me to contemplate what is really important to me. And the answer is crystal clear: I am important to me. So my attractive companion and I booked into one of the PURESLeben premium houses in the beautiful Austrian Südsteiermark. Dietmar Silly and his brother Gerald have created a veritable dream hideaway. Twelve old winegrowers‘ houses were removed and lovingly reconstructed on beautiful mountainsides with a breathtaking view. Furnished with a fireplace, panorama sauna, pool and in the style of PURESLeben, the houses are the perfect location to get back in touch with oneself. No hectic distractions, but the force of breathtaking nature enticed us to take romantic strolls. Our Tablets, TV and social networks were immaterial and we instead enjoyed good conversation over a delicious dinner, which was delivered to the house. The comfortable sofa in the bay window quickly became the favourite spot and my mobile was exchanged for an exciting book. We lit the open fire, which could be seen from both the living room and the bath in the neighbouring room, every night. I found myself exploring the course natural wooden wall with my fingertips, as the look of the materials used was fascinating. Charming details and old tools as a decoration inspired me to redesign my own garden shed. Simply the sight of my loved one exchanging her stressful working life for a relaxing and pleasurable time for several days in „Stadl Wuggitz“ confirmed that it had been the right decision to start the new travel period after the pandemic in a „PURESLeben“ house. These PURESLeben houses bring you back to your own SELFat the highest level.

The south Styrian wine route is particularly enchanting during mid-season in spring and autumn. Maybe we can buy the highest level of quality on holiday, but the heart and love that the Silly brothers have put into their houses can only be found. If you love yourself, you should enjoy Pure Life!

5 reasons for PURESLeben:

  • The Silly family has managed with the premium, superbly located houses to create an unspoilt destination that is unrivalled and consistently places the guest at the heart of their focus
  • The Silly family provides service of the highest level
  • They are synonymous with quality and conduct sustainable management
  • They work with products from their own agricultural sources or acquire food from selected organic, regional partners
  • They are passionate hosts and fulfil your heart’s desire

Fotos: PURESLeben , Günter Standl, Vera Prinz