Johnny Depp has been melting women’s hearts for almost 40 years.

Johnny be good!

Johnny Depp – One of a kind

Johnny Depp has been melting women’s hearts for almost 40 years. Women forgive him everything they usually don’t like in a man. Alcohol. Mumbling. Silver teeth. Yes, even his torn jackets. Why? Because Johnny Depp is Johnny Depp.

In 1987, “21 Jump Street” brings him fame. For 82 episodes, Johnny Depp plays the role of Officer Tom Hanson. His leaving the show means its demise. Depp’s own career takes off with his role as Edward Scissorhands and he is celebrated as best newcomer for his performance as Ed Wood in Tim Burton’s eponymous, Academy- award-winning masterpiece.

That same year, he ventures to portray the eternal lady killer Don Juan DeMarco. A perfect role for the actor who always looks lost in thought. Don Juan, the irresistible heartbreaker, falls in love and suffers. His crush doesn’t want him. The performance gives him exposure, publicity; but over the course of his career, Depp increasingly avoids these kinds of roles. Depp feels more comfortable playing the outsider. Because, as Depp said, there is a certain amount of yourself in any part you play. Otherwise it’s not acting but lying.

Having grown up without roots, Depp drops out of school to play in garage bands. He makes the switch to acting after Nicolas Cage advises him to do so during a visit to Los Angeles. Success brings drug problems and emotional problems. For a while, Johnny Depp lives like a lost rock star. Vanessa Paradis, the former French Lolita, helps him clean up his act. She gives him a family, and a home. Above all, she makes sacrifices and allows him to keep doing what he does best: to enthral movie viewers all over the world.

.Since then, Johnny Depp has become one of the most versatile actors in the industry. With Captain Jack Sparrow from the “Pirates of The Caribbean” series (his favourite role), he created his own legend and made a final departure from the “pretty boy” label. He has also proven that he’s one of the best in what he does, if not the leader of the pack. A natural, he staggers around wearing make-up and never stumbles. He plays the ice-cold serial killer (Sweeney Todd) with the same passion that he plays the misanthropic chocolate factory owner (Willy Wonka). His facial expressions border on the absurd, but are actually great art.

Depp’s love for quirky roles and his boldness in performing them have made him an outsider applauded by both critics and audiences. An outsider who will always receive film offers. Johnny Depp is no exchangeable “meat puppet.” He is one of the last big stars.

On 3 February of this year, the 52-year-old married his far younger and extremely attractive co-star from “The Rum Diary,” Amber Heard. This may have caused an image problem for any other man in Hollywood. But not Johnny Depp. Why? Because Johnny Depp is Johnny Depp.

Something to look forward to: On 26 May 2016, Johnny Depp will be in cinemas in German-speaking Switzerland with “Alice through the Looking Glass.”