The artwork «Right Here, Right Now» is a pleasure for all the senses. An impressive thank you from the Danish artist Jeppe Hein for the «carte blanche» at the Maison Ruinart.  

It is old and beautiful. The first of its kind: the Maison Ruinart. The house of Champagne opened its doors for the first time in 1729. The landlord was Nicolas Ruinart. His uncle, the monk Dom Thierry Ruinart had told him of the «Wine with pearls». He had had his first contact with it during his time in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés abbey. Popular among young noblemen and women and at the aristocratic courts, it still lacked a name at this time, but had abundant connoisseurs. Nicolas recognized the potential of the pearl wine. As however at that time there was still a ban dictating that the transport of wine was restricted exclusively to barrels, he had to be patient with realizing his concept – the Maison Ruinart. In 1728 the time was ripe; wine could be transported in bottles effective immediately. And Nicolas laid the foundation stone of a now almost 300 year old success story.

ort von Wein ausschliesslich auf Fässer beschränkte, musste er mit der Umsetzung seiner Idee – der Maison Ruinart – warten. Im Jahr 1728 war es dann so weit, ab sofort durfte Wein in Flaschen transportiert werden. Und Nicolas legte den Grundstein einer nun fast 300 Jahre andauernden Erfolgsgeschichte. 

An artistic production

To honor the house and keep the family heritage alive, Ruinart issues contemporary artists today with a so-called «Carte blanche» once a year. The intention is both a challenge and an aspiration that an artist confronts the theme of the Maison Ruinart, the unique history of the brand and the exclusivity of the Champagne in their own specific manner. This year the Danish artist, living in Berlin, Jeppe Hein, received the card. And he skillfully displayed his artistic flair. Sun, earth, water and air – Champagne could not be produced without these four elements. They therefore became Hein’s source of  inspiration for the artwork «Right Here, Right Now» created specifically for Ruinart. His words on the subject: «It is important to me that my art helps people to understand who they are and where they are going, but also how they can be present in the here and now. Because with our hectic lifestyle we sometimes forget to enjoy the moment and to experience it consciously.»

An exclusive exchange with kindred spirits

The result is, strictly speaking, not a finished work of art but an installation that inspires the observer to participate. It unfolds the different steps in Champagne production and invites you to use your conscious, pleasurable perception. The scent of a Chardonnay blossom, raisins to touch, large boards in different shapes and colors on which the visitors can leave their ideas in chalk. Hein says himself he would like to encourage dialogue. He would like to develop Nicolas‘ idea of creating a place for interaction and a meeting point – Maison Ruinart – from an artist’s perspective. As did his predecessors, Jaume Plensa, Liu Bolin, Vik Muniz and David Shrigley. Hein‘s work can also be experienced at other locations, including at Art Basel, the Frieze London and the Gallery Weekend in Berlin. Since its debut at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris in April 2022 the installation has been travelling the globe, enticing us to join in an exclusive and pleasurable interconnection. 

Photos Copyrights: Mathieu BONNEVIE, Strempel Photography