A legend reaches a new level. Breathe in the fragrance, sense the change. Being a man also means having the scent of a man. Or in other words: It means having the scent of Invictus Platinum.

«Invictus» is synonymous with masculinity. Fragrant, purpose-fulfilling, triumphant masculinity. As early as 2013, Paco Rabanne launched the first fragrance bearing his name onto the market. A powerful fragrance that attracted fans and fame worldwide. A scent that combines audacity, self-confidence and determination. But time passes and things change. A good reason for the French fashion house to «shake things up» and to «experiment to the limits, to change mentalities». The perfume «Invictus Platinum» is therefore not simply a new edition; it translates the irreverent spirit and the colorful facets of Paco Rabanne into a modern and new world of sensuality.

The content makes all the difference

«Each new product is like telling a new story », says Domitille Michalon-Bertier, who was already responsible for the fragrances «Invictus Legend» and «Invictus Victory». «And Invictus Platinum encapsulates a real, impressive signature fragrance that leaves an unforgettable resonance – a scent that is both spontaneous and natural.» Ingredients such as absinthe, mugwort as well as balsam fir and oak moss plus a hint of patchouli create a unique mix, which – according to the maker – «produces an aromatic, almost cold scent with a metallic effect ». A floral undertone is added with the complementary duo of cypress and lavender. A veritable masterpiece and a piece of art. 

The best version possible

In conjunction with the director Airton Carmignani, Paco Rabanne has also given «Invictus» visual and modern rebranding. Although it would be more fitting to say that it has been raised spectacularly and with prominent support to a new and extremely high visual level. The star of the new visual campaign, of the really impressive film for the new fragrance is Jalen Green. An NBA star, 20 years old, whose motto is «to become the best version of myself for myself ». These bold and courageous words reflect the discourse about the new «Invictus». It is about going to the limits and, as the name suggests, becoming invincible and as such unique. Or to conclude with the words of Domitielle Michalons-Bertier: «We must enjoy the pleasures of life in every single moment.»