One Nature Nyaruswiga

The Nyaruswiga Safari Camp nestles in the African outback in Tanzania. Ideally
situated in the heart of the Serengeti, it offers a breath-taking view of boundless plains, surrounded by the majestic Nyaruswiga hills.

This unique destination is home to an almost surreal setting – for the rich diversity and millions of migratory African wild animals that traverse the expanse of the Serengeti plains every year. he Nyaruswiga Safari Camp sets new standards for an exciting Luxury-Safari-Camp-Dimension. Each of the 13 luxury tents is equipped with a four-poster bed, its own bathroom and a spacious veranda. The camp leaves nothing to be desired. ADAM talked to Hani Saliba, Chief Executive Officer, One Nature Hotels & Resorts, about luxury and sustainability.

Mr Saliba, your resort has redefined the standard of luxury in the African safari world – what sets you apart from other resorts?

One Nature Nyaruswiga is not only super luxurious but is also constructed exclusively from the best, ethically justifiable materials. The resort is smart and only reliant on our solar-hybrid energy system. It boasts an outstanding design and has been developed with the commitment to being the best camp in the world, using exclusively the best materials, technology and procedures. We are particularly proud of the attention to detail, a highly discernible feature of One Nature Nyaruswiga. Even the smallest item in the camp has been perfected over a long period. Everything from the smallest accessory to the largest piece of furniture has been manufactured or purchased from environmentally friendly and sustainable sources. However, we don’t consider ourselves in competition with other camps, but as a standard and incentive for others to follow our example.

In all honesty: Can you be environmentally friendly and luxurious at the same time?

Yes! We have proven that in our Nyaruswiga Camp and we are now committed to guaranteeing that all One Nature Resorts are proof that luxury, environmental friendliness and sustainability go hand in hand. That is our primary objective and is one of the company’s core values.

What is your exact contribution to sustainability and how do you put it into practice?

We can talk about the reduction of our carbon footprint, our state-of-the-art solar parks or about all our recyclable and ethically irreproachable materials, which we use. In general we believe that we make the greatest impact when we embody for others what we can do with regard to sustainability, either within their own four walls or in a company. When our guests become aware that we take these matters seriously, when they hear our presentations, they too will see how easy it is – and what a high level of quality presents itself when we live an environmentally friendly life … One Nature Nyaruswiga is real, you can touch sustainability, see and comprehend how resource-saving furniture, ecological paper, solar parks and energy-saving lights work and how it is when glass bottles are filled directly in the hotel. Guests can immerse themselves in these experiences and feel connected – this is a true incentive to follow our example. One Nature Hotels & Resorts advocate the ethos that we do not own the earth but are guardians for future generations.

Green Luxury

One Nature Hotels & Resorts is a luxurious boutique hotel group, which is represented worldwide at the most exotic destinations offering incomparable natural experiences – driven by the passion of playing a part in a positive change in the world. Every One Nature-Resort shows its guests what an authentic natural experience feels like in a genuinely natural way, without sacrificing a high level of service and luxury.





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