Men are even sexier in summer than in winter, with ‘sexier’ not being a verb of course. However it does not take much to make a man really attractive: a little bare skin, a little taste and, of course, a little thirst for adventure. That is from a woman’s point of view. Unfortunately, many men believe that sex and summer are mainly achieved with components like ‘grilled sausage’ and ‘pork collar steak in barbecue sauce’.  I know, these are harsh words but women find greasy sausage fingers that try to reach out for them about as attractive as the idea of having a discussion about the best barbecue charcoal lighter. The nasty griller also tends to keep sauce leftovers in the corner of his mouth and smell too much of garlic butter. What I want to say is: Getting a woman into bed with a barbecue does not work.  Women cannot be impressed by explaining the grilling procedure (“Hey, have you never heard of a smoker? That is really complicated!” If you say so.) Instead, fill a nice picnic basket filled with salads and appetising sandwiches and drive to a nice fruit tree orchard where the bees are humming! That scores points! Especially as it is also more  exciting to succumb to a man’s charm in a secluded orchard than in the home garden where the farting next-door neighbour repeatedly looks over the fence. You can then still ignite a small fire in the evening (of course only in places where it is permitted) after having collected wood yourself. THAT is manly. Well, that’s my opinion.




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