Speaking to a new global generation of leaders and professionals and inspiring them to express their full potential as they navigate through life lead by passion..
To follow what moves you is to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Because it isn’t just about human achievement – it’s about human potential.

If you do what you love and pursue what you’re passionate about, it will take you to the right place and help you live a life of meaning. By following your own inner ambitions, outward success will follow. Montblanc introduces Stan Wawrinka as its new mark maker. The partnership underscores the Maison’s focus on celebrating the exceptional individuals who give new meaning to the pursuit of success in the 21st century. Tennis champion Stan Wawrinka is known for his unrelenting determination as a tennis professional, often beating the odds to become a 3-time Grand Slam Winner, 16 Tournament Title Holder and an Olympic Champion. He embodies the values of those who are changing the face of what success means today – an unrelenting passion for what he does, a willingness to make things happen paired with an inspirational mind-set that makes him stand out.

“Stan Wawrinka is the epitome of that what it means to overcome adversity, and achieve greatness both on the court and off the court. He is determined in his pursuit of being the best he can be, but it’s always driven by a higher purpose and the love of what he does. We are delighted to be partnering with him to share his journey inspire others to achieve their own purpose,” says Delphine Favier, Managing Director Montblanc Switzerland.

“Montblanc became part of my professional and personal life years ago as their products are real life-companions and I am delighted to integrate the Mark-Maker family. The brand’s continuous search for excellence and reliability matches my values and overall attitude: I’m trying to be the best player I can be and push myself to my limits thanks to my passion for tennis,” says Stan Wawrinka.

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