Mediterranean, spicy or sensual - the new attractants score high in versatility. If you want to be a successful seducer, you need more than the power of persuasion. In the end, the nose decides, ultimately we are ruled by pheromones. But we humans play a skillful olfactory trick on nature by using perfume. The current
The Tomcat strikes back. I am officially coming out as a vintage car freak – yes, I have succumbed to my passion for classic vehicles. The feeling when the adrenaline that has accumulated during the day on Tuscany’s winding roads gives way to well-earned fatigue in the evening is priceless. I am quite simply a
PROFESSION: RACING DRIVER. If you have not heard of Karl Wendlinger, please rest assured that is quite typical. The Austrian Racing Driver began his career over 30 years ago, proving exceptionally talented. And exceptionally silent. He never made a big fuss about himself.  That is really too bad. May we introduce: Karl Wendlinger. A modern
Two germans are causing a worldwide sensation with their mobile bank "N26". In only four years, they have managed to go from startup to international top player. The trick: You take control of all finances in real time using one single app. Once upon a time there were two frustrated friends. Valentin and Maximilian were
HYDRA RESIST PHYTO COMPLEX Everyone has 24 hours in a day, and yet sometimes that isn’t enough, especially for men! A demanding work life, sports activities, going out with friends, a busy private life, difficult mornings… Men’s skin is sorely tested and can become dehydrated easily due to lifestyle habits, shaving, and other daily external
„I am an actor and a musician. Simultaneously, each in its own way, I am equally passionate about both.“ Why does someone, who has just had a dream career start in acting meet up to cry? The brighter and the darker sides of life have a close connection for Daniel Donskoy. The artist’s last 10
The HOME PROJECT collection is a celebration of design excellence, discreet and measured elegance, conceived to stand the test of time. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Alivar, the HOME PROJECT line has now been extended with new furniture and complements, designed for the living room or the bedroom, made with raw materials and components that are 100% Italian. The