There has always been a very special bond between Beyer Watches and Jewellery and the Genevan watch manufacturer Patek Philippe. A limited series of 25 timepieces, which Patek Philippe designed on the occasion of Beyer’s 225 year anniversary, bears witness to this relationship. After 30 years, one of these rare watches has found its way back to Beyer.

The long-established Zurich based company Beyer Watches and Jewellery, founded in 1760, has always been one of the top addresses in the antique and vintage watch sector, far beyond the Swiss borders. Tradition, a love of valuable timepieces, expertise and longstanding partnerships have formed the basis for their success. One of these partnerships, going back to the middle of the 19th century, is with the exclusive timepiece manufacturer Patek Philippe; the two companies have worked together practically from the outset. It is the longest business relationship to date for both partners, ennobled in 2011 with the only store of its kind in Switzerland, the retailer-run Beyer’s Patek-Philippe-Boutique on Bahnhofstrasse 31 in Zurich.

A golden hommage

EIn 1885 the limited series of 25 timepieces for Beyer’s 225 year anniversary paid special homage to the long-standing business partnership between the two Zurich companies. Patek Philippe designed a limited edition on this occassion – a new and uniquely flat automatic watch with the intricacy of a perpetual calendar with moon phase and 24-hour display. The exclusive timepiece with Ref. 3940 and made of 750 solid gold bore the retailer signature „Beyer“ on the dial and at the six o’clock position the limited edition number between 1 and 25. The month and weekday information was in the German language on watches numberred 1 to 15 and in the English language on watches numberred 16 to 25.

The number 5 returns

While the Number 7, the symbol for the „Seventh generation of Beyer“, was presented to Theodor Beyer and can be viewed today in the Beyer watch museum, in the past few years only the Number 8 watch made its way back to Beyer in 2007 and the Number 18 in 2013.

Then this year there was a real sensation when Beyer was able to acquire another of these rare watches; the Number 5
in the series, proven by the hand-engraved inscription„Patek Philippe No 77005 Fabriquée pour le 225ème anniversaire de Beyer à Zürich 1760 – 1985“ on the solid gold snap-in back. The special thing about this timepiece is the complete documentation provided thanks to the first owner. The elegant mahagony box with an embedded anniversary plaque does not only contain the original invoices and the personal letter from Theodor Beyer, but also all press articles on the watch from the year 1985 and a large advertisement printed in the NZZ newspaper on Beyer’s 225th anniversary. A complete, exclusive package, which promises to set some watch collectors‘ hearts racing.

Watches with soul and history

Beyer Watches and Jewellery has been specialising in antique and vintage watches since 1965. Many of the rare timepieces have an extract from the manufacturer’s archives. Before a watch is presented to the new owner, the watchmakers test it in Beyer’s in-house atelier. And of course the expert for vintage watches, Jürgen Delémont, provides support during development, upgrading, purchase or in the procurement of complete watch collections.

Photos Copyrights: Dave Nauli