The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz was completely re-designed in 2019. However it has remained true to its philosophy of focusing completely on the individual in every single aspect and to its innovative and elegant character.  

We’re in the year 1242. Several men discover a warm water source when hunting in the Tamina gorge. Subsequent inspections show that the water springing from the mountain is exactly 36.5° degrees. The monks in the nearby Benedictine abbey attribute a healing effect to the water and consequently lay the foundation stone for a spa and healing tradition that has now been in existence for a number of centuries. Today in the year 2022 the source is still gushing and has lost none of its healing power. 

Good, better, Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz in the Eastern part of Switzerland is synonymous with nature, health, and regeneration; it is also full of culinary delights. All in all the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers a stylish experience of the very highest standards. The seven restaurants at the resort boast a total of 76 Gault Millau Points and five Michelin Stars. They have also been distinguished with the accolades «Hotel of the Year 2021» or «Best Spa Hotel in Switzerland ». And in particular the unique and exclusive in-house combination of healing, prevention and self-discovery, created by experts in the medical, hotel and cuisine sector, can only be experienced at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. 

Live your best life

The NEWYOU method is the quintessence of the longstanding health philosophy at the Grand resort: Healing, relaxation and an exceptional, delightful experience. It is the modern and innovative answer to traditionally successful healing and treatment procedures. Because the term health has been re-defined for today. «It is about much more than simply the absence of illness», as Stefan Küpfer, Medical Director at the Bad Ragaz Health Center, says. The new method has been developed in conjunction with his team and the health team at Resort Bad Ragaz. Avoiding illnesses, but primarily sustainably increasing life quality, that is the objective of the NEWYOU Method. 

Be conscious of what you eat

And the focus is directed above all towards the factor of nutrition. Food is an experience, lifestyle and a compass at the same time. The chef de cuisine at «verve by sven» – the health and lifestyle restaurant at the resort – is Sebastian Titz. The young chef fully guarantees that not only organic and high-quality produce is prepared but foremost healthy food that has been produced sustainably. He does not compromise on taste. Careful preparation ensures genuine flavors, homemade products accentuate the specialties and the focus is on the overall experience. And just as one should always consider people from a health point of view as a whole, the kitchen staff at «verve by sven» does not only use parts of food. «Nose to tail & Leaf to root» is the motto that Titz consistently practices and lives with his team. 

Tradition as a guarantee for the future

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is built on tradition, but consistently re-defines it. Surprising, because one can build on long-term experience. In the same way the source has been gushing for centuries, the resort has been the perfect place for a retreat, relaxation or a new beginning for over 15 decades.