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Even for a tomcat like me, life is not always a bed of roses, but now and then a warning call gives you an incentive to get your life back on track and to achieve something great.

For some time now I have been numbing my everyday boredom with online shopping. On that fateful morning Adam was outraged and said that all his credit cards had been blocked, as apparently some crazy hacker had plundered his account. And until the matter had been resolved he would have to manage with cash, which he would have to get from the bank, like in the Stone Age. “There will be trouble if the tomcat has something to do with this”, he mumbled, while he hurriedly disappeared on a business trip lasting a few days. He was barely out the door when a desperate cry rang through the house. So, my little hobby had been found out. I had no income; I was as broke as a tomcat can be. ->

Sighing, with the burden of a disillusioned friendship on my shoulders, I shuffled to the window and starred into the garden. An ant trail had formed along the patio. They crawled in rank and file as if remote controlled and dragged all kinds of ballast on their delicate bodies. I would have to work, like an undignified stray; this thought went through my mind, while cold sweat froze on my forehead. But what?
Lost in thought I browsed through the newspaper, the Stone Age hard copy, towards the job advertisements. One headline caught my attention: Use your resources! Second Hand and Vintage are this year’s trends! How you can earn money with your wardrobe.
Second Hand sounded like museum, Vintage sounded a little fresher and resources were almost like music to my ears. Somehow more profitable.

With one dynamic bound I jumped to the laptop and typed “Vintage fashion for sale” into the friendly flashing search field. Seconds later I got to a platform that specialised in the purchase and sale of all kinds of brand stuff. We had accumulated more than enough brand stuff; it was only a matter of enhancing the treasure.
In the following hours I blustered through the house like a tomcat possessed, fishing out trench coats, intolerable shirts, shoes, fragrances, bags and several exquisite watches that had been slumbering in pretty little boxes to build a gigantic Vintage resources mountain.
What can I say, business boomed. The crowd was obviously crazy about this stuff. And it only took a few clicks from the living room. “Tomcat-Vintage”, immediately enjoyed an excellent reputation and as I had more or less sold everything that was superfluous, I bought and sold what the market demanded. ->

With a splendid profit, I’d like to add. After only two days I had earned so much that I was able to transfer a considerable sum onto Adam‘s account and the cleaning lady was putty in my paws, after I had bribed her with a chic Chanel bag and had offered her a raise for the extra work posting the parcels. I had become an extremely successful entrepreneur with just a few clicks.
At the end of the week Adam returned home radiant from his business trip and reported that his account had been completely balanced again. “The guy must have had a guilty conscience or he won the lottery ”, he said happily whistling to himself.
“Probably lottery”, I replied and crept on soft soles to my place at the window. I suddenly heard Adam‘s weak voice echoing from the empty walk-in closet: “Oh God, why is everything empty?”
“Maybe burglars”, I guessed full of sympathy and observed the industrious ants hard at work.

Copyrights: Manuela Dona