His father is from Finnland and Nico was born in Wiesbaden and grew up in Monaco so he feels as a German. After all, German was spoken at home, and his mother Sina is also from Germany. Rosberg also has Finnish citizenship, but he always ran with a German license in motorsport. Speed is in his genes. Finally, Papa Keke won the World Championship title with Williams in only one victory in 1982 and returned to the Grand Prix victories and 114 starts at the end of 1986. When Nico made it to him in his seventh year at the Mercedes factory in 2016, he retired from the active motorsport a week later.

1. What significance does success have for you?
It`s really important to me. I live for racing and success in racing. Every day I think about how I can win. I am determined and committed.

2. How do you want to be remembered for?
As a guy who gave the F1-Fans emotion and magic moments…

3. Your favourite moment?
My wedding and the birth of my daughter.

4. What is your personal motto?
Stay positive and never give up.

5. What makes Nico Rosberg happy?
My family. I have the most awesome wife and the cutest daughter. Being a father is a wonderful experience and it makes me happy.

6. How do you define your style?
My style is quite classic and relaxed, casual but elegant. I prefer to wear Jeans or Chinos paired with sneakers and a nice classic shirt.

7. What do you need to become a good F1-driver?
The ability to focus totally on what you are doing. For all of the guys who have made it to Formula One, it is one of our stregths. It is partyl down to experience but I also think we are born with it.

8. What is your favourite piece from the current BOSS collection?
For a more casual style I really like the outerwear, such as the bomber jackets in a dark leather or khaki green.

9. … and what do you like most from the BOSS designs?
I love the perfectly fitted suits and high quality materials they work with. My favourite piece is my BOSS made-to-measure suit for formal occasions.

10. What was your favourite circuit to drive in?
Monaco. I can sleep at home, race around my home streets and see my family and friends.



Photo Copyrights: Hugo Boss