I think that speechless is the way to describe my demeanour when I first entered the Amanjena at the foot of the great Atlas mountains and paused for several minutes to FORGET everything around me.

The Aman Resort is an oasis of tranquillity and luxury in a paradisiacal situation a few minutes from Marrakesch, framed by a first-class golf course with a view of the Atlas mountains.  A meeting point for guests, who appreciate the attentive service and the private atmosphere.

The Aman Resorts are ranked in the world of the five-star hotel industry as icons of exquisite style, cosmopolitan spirit and exclusivity.

There are no simple hotel rooms in the Amanjena; every guest resides in his or her own little paradise. A total of 39 pavilions and maisons radiate in linear architecture from both sides of the basin and are separated by pools in the extensive garden landscape.

It goes without saying that families have the opportunity to rent villas that are linked. A personal butler is, of course, always on hand.

The palm and olive tree lined hotel complex leaves nothing to be desired: The tradition and culture of Morocco are consistently reflected in the serene ambiance of the extensive grounds. Moroccan and Mediterranean specialities can be savoured in the exclusive hotel restaurant, private open air dinners in the style of 1001 nights also rank as a speciality of the house. My dinner was accompanied by local music and the chicken in the tajine was an epiphany of spices.

If the pool is too small for your liking, you can try out the 33-metre long hotel pool; the adjacent spa offers numerous national and international treatments at the highest level as well as a traditional hammam. Sport enthusiasts will by no means miss out at Amanjena. Two tennis courts are available for private use or for a match against the hotel’s own trainer; there are two golf courses in the immediate vicinity. You can explore the surrounding foothills of the Atlas mountains either on the mountain bike or on foot.

However, the most impressive feature of the Amanjena is its atmosphere: One has the constant feeling that there are currently no other guests in the hotel, although the luxury top-class resort is generally completely booked out. Privacy takes first priority here in the good old Aman tradition. No wonder that the hotel is viewed as a celebrity hotspot in Morocco.


Order a large pot of Moroccan mint tea without sugar, drink it in the heart of the complex, in front of the basin; its architecture was inspired by the ancient rainwater pool in Marrakesh’s Menara garden and look into the extensive, peaceful paradise.




Photos Copyrights: Aman