Kilian Hennessy

The Descendant of a Cognac Dynasty, a fragrance Poet, relates brief stories that could come from Baudelaires » Les fleurs du mal«.

“The scent of a Cognac and the Different
ingredients do not differ so greatly from perfume production, as one would assume.”

Kilian Hennessy, offspring of the Hennessy dynasty and heir to a long lineage of cognac producers decided several years ago to return the art of perfume to its former glory. Since then he has been creating fragrances that are synonymous with class and elegance. Fragrances far removed from the world of the modern perfume industry, which frequently foregoes valuable ingredients due to budget constraints and far from synthetic molecules and cheap non-returnable packaging. Kilian came into contact with exquisite aromas and essences, with delightful woody notes and traditions early on in life. The scents in his family’s cognac cellars trained his senses for the beauty and diversity of fragrances to be found in nature.
His fragrances bear names such as “Liaisons Dangereuses”, “Playing with the Devil” or “Straight to Heaven”; they transport emotions such as love, passion and temptation – subjects that, in Kilian Hennessy’s opinion, define your life. He learned the perfume profession from the most renowned experts in the branch and worked for famous perfume houses. After having worked for Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, Alexander McQueen and Giorgio Armani he founded his own company “By Kilian” almost ten years ago. Fully intentionally, he decided not to use his surname and instead to simply build on his first name. Kilian is very aware that a life with the name Hennessy has two sides. On one hand the connection to the world famous cognac dynasty from Château St-Brice in Cognac opens doors; on the other hand this name can be a considerable burden for anyone, who is not in the cognac business. However, Kilian became established and knows how to captivate with his perfume creations.
Kilian strives to attain the perfect fusion of art, luxury and elegance in his creations. He defines luxury as consistently developing products for eternity. Products that have the potential to become veritable classics; products in which the design honours the content. In a fast moving world he develops enduring values, which may just become the classics of tomorrow.

„It really is a shame
that not one Hennessy Family member works
anymore for Hennessy, because it was our
inheritance, our family tradition.
but I believe that I have found the right path for myself“

Photos Copyrights: By Kilian