For more than 100 years, the Boesch brand has represented unique watercraft like no other and has revolutionised the world of motorboats with its «Boesch Horizon Gliding Technology».

There are things that you have to have experienced yourself just to be able to understand them. Simply because you really felt it. One of these things is riding a Boesch boat. Thanks to the Horizon Gliding technology developed and constantly refined by the Swiss family that owns the company themselves, the ride feels as if you were floating above the water, becoming one with the horizon. This makes both relaxed tours and water skiing competitions unique experiences of their own.

Not higher, but faster

For more than 100 years, the name Boesch has represented exceptional watercraft. And innovative strength, too. After all, it is thanks to Walter Bösch that boats can cruise at such high speeds nowadays while still safely gliding through the water. Back in the 1920s, gliding boats became a trend and were something Mr Bösch knew how to construct. Still, as a trained boat constructor. Mr Bösch had a completely different idea of how a boat should move.

He really wanted a fast vehicle, something sporty. However, the hull shape of the boats at the time made this impossible, from a purely physical point of view, as they were merely displacing water. But Walter Bösch found an answer to this by taking his cue from seaplanes. At the same time, it was also clear to him that he didn’t want to build boats that pointed their noses skywards, but rather a fast boat that moved horizontally to the surface of the water. The rest is history still being written.

Both strong and beautiful, all at the same time

Today, just like in days gone by, Boesch boats are among the most innovative, but they are also among the most beautiful. Every single one is a perfect combination of wood and leather and a real powerhouse inside: the Ilmor MV8 with a 5.7 litre displacement is one of the most powerful and robust engines in the motorboat sector. Nonetheless, it can optionally be replaced in a Boesch boat by an even more powerful Ilmor MV8 engine with a 7 litre displacement.

And with regards to the instrument panel, the Swiss watch manufacturer IWC is a strong partner, too. In addition to the high-quality standard equipment, individuality is a must. This means that many details are customised at the customer’s request.

Just a bit more elegance and excellence make the difference

The company itself is now run by the 4th generation, but still in the spirit of the founder. You might perhaps already have realised that the family name is Bösch, yet the company is called Boesch. This is not due to an error on our part. It was simply because another, somewhat larger company was afraid that Bösch would be confused with Bosch too quickly. But the additional «e» in the name emphasises the excellence of the boats once again. And they have rightfully earned it.

Photos Copyrights: Boesch