La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich

One would expect a feeling of peace, of having arrived, but in La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich it feels different. The 5-star hotel in Philippe Starck Design oozes a spirit of adventure and the urge to discover. And there are certainly plenty of exciting things to discover behind the historical walls.

In a prominent location, directly on the shore of Lake Zurich the former traditional house Eden au Lac now shines in new splendour. And bears a new name: La Réserve. Star designer, Philippe Starck, has given the 5-star luxury hotel a new face. The pretty façade with the lion’s heads and historic sculptures have remained in their entirety. The major change took place on the interior. Here you are met by red, planed wood like on a ship’s hull, oars, lying around as if they have been forgotten after a regatta, a collection of ship’s keels set in resin, bronze fórcole and oar forks from Venetian gondolas. The entire interior has been recreated like an elegant yacht club and emits an ambiance of thrilling sophistication. One has the feeling of having been invited to an adventure, of which you are not certain where it is leading, but you are certain that you want to experience it.

There are forty rooms and suites, which are divided into eight categories. Starck designed the rooms in the upper stories like ship’s cabins for seafarers on shore leave. Only, the stylish luxury version. There are two restaurants ensuring splendid culinary experiences. The owners of Eden Kitchen & Bar hope that it will soon become the Zurich “In Place», a lively meeting point. In the open kitchen, Marco Ortolani and his team conjure up veritable culinary pleasures, delicacies from all over the world and of course also local specialities such as Züri-Gschnätzlets with Rösti. The glass lift leads to La Muña. On the sixth storey, you have a 360-degree panorama view of the historic Zurich city centre, the lake and the distant Alps. On the replanted rooftops, you can listen to the rhythmic breaking of the waves and inhale the fresh breeze from the lake. Japanese-Peruvian specialities are served by the chef, Miya Gunji, under huge awnings. There is a choice between raw (crudo) and warm (caliente) dishes, such as tuna-ceviche or beef-entrecôte on truffle-teriyaki sauce. Inside the restaurant there are comfortable sofas in light leather on Persian style carpets. Now and then your eye meets a secret object that fills you with the urge to travel. The actual secret is however in the preparation of the fabulous dishes and cocktails. They will remain in your memory, like absolutely everything else here, for a long time to come.

La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich, Utoquai 45, 8008 Zürich, +41 44 266 25 25,,

Photos Copyrights: La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich