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The uncomplicated all-in-one premium care series for the ambitious man. No more and no less. Easy. Naturally. Swiss Made.

The products have been specially developed for the needs of men’s skin and are suitable for all skin types. Made in Switzerland, the high-quality skin and shaving care consists of purely natural ingredients. The cruelty-free products do not contain any silicone, parabens or mineral oils. The company does not use artificial colors or fragrances. The 
NABAN care range calms you down immediately and gives the demanding male skin exactly what it needs for well-groomed and visibly.

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Pump up your skin.

No – You are neither a wimp nor a weakling if you have your eye on a care product and indulge in a fresh boost for your skin after the winter months! Dry air from the central heating and days of sport in the snow has proven quite stressful for our largest organ. The sensitive skin on the face is particularly in need of an extra moisture surge. There is a wide range of cosmetic products on offer – almost bewildering for the male capacity on this theme. And then all the discussions on which ingredients are really good and which should not appear in the content list. We have brought light into the care product jungle and compiled our recommendations for you.

Revolutionary: Orveda

An absolute top product with a radical self-healing approach, currently only available in four cities worldwide – fortunately Zurich is one of them. The brand Orveda captures the mood of the times with its attributes: green, vegan, clean and sustainable. Without parabens and with only a little silicone – often a main ingredient palmed off in cosmetics. The products win us over as age and gender neutral. The only downside: the quality is also reflected in the price.

Organic: Seed to Skin

Naturally pure and honestly effective – the Seed to Skin care products from Borgo Santo Pietro. With the sensual feeling of Tuscany and a consistent ecological theme: from their own organic farmlands to sustainable packaging. The products are made exclusively from the purest, most natural raw materials – such as cold-pressed oils and biologically grown medicinal herbs. Pure care to strengthen the skin’s protection barrier. Not only calming on the skin, but also for your good conscience!

Regenerating: Argentum Apothecary

Silver additives – used in ancient times and back in demand thanks to their antibacterial effect: While the Romans used silver powder for wound healing and silver coins in their drinking water, today we use colloidal silver from the pharmacy. The finest form of soluble silver is used in the product line Argentum Apothecary. It calms the skin, regulates the skin’s flora, promotes the skin’s own purification process and binds moisture. And the optical presentation in black gets thumbs up.

Alchemical: Julisis

Who is Paracelsus? The care products from Julisis are based on the traditional teachings of this famous Swiss doctor, natural philosopher and alchemist. The ingredients are from organic-dynamically grown medical herbs, based on the ethereal vibration principle for homeopathic essences – pure cell nutrition and highly effective. An investment in skin health and well-being. No contradiction to the male appearance – quite the opposite. Beautiful (male) skin is simply sexy.

All products are available in the Parfümerie Spitzenhaus.

On Foot

Distinctive leather loafers form a stylish counterbalance to the new trouser shapes. The loafers we are presenting here with a pronounced sole emit a sense of generosity and highlight the new voluminous pleated trousers. Between seasons the shoes are the perfect companion – with or without socks. The loafers can be classically combined with a double-breasted jacket, but give a more modern touch in the city with a casual bomber jacket and turtleneck.

New line – Penny loafers packaged in calfskin

Jacked up – Thick rubber soles for extra grip

Memorable – Model with silver designer emblem

Perfect in form – Textured leather as signature loafers

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Don Juan – For the olfactory senses

Mediterranean, spicy or sensual – the new attractants score high in versatility.

If you want to be a successful seducer, you need more than the power of persuasion. In the end, the nose decides, ultimately we are ruled by pheromones. But we humans play a skillful olfactory trick on nature by using perfume. The current highlights are bewitching with Mediterranean, spicy or sensual ingredients. Hugo has been one of the bestsellers on the shelf for 20 years. The classic has now been rejuvenated and is turning the fragrance world upside down with Reversed, combining Calabrian bergamot, grapefruit, rosemary essence and vetiver. Grey The One from Dolce & Gabbana creates Mediterranean freshness with grapefruit, coriander, basil, cardamom, lavender, geranium, clary sage, vetiver, patchouli, labdanum resin and tobacco. Those who prefer their fragrances a little more wicked would do well to try Guilty Pour Homme from Gucci. Sensual seduction is promised with a mix of lavender, Amalfi lemons, African orange blossom, patchouli, Virginia cedar and vanilla. L’Eau Super Majeure d’Issey will certainly join the line of the best classics. The fragrance combines the lightness of the Mediterranean with Southern temperament. This is created through a combination of clary sage, rosemary essence, black salt from dark patchouli, strong amber wood notes, cashmeran, tonka beans, Madagascan vanilla, leather and smoke. Lovers of unusual and uncompromising perfumes reach for Serge Lutens. The career changer, who began his career as a photographer for Vogue in the 60s, now indulges his penchant for the artistic and magical in his fragrances. Also true for L’Innommable. Benzoin resin and cumin take centre stage. The new Le Gemme-Trilogie from Bulgari is very much influenced by musk – the favourite fragrance of perfumer Jacques Cavallier. Whether you choose the elegant Opalon with neroli, amber and ginger, the fiery Yasep with mandarine, Szechuan pepper and sandal wood or the mysterious Falkar with agarwood and leather – the super nose has yet again created a masterpiece.

Photos Copyrights: Ursula Borer, ZVG, Shutterstock

Super ClarinsMen Innovation


Everyone has 24 hours in a day, and yet sometimes that isn’t enough, especially for men! A demanding work life, sports activities, going out with friends, a busy private life, difficult mornings… Men’s skin is sorely tested and can become dehydrated easily due to lifestyle habits, shaving, and other daily external aggressions. Also, testosterone can weaken the skin’s barrier function which in turn leads to moisture loss and dehydration. This is the new challenge that ClarinsMen Super Moisture Care takes on: deeply moisturize men’s skin, even in extreme conditions!

This new unique complex combines two plant extracts selected for their super hydrating ability. Organic houseleek lends its super hydro-resistant power to help offset the negative effects of testosterone: it helps retain moisture even in extreme conditions by reinforcing the skin’s surface barrier at these tight junctions. Organic leaf of life extract encourages the natural hydration of the skin, to help promote the production of ‘sponge molecules’ in every skin layer. The result? Skin feels supple and comfortable.

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