A journey to myself.

The Chenot method combines wellness with the latest scientific findings to provide an optimal balance for each guest by applying a customized programme. Individual nutrition counselling is as much a natural part of the philosophy as the personal trainer in the fitness studio. I thought I would treat myself to this special customized programme to attain that well-deserved sense of esteem too.

Harmony is my motto. I would like in particular that the effect of this break extends beyond the duration of my stay in a Health Wellness Retreat, which is why I meticulously researched what exactly would fit my needs and decided on the Detox programme at Chenot Palace in Weggis. The hotel is situated at the foot of the Swiss Alps, on the shore of picturesque Lake Lucerne in an elegant, stately building. Exactly the spot for those seeking relaxation, like myself. The renowned hotel attracts its guests with programmes of prevention and rejuvenating the body. I do, after all, want to stay young and age slowly. The modern web presence, the presentation and explanation of the individual treatments and the visual imagery of the dishes are highly appealing and since I live near Zurich, it is also a welcome and well-situated route for me. The one-week stay was good for me; I put together a diary here for all those who wish to emulate me. So, armed with my handbook, this adventure can now begin for you too…

Day of arrival (Thursday, 17.12.20)
I arrive at midday and am given a heartfelt welcome. I am provided with my weekly plan and my handbook, so I know when I must appear where. My first treatments begin late afternoon, so I have enough time to familiarize myself with the hotel.

My journey to myself begins at 15:00 with a medical consultation. The Chenot medical team check my curative history then we discuss my needs and objectives. The detoxification of my body and an overall improvement in my well-being are the first priority and I am prescribed an individual treatment plan.

Then it was evening and time for dinner:
«If you want to live healthily and slow down the aging process, you cannot avoid the subject of nutrition ». Therefore the following applies here: no alcohol, no caffeine, no salt, no animal fats. The Chenot diet plan plays a key role in the Chenot Method® and is also based on scientific findings. As part of the calorie-reduced, plant-based Detox diet I consume approximately 850 calories per day.

«You need inner harmony to attain a healthy body.» Henri Chenot

Day 1 (FR, 18.12)
After a fruit-laden breakfast with barley coffee accompaniment, I set off for my first therapy sessions. The schedule for today: Bio energetic check-up, stress examination, full-body photobiomodulation, hydro-aromatherapy, energetic massage. I will explain what all of this is in detail over the next few days.

Day 2 19.12
My kick start into the day begins with a bio energetic treatment. Stimulation from a laser beam, which restores the energy balance in the body. After this year my muscles do hurt and I suffer from headaches. The medical staff also prescribes an acupuncture treatment for me today. It is intended to relieve my neuropathic pain and my migraine. I have the feeling that my energy channels, which have got out of balance are in «Panta Rhei» again. One hour of Pilates successfully rounds off my programme today.

Day 3 20.12.
I begin with an intravenous ozone treatment (specially enriched infusion cocktail with high doses of antioxidants), followed by hydro-aromatherapy and finally a medical check-up. Before I go to dinner, I indulge in neuro-acoustic treatments for deep relaxation.

Day 4 21.12
I have a sober start to the day with colon-hydrotherapy. It rinses the large intestine, channelling waste and toxins out of the body. This cleansing provides the body with new energy and strengthens my ailing immune system.

Day 5 22.12
A good morning starts with a self-training session, the so-called HRV-Biofeedback Training. It provides systematic relaxation and improves the performance of the parasympathetic nervous system. After it I feel healthy, strong and energized. I only have one other treatment today, at minus 110 degrees and for the entire body. Cryotherapy is an extremely effective method for relieving chronic pains and simultaneously improving sleep quality. An effect that, in my opinion, continues for a long time.

Day of departure 23.12
Wistfully, with a lot of positive thoughts of my stay in this dynamic vitality complex, I take my leave after a hydro-aromatherapy treatment. My bath water is blended with essential oils and the balanced water pressure and temperature stimulate my circulation and the lymph flow. A regeneration treatment after my own heart.

We are in a time of constant change and are confronted with new challenges every day. To ensure that life is worth living, we should integrate even the smallest changes into our everyday lives. “Creativity and pleasure in what we do are the key to happiness.” The words of the architect Davide Macullo, who is responsible for the design of the Chenot Palace Weggis, remain in my head like a motto, long after my departure.

From far away we see a form, close up a journey to a number of things and on the inside a world of emotions and inspirations.

In the next ADAM THE MAGAZINE edition, published April 2021, you can read an interview with the COO and scientific director, Dr. George Gaitanos. He has made it his goal to continuously expand the leadership role in the preventative and regenerative Health Wellness movement, which integrates health and wellness.

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Hertensteinstrasse 34
6353 Weggis
+41 41 255 20 00

Complete Bliss

Our current six favourite restaurants

No plans this evening? Then we know what you can do. You do have plans? No problem, this is better! We will show you our current favourite restaurants in Zurich and surroundings.

Maison Manesse

Feel like a little lavender-mascarpone crème with blueberry ice cream? Preceding that for example gnocchi with mushrooms and spruce shoots or mangalica pork chops or cod with Jerusalem artichokes, saffron pear, chanterelle mushrooms and sesame. You will be spoilt for choice. The wise connoisseur orders the Maison Experience consisting of six courses with the accompanying alcoholic beverage and can leave the Michelin extolled restaurant hours later with a warm stomach and the comforting knowledge of not having missed anything.

Maison Manesse
Hopfenstrasse 2, 8045 Zürich
+41 44 462 01 01
15 Gault-Millau-Points
1 Michelin-Star


”Sharing is caring“ is the motto in Bauernschänke in Niederdorf. On the menu: pork belly gröstel (fried potatoes with meat) with Shiso radish and lettuce, aubergine Tatar with herb salad and crisp bread or braised meat ravioli with sage butter and parmesan and other delicious dishes from the head chef and linker of senses, Nenad Mlinarevic. The dishes are made to share, of course it could be the case that you, once you have tried it, are no longer in the mood to share.

Restaurant Bauernschänke
Rindermarkt 24, 8001 Zürich
+41 44 262 41 30
15 Gault-Millau-Points


Huusbeiz is located between Lochergut and Albisriederplatz on Badenerstrasse. It is a stylish and extremely comfortable local pub with honest, good Swiss cuisine. Metzgete (traditional hearty dish with warm blood and liver sausage and boiled pork) is on offer in Huusbeiz from 12th until 14th November in line with the „Nose to Tail“ philosophy. It is served in the form of an elegant 5-course menu and promises – to quote those making the dishes – a big mess. The whole menu costs 94 Swiss francs; if the accompanying wine is served, there is a supplement of 49 Swiss francs.

Badenerstrasse 310, 8004 Zürich
+41 43 931 77 90


Gamper restaurant welcomes its guests from Wednesday until Saturday. You cannot book a table, just call in spontaneously. In general, a table opens up after a short waiting time (at the wine bar) and Gamper is always worth the wait. The dishes by Marius Frehner are seasonal and strongly reduced to the basics like everything in Gamper. There is no menu; instead a sensational 5-course surprise menu is served.

Nietengasse 1, 8004 Zürich
+41 44 221 11 77
15 Gault-Millau-Points

Trube Zollikon

Trube in Zollikon, directly beside a small cheese shop, captivates with an inviting atmosphere and tasteful furnishings. You actually feel at home here before you have even sat down. The gourmet cuisine by Claudio Obrecht then ensures that you will want to stay seated for as long as possible. Such is life: You sometimes get what you expect – you often do not – and in rare cases you get much more. Then you order ricotta gnocchi and think to yourself, the restaurant has 14 Gault Millau points so they will be really good gnocchi, but then, then they are the best you have ever had in your life.

Trube Zollikon
Alte Landstrasse 94, 8702 Zollikon
+41 44 390 11 60
14 Gault-Millau-Points


When you enter Fedt (Danish: cool), you immediately comprehend: Those responsible here are passionate about what they do. The concept is aimed towards vegetarian and vegan cuisine that surprises and delights. The Churros on caramel for example are simply a poem, however in no way outshine the other dishes. The pop-up is open until 18th December – and will then hopefully remain forever. And if it is the case, that the joy you give to others comes back to you, then the head chef and innovator, Alain Pinto, must be a very happy man, because his dishes promise pure joy.

Brauerstrasse 37, 8004 Zürich
+41 44 888 88 08

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