A yearning for the future Li Ekelkoort, as her name is generally shortened, is a very busy woman, who is constantly on the lookout for marketable information on how we will live in the future, what we we will wear, with which materials or colours we would like to be surrounded. An intuitive thinker, she
“We know much too seldom what happiness is, but we often know what happiness was.” Life is pure courage in which we defy the fear of losing something. We have to learn to see what we can gain. This new edition is entitled desires. They actually show us what we really want in life and
Just on time for ringing in the warmer season, Porsche is launching two new e-bike models onto the markte Timeless design, outstanding technology and the fascination of the brand itself unite in both models Porsche Sport and Porsche Cross. So it only remains to say: full speed ahead! Thanks to the Magura Cockpit Integration (MCi)
Sustainability in a feeding bowl Have you ever stopped to think how sustainable it is to own a cat? No? Neither have I. I simply could not care less! Because it does not bear thinking about granting a cat access to our dignified male abode. At the moment keeping a pet is mutating into a
The Dins Santi Taura restaurant was recently awarded a Michelin star. The head chef demonstrates his culinary skills and the gastronomic experience with three things: authenticity, perspectives and exclusive ingredients. Santi Taura has dedicated itself to the study of the origins of Majorcan cuisine and the preservation of traditional recipes. The Michelin distinction is the
Hotel Bayerischer Hof The pandemic has at least one positive side: we have learned to recognize and appreciate those local things in our vicinity. At the same time we are yearning to travel and experience something new. The hurdles to enter Bavaria are falling again and Munich’s top address is looking forward to welcoming its
Las Vegas consumes THE SAME AMOUNT OF ELECTRICITY as the entire country of PERU THE GREENLAND SHARK (also known as the gurry shark) is the vertebrate with the highest life expectancy. It can live up to approximately 400 years old. In the animal world this age is only surpassed by the Arctica islandica (over 500
Books carry us away from home to distant lands. In our heads the most beautiful places are created and fantastic areas on the edge of the imaginable are formed through surreal dream worlds. On the next few pages you will be immersed in Chateau Life – the new photo book from Assouline – and enter