Kilian Hennessy The Descendant of a Cognac Dynasty, a fragrance Poet, relates brief stories that could come from Baudelaires » Les fleurs du mal«. “The scent of a Cognac and the Different ingredients do not differ so greatly from perfume production, as one would assume.” Kilian Hennessy, offspring of the Hennessy dynasty and heir to a
Cartier opens its new boutique on Monday 3rd December. An exquisite venue, spanning 550 m2, right in the heart of Zurich. Cartier is continuing a story which began 40 years ago when the brand opened its very first boutique in Zurich in 1978. This new boutique, at Bahnhofstrasse 47, was created entirely by architect and
Haven in the far North A place, a refuge, a luxury domicile with award-winning cuisine. An open space that allows alone with yourself or with others, far from everything that burdens and binds. Your thoughts drift away and the broad horizon holds your gaze. With a good book in your hand, time passes at its
There are only two square national flags in the world:  The flags of Switzerland and the Vatican. Helvetica, one of the most popular fonts in the world, was developed in 1957 by the graphic designer Max Miedinger in conjunction with Eduard Hoffmann, the managing director of the Haas Type Foundry in Münchenstein near Basel. Helvetica,
Fortunately the number of high-ranking managers and ceos that are actively involved in looking after our planet, the only one we have, and not simply talking about what has to be done is on the increase. However the versatility and consistency of Jochen Zeitz' commitment is rather unique. Four years ago our author Dörte Welti
2 Clicks to resource pioneer Even for a tomcat like me, life is not always a bed of roses, but now and then a warning call gives you an incentive to get your life back on track and to achieve something great. For some time now I have been numbing my everyday boredom with online
There has always been a very special bond between Beyer Watches and Jewellery and the Genevan watch manufacturer Patek Philippe. A limited series of 25 timepieces, which Patek Philippe designed on the occasion of Beyer's 225 year anniversary, bears witness to this relationship. After 30 years, one of these rare watches has found its way