Living mindfully means being just as consciously aware of the environment, its smells and colours, as of your own thoughts. Immersing yourself in architecture when strolling through the city gives us a momentary sense of the here and now and it seems as if we have forgotten time. TUDOR – Diver’s watch for Business Nomads
“In challenging times, a good ESG culture helps, to ride the storm better.” The environmental, social and leadership aspects are not only decisive for success or failure in the economy, but they are also increasingly becoming a key differentiating factor in the financial industry. Dr. Pascal Botteron is co-founder and CEO of Green Blue Invest
Beyer, long established in Zurich, has rebuilt and in the process not left one stone unturned. The result captivates with style, elegance and above all with personality. 2,500 tonnes of recycled copper was extracted in 17 weeks and from 16 tonnes of waste. 35 kilometres of cable were laid and 350 working hours invested in
Rationally speaking: Sophisticated intoxication every now and then is thoroughly worthwhile. To find out what it takes, when and how the subtle loss of focus currently works in the most stylish way, we questioned three of the best Master mixologists in the world. The 20th Century Cocktail ”My «Pick me up», to move smoothly from
Our current six favourite restaurants No plans this evening? Then we know what you can do. You do have plans? No problem, this is better! We will show you our current favourite restaurants in Zurich and surroundings. Maison Manesse Feel like a little lavender-mascarpone crème with blueberry ice cream? Preceding that for example gnocchi with
In “No Time to Die” Daniel Craig once again saves the world. It is his last performance as James Bond – and hopefully just the beginning of our ADAM THE MAGAZINE cover heroe. With a budget of 250 million US dollars, ”No Time to Die“ is the most expensive Bond film to date and Daniel
La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich One would expect a feeling of peace, of having arrived, but in La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich it feels different. The 5-star hotel in Philippe Starck Design oozes a spirit of adventure and the urge to discover. And there are certainly plenty of exciting things to discover behind
MERMAIDS! Christopher Columbus described mermaids as obese and ugly. Historians assume that he was referring to the manatee that was unknown at the time in Europe. A KOALA BEAR'S fingerprints can only be differentiated from those of humans under a MICROSCOPE! A mole can dig a TUNNEL UP TO 75 METRES LONG in one night.