Kulinarisch verführt

The enjoyable summer of 2023, let’s do it all again.

It’s always come down to details. And when it comes to culinary delights, a little sprinkling of a herb or two often makes all the difference. That’s why, especially in the hotel industry, more and more chefs are growing their own herb gardens.

Let’s just call them «natural miracles.» Herbs have held a special fascination for us for centuries. We use them in many different ways. No matter whether for medicines, cosmetics or as a culinary product. However, we often forget their history.How did they come about? What was their original task? Essentially, they are our connection to nature and everything that existed before we did. But do we really know them? They often defy adverse circumstances and are not very demanding when it comes to their care. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

A long way from where it all began, we should therefore ask ourselves what these forces of nature are doing for us today. Where can they enrich our lives even more? Making it better, more enjoyable, more eventful? An answer that is particularly appropriate, definitely in the culinary field. Because herbs are experiencing a real coming out or rather a coming back. Famous chefs are increasingly deciding to plan, create and manage their own herb garden. And with success. On the rooftop, in the backyard, or even right where people dine. Here are three successful examples from Switzerland.

Photos Copyrights: Digitale Massarbeit, NIC Nicolas Bruni, Lauren Bamford

The Dolder Grand

The word «Lamiaceae» has something sensual about it – doesn’t it? In any case, thyme belongs to this genus and it also has a unique aroma. It is often described as earthy, but also spicy. The fact is, it is unmistakable and very popular in medicine, cosmetics and even more so in (domestic) cuisine. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties sound a little unromantic, a unique aromatic dimension sounds more like desire and passion. But both are wonderful.

And that’s exactly why «thymus vulgaris» had to be part of the new garden at the «The Dolder Grande». For the first time this summer season, the establishment towering above Zürich’s rooftops opened «blooms». A small yet sophisticated restaurant in the middle of vegetable beds, fruit bushes and herb plants. Chef Fine Dining Heiko Nieder was both the initiator and the beneficiary, because he and his team were able to go poaching within their own ranks for many weeks this summer and surprise the guests with combinations they had cultivated themselves. There was space for 36 people each evening.

The Dolder Grand has already taken its traditions one step further with the omakase restaurant «Mikuriya». The 5-star hotel on Adlisberg now has four restaurants and 64 Gault Millau points. The gastronomic variety was completed with «blooms» restaurant. An outdoor dining experience where sophisticated and, above all, vegan/vegetarian and light cuisine proves that you won’t be going home hungry. They only come back because it was simply great. Not from hunger, but from appetite.

And that’s exactly why «blooms» blossomed for the first time, but certainly not for the last. The garden restaurant is expected to reopen for the summer season in May 2024.

Photos Copyrights: The Dolder Grand, Digitale Massarbeit, Fabian Häfeli

The Grand Hotel Kronenhof

An unmistakable scent, unique appearance and simply delicious – rosemary is an integral part of kitchens worldwide and is practically a mandatory spice in the Mediterranean region. It is used either fresh or dried and its two best friends are called thyme and oregano. «Rosmarinus officinalis» is also said to stimulate our cognitive abilities and, thanks to its use in aromatherapy, can alleviate exhaustion. What more could we want?

In keeping with the 175th anniversary of The Kronenhof in Pontresina, chef Fabrizio Piantanida and F&B manager Alexander Waschl – who is also a trained chef and was the «Best Malaysian Chef» in 2013 – became gardeners. Right next to the historic pavilion in the garden of this traditional establishment, rosemary and exotic plants such as Thai basil and lemongrass are now thriving. But it is above all the alpine herbs that have been refining the dishes in the «Grand Restaurant» or «Kronenstübli» since this summer. A fried slice of mountain pikeperch with herb sauce or a fresh salad with edible flowers, which can also be found in the garden in all their colourful splendour – the herbs and plants grown can be found in almost all dishes.

In addition, the new housemates have also found their way into the Kronenhof bar. The «Bündner Heu» liqueur will be on the menu here for the first time this winter. The grass on the slope of the hotel was mowed and dried in the summer. The same goes for a handful of rosemary and thyme. And at tea time, our own herbal tea is served.

Winter can do its worst!

Photos Copyrights: Kronenhof, Shutterstock

The Chedi Andermatt

Finely pinnate leaves, combined with white or pink flowers – when you hear the name ‘yarrow’ you usually imagine something more «robust». But the alpine plant is rather delicate with its countless small flowers and also exudes an aromatic scent reminiscent of chamomile. In culinary terms, it harmonises perfectly with vegetables and as an addition to salads. However, it is important to be economical, otherwise it could become bitter.

Carsten Alexander Kypke is someone who knows how to deal with the «achillea millefolium» and uses it skilfully and enjoyably. This summer, the head chef at «The Restaurant» at The Chedi Andermatt, which has been awarded with 15 GaultMillau-Points, planted his own herb garden. And «The Botanicum» has impressively proven how tasty the Alpine regions can be as an extra ingredient on the plate. His partner-in-crime is bar manager Elmir. Together they were supported by regional gardeners.

This year, 35 different herbs have been grown in «The Botanicum». Due to its altitude of 1,447 metres above sea level, a particularly large number of essential oils were synthesised and were therefore particularly intensive. They tempted both the team around the master chef and the bar manager to indulge in various creations and gave the guests real herbal evenings. First of all in the afternoon, a real, organic detox in the form of an Alpine herbal tea. Camomile, mint, lavender, thyme or sage and of course sheep’s gift – how beautiful it is to choose. Then a guided herb tour – the «Herbal Hike» – with the Andermatt original Bänz Simmen. Who knows more than just the Latin names of the individual plants. But nothing more is revealed.

Then take a brief rest. Enjoy the amenities of the 5-star deluxe hotel. Afterwards, in the evening you can marvel at the appearance of the trout tartare and caviar with a herb vinaigrette and then experience it in culinary terms. Complemented with homemade lemonade. Of course, a wine also goes perfectly. And because the day isn’t over yet, there is still time for a «Garden Breeze» in the bar.

You can hardly use more herbs, right? So, repeat next year.

Photos Copyrights: The Chedi, NIC Nicolas Bruni, Michael Adair

Benvenuti estate!

The doors of Il Sereno on Lake Como have been open again since March and you are invited to discover one of the most beautiful regions in Italy in style and delight over the summer months. But above all with a view.

The locals call it «Lario», but to most people the 146-square metre tourist magnet is known as «Lago di Como». The third largest lake in Italy is one of the most popular holiday regions in Lombardy and the views over it from the rooms of Hotel Il Sereno are particularly outstanding. The hotel designed by Patricia Urquiola opened its doors in 2016 and has not only captivated numerous guests with its elegance and uniqueness, but also renowned media representatives. The Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Choice named Il Sereno the best Italian hotel in 2022. And ELLE Decoration also thinks that it is one of the «10 best design hotels of the last two decades».

Just seclude yourself
The drive to Il Sereno from Zürich takes around three and a half hours. Depending on the route, you can enjoy views of «Lago» before you have to take the small driveway that leads to the hotel. However, the lack of large advertising boards and signposts are intentional, as the focus is on the privacy of the guests. The hotel is a real retreat for discerning travellers who value not only first-class service but also individuality. Arrive, park up, experience the personal check-in and then, of course, it’s time for some delicious food. Why else go to Italy?

Just enjoy
Raffaele Lenzi, who comes from Naples, conjures up real culinary delights with the local and seasonal ingredients. That’s why the «Ristorante Il Sereno Al Lago» has already been awarded a Michelin star. His speciality is the «Contrasti & Contraddizioni» inspired by his own career, as well as the «Vegetali, Tuberi & Radici» – and an insider tip: the olive oil that he makes himself.

Just experience
The in-house pool is small but exquisite, because you would be also to jump out of the pool directly into Lake Como if that were allowed. However, it is better to climb from the jetty into the cooling water of the lake.

All guests also have the option of taking part in the «Wild Swimming Tour Experience». Which means to experience the most concealed and most beautiful bathing spots on the lake. Or to throw yourself into an adventure in the truest sense of the word and jump into the water from the famous bridge on the Isola Comacina.

Just combine
New this year is the partnership with the Bürgenstock resort on Lake Lucerne, which was christened «Dual Stay». And as the name suggests, guests begin their «vacanza di lusso» at Il Sereno. Two nights at the luxury hotel right on the lake, and then move on to the Bürgenstock resort above another lake – in the form of a leisurely walk or, if you wish, by helicopter. Culinary explosions await at Lake Lucerne, but above all an exquisite 10,000-square meter spa. But a little tip: nobody should miss the «Feet in Heaven» care treatment in the Il Sereno Spa!

Photos Copyrights: Il Sereno

Curtain up!

The Sanders is Copenhagen’s first luxury boutique hotel. An elegant venue that combines the glamorous age of travel with the drama of the theater. 

Denmark – copenhagen / Dänemark – Kopenhagen
55° 67′ N / 12° 58′ 0

He felt at home in the Royal Danish Theatre for many years, and now the Danish ballet dancer Alexander Kølpin has made a new home for himself, so to speak, around the corner from his former place of work. Since the end of 2017, the luxury boutique hotel Sanders has been welcoming its guests in the historic centre of Copenhagen. But the former insiders’ tip has now become a real hotspot – but has lost none of its tranquillity, elegance and quality. «Walking into the Sanders is like walking into a theatre», says Kølpin himself. Guests will always be the focal point, but the set design and carefully curated interiors will provide the elegant and exquisite backdrop to their experience. The passion, generosity and professionalism of our staff will coordinate the enactment to offer our guests an unforgettable experience. The entire building has an elegant mise-en-scène. Stylish but understated luxury meets lovingly designed retreats. The 53 rooms as well as the «Sanders Kitchen» restaurant and the «TATA» bar give you the feeling of being welcomed into a friend’s home as soon as you enter.

The roof terrace is open all day and offers a great view of the Danish capital’s old quarter. And in the inner courtyard you can enjoy an apéritif in the late afternoon after a tour of the city. The design of the hotel was influeced by Alexander Kølpin. Together with the London studio Lind + Almond and the founders of the Kølpin Hotels Group, which also includes the Sanders, they planned and implemented every detail of the building. What particularly pleases the former ballet dancer is the fact that many locals are also regulars. They like to drop by to enjoy a cocktail at TATA or a culinary highlight in the restaurant. «The mixture of international hotel guests and locals makes for an interesting dynamic,» says Kølpin. «We are neither complicated nor formal. We want to be simple and focus on the quality of the products and the ambience.» And that is exactly what has been achieved in a unique way for five years now. A warm welcome!

Photos Copyrights: Sanders Hotel

A place where time stands still

The Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc has created a unique oasis of wellbeing. Thanks to Dior. Sinde mid-April, guests have been enjoying absolute luxury in the newly opened spa of the luxury hotel in France.

First you approach along a beautiful driveway and the anticipation grows. That’s because at the end of the drive, one of the most exclusive and beautiful places to go on holiday in France awaits: the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc. Since 1870, guests have experienced real luxury on a grand scale in this villa on the French Riviera. And this is what luxury means: privacy, culinary superlatives and, above all, no wish left unfulfilled. Not only is the service as discreet as it is perfect, but the «feel-good» factor is attended to in style. And now in a most special way in the spa belonging to the hotel. Newly opened and designed in cooperation with Dior, since April 2023 guests have experienced how Parisian elegance, nature and luxury can be combined in one place.

Christian Dior adored roses. He loved nature, which is why many fragrance creations from the House of Dior still bear a floral note. And that’s why it’s the hint of the floral that is the first thing you recall when you enter the new spa at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc. Then it’s time to switch off, uncouple, disconnect from everyday life. In the «Iyashi Dôme», traditional Japanese methods ensure that the body is brought back into balance in a natural way. This is assisted by various treatments such as the «Escale à Eden Roc ritual» and the «Roc affusion». The focus is on stones, water, items that nature gives us.

The site of this homage to wellbeing stands opposite a 100-year-old rose garden dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II. Yes, a little nostalgia. But anyone who has turned 90 is definitely a good testimonial when it comes to doing something good for yourself. Don’t you think?

Photos Copyrights: Dior, Oetker Collection

Hey Mercedes

A call. An invitation. A journey. A car and a country that I did not know and a lot of congenial encounters awaiting me and you. Accompany me on an electronic transformation in Iceland. Now.

My trip began in Zurich – I am flying to Reykjavik under good weather conditions and in the best of moods. A city that I did not yet know. Exciting. When I open the door of the arrivals terminal, wet and bitterly cold air almost blows me back. The driver who collected me saw my discomfort and said: «If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.» Alright, I only had to wait 2 minutes until I could get into a breathtaking and incredibly beautiful limousine. The beauty was an EQS limousine. A straightforward beginning for the announced (driving) experience.

It was evening already and Mercedes invited me to a joint Get2gether with drinks at the bar and subsequent dinner, both began enchantingly. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable if too many people are in one room but somehow it was unexpectedly wonderful to have personal encounters and conversations again. Experience a bit of normality and freedom, that was the plan for the beginning of the next day with the new Mercedes EQE. I’m curious and go to bed in The Edition.

Key issuance

Day guard, a Cappuccino and the key issuance. Things are finally getting going. I have missed the social experience and here with the Mercedes Crew I’ll be experiencing it again in its entirety. The instructors explain the vehicle allocated to me today at lightning speed. Including an emergency telephone. I start the electric car and drive off carefully following the directions from the navigation system. Firstly I adjust the seats, the mirror and everything that is important to me during a very long drive. After roughly 40 minutes in my test car I take notice  of the design for the first time. I really only know Mercedes vehicles from an optical perspective and can differentiate between the classes but never drove one myself, except for the G-class belonging to a famous German sports presenter. How that came about and all other details will remain my secret for now.

Modern design language

I am completely high on a sensory level from the design – interior and exterior. The crew from Mercedes told me that the product developments took three to five years until the vehicle was launched on the market. The EQE line is, in my opinion, in line with the spirit of the times, fashion and current color trends, this fact only becomes apparent to me now – as I sit completely alone in the car. Everything is new to me in my EQE 500, but I press all the buttons and talk to her. She is called «Mercedes» and reacts to «Hey Mercedes» to receive my instructions and questions and at best to answer them. She would incidentally understand me in 27 languages. I have so much fun in a country that I am visiting for the first time. The countryside changes every twenty minutes and now I am driving up and down in the Icelandic Highlands and arrive on time for lunch in a villa. The view, the people, the interior and the food prepared by the head chefs put a permanent grin on my face.


Short break with the Exterior Designer and Program Developer. Robert and Timo, they have mercy on me and explain everything that I should know about this model series. Laura, the product manager joins us and we treat each other with welcome empathy. Robert explains to me that the design line management is called «one bow». I am already extremely impressed because this design is immediately recognizable. Sensuous clarity, generous surfaces and reduced joins with seamless transitions. The EQE has a sporty purpose design with all characteristic elements of the Mercedes-EQ. The rear forms a dynamic accent with a sharp tear bar. The shoulder section is muscular and the flush positioned wheels with dimensions of 19 to 21 inches give the EQE an extremely athletic character.

Live and drive freedom, that’s the message behind this black EQE model on the terrace of this villa, in the background an impressive and clear backdrop and scenery from Iceland. After the strong Espresso I get into my test vehicle again. It was not charged, because the range promises 654 km of driving fun and I have a remaining range of 221 km until the next station. I plan to experience the driving pleasure for the next two hours and that is exactly what I do, until I stop in front of a huge waterfall and the spray of the water rings out.

The Hyperscreen

Driving with the EQE is, on the contrary, silent. I have the constant feeling that I am extremely relaxed, even after a four-hour drive. Nevertheless I decide to take a short break, until I continue to drive to my destination. An absolute highlight is the MBUX Hyperscreen. This large, curved screen extends from A-pillar to A-pillar. Three screens are located under one cover glass and fuse optically to one display. Optional extra of course. A bit like a cinema on wheels. The screen intuitively offers touch operation with haptic feedback and force feedback. The glass is scratch resistant, coated and wonderfully easy to maintain.

When approaching a roundabout I notice the ECO assistant, it offers me situation-optimized anticipation – it is delayed as strongly or weakly as necessary so that all things considered you drive in the most efficient way. Recognized preceding vehicles are approached with the least possible driving resistance. This continues even until a complete stop, for example at traffic lights. So you do not even need to press the brake pedal – pure one-pedal driving.

The shortest way is not necessarily the fastest

While the classic distance calculator lives in the past, navigation with Electric Intelligence looks to the future. The energy requirement is estimated to calculate the route. This considers topography, track layout, ambient temperature, speed, heating and cooling requirements. Other factors include the traffic situation on the planned route and the charging stations available there, its charging performance and the payment functions. The calculation takes place in the Cloud and is combined with onboard data.

The customer does not have to tank full at every charging station, but receives a specific recommendation of the optimal charging time at the charging station. The charging stations are planned in a way that proves the most favorable with regard to the entire journey time: Because under certain circumstances two short charging stops with a higher charging performance could be more advantageous than charging once for a long period. Then I got everything right today. In addition the vehicle’s charging settings are automatically adapted by the navigation with Electric Intelligence and optimized for fast charging along the route. I roll into the destination or to be more precise to the charging station and say goodbye to Mercedes. The location feels like it is nowhere and near the famous volcano Eyjafjallajökull in south Iceland. The day was impressive, intoxifying and electrifying. I am in love with digital technology, with the maximum driving pleasure and the joy that we were able to experience together.

“After the EQS, the EQE is already the second model on  our new platform for electric vehicles. With the new EQE,  we can quickly make the high-tech solutions of our electric flagship EQS available to a wider group of buyers.”
Markus Nast, Global Communications Mercedes Benz Cars

Photos Copyrights: Mercedes




Six to a maximum of nine degrees – that is the perfect temperature with which Champagne should be savoured. Only within this range can the fine wine develop its fine and unique flavour with which its name is synonymous. Absolute quality, high-level pleasure and that special something. Produced from grapes that grow under the strictest regulations in the French wine-growing region,Champagne, and are picked and processed accordingly, Champagne is synonymous with quality, excellence and above all rarity. It is the sparkling wine that we select to celebrate the special moments in life. 

Founded in 1976, the French label EuroCave made it their mission to provide a fitting – home – for sparkling, as well as white and red wines. Pioneers in the wine cabinet world, they began early to design and stylishly implement sustainable and high-quality solutions for storing wines. With the «Divine» they have created a showpiece for Champagne lovers. Clear lines, minimalism and creative hedonism, the new climatic cabinet not only provides the perfect temperature and therefore storage but is primarily exactly what the precious bottles deserve on an optical level. 

Rotatable panels made of stainless steel, delicate metal rods which hold the Champagne in place, and gold-coloured leather finishes, «Divine» is a statement and the vision of a universal art of living. And because all Champagnes are not the same, the cabinet can be individually adapted. Magnum bottles? No problem! Sliding shelves for better handling – every wish fulfilled. It is about attention to detail – and that special something. And a real eye-catcher – regardless of whether it is in your home or in a bar. The Glass doors give you a complete overview of the interior and the lighting attracts attention. Manifique! 

Photos Copyrights: Euro Cave

A boyhood dream becomes a reality for men

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but FORD has brought the Ranger Raptor back to life

As a child I much preferred scampering around in the garden than doing jigsaw puzzles at home. Then in adolescence I developed a passion for cars. Now as a grown man I have had the pleasure of experiencing the perfect symbiosis between the outdoor and a vehicle:
The FORD Ranger Raptor.

When I was 20 years old, my friend drove me to a quarry for the first time in his old off-road truck. Up the hills, down the slopes, climbing boulders, getting round the mud holes. We attempted to push the vehicle to its limits and finally sank up to the door handle in mud. We had fun and were also certain that even in an off-road truck not everything is possible.

30 years later and I was given the chance to drive the FORD Ranger Raptor – the flagship of the FORD Ranger line – and realized that I had been wrong. The broad front and the brawny appearance would enrapture any “petrol head“. The elegant interior is comfortable and has a very clear layout. Everything is in the right place and is easily accessible.
When accelerating you hardly notice the gear changes of the finely tuned 10-speed automatic transmission. Despite the pick-up‘s size and weight it provides an easy and uncomplicated driving experience.
But the real fun starts with the 7 perfectly designed drive modes for all terrains. Standing in front of a steep scree slope with large boulders, I think to myself: impossible! Then I put the vehicle into “Rock climbing“ mode (front and rear differentials are locked) and let the car do almost everything itself. With only slight corrections to the steering wheel, the FORD Ranger Raptor achieves the sheer impossible and climbs up the boulders unfazed. I cheer and grin – I’ve never experienced anything quite like this.

I experience the same level of perfection when driving down a descent. The engineers have done a fantastic job. In the “Baja Mode“ the sound, chassis tuning and the shock absorber tracks change. I courageously accelerate on my way to the small hill and quickly take my foot off the accelerator again at the top, then all 4 wheels are airborne and I gently land back on the ground a moment later.
Until now I thought that there is a limit to everything, but after one day in this perfectly constructed work and fun machine FORD has proven to me that nothing is impossible.

Thank you for letting me live this dream!

The new Ranger Raptor extends the powerful Ford Performance model family.
Fans in North America will be acquainted with the model name “Raptor“. Ford uses this name for selected high-performance pick-ups and commercial vehicles – beginning with the F-150 SVT Raptor of the first generation, which was specially tuned for high speeds off-road. The Ranger Raptor, developed by Ford Performance, was launched onto various global markets, including Europe, in 2018 and gained a new fan base among the hard-core friends of off-road flatbed trucks.

Photo Copyrights: Ford Motor Company (Switzerland) SA

Passionate about sleep

Swedish Excellence and the ambition to build the best beds in the world is innate to the people at “Hästens”. The fabulous beds are characterised by natural materials, old-fashioned craftsmanship and the company’s distinctive DNA, the “blue check” pattern.

The world is changing but the dedication to craftsmanship remains. This has been the philosophy at Hästens since its foundation in 1852 and the company has been perfecting its craft for generations in its in-house atelier in Köping, Sweden. The beds are nothing without the established craft and the craft is only as good as those who practice it. Sleep is the most natural thing in the world and this is also the reason why the beds are only manufactured from the same natural materials as in the beginning when the first beds were made: cotton, linen, horsehair and pure wool. Natural materials have a number of advantages for healthy sleep – including the property of supporting and relieving your body so the blood can circulate freely. They simultaneously allow air to circulante around your body, lower the temperature and as such help you to fall asleep quicker and to remain in a state of deep sleep longer.

A work of art in the bedroom
A masterpiece is not the end but a new beginning because at the exact moment when a bed is completed, work begins on the next bed. At Hästens it never stops and this is the reason why the company is also open to new approaches and creative minds of our time driven by inspiration. What would we create if an architect designed a bed or we would take our inspiration from the world of Haute Couture? Or perhaps a designer who is inspired by different cultures from throughout the world? Legendary designs are not achieved by sitting around idly, but by working together on a highly creative level.

Bed manufacture broke new ground when the Canadian designer Ferris Rafauli Wege presented a bed which ranked as one of the most exclusive beds in the world – the Grand Vividus. Rafauli, who is known globally for his innovative projects for luxury apartments, wanted to improve the design of the most comfortable bed in the world, by making it an architectonic statement that would transform any bedroom into a splendid and opulent chamber. With its finest leather, polished wood, nubuck and brass decoration and its elegant architectural lines, the Grand Vividus is showcased as a work of art and majestic focus of every bedroom.

In a world full of dreamers
«It is the master of ultimate luxury. There is no-one who presents the traditions we have at Hästens better than Rafauli», claims Jan Ryde, CEO and fifth generation owner of Hästens. On the occasion of the 170 anniversary of the company this year, the collaboration with Rafauli was continued and a new chapter began in the Hästens history, which is dedicated to the «drēmǝr». Drēmǝr are inspiring people who do more than just dream and lead a conventional life. They are conscious of their inner greatness and make their dreams, both small and large, come true. This is the impetus for the drēmǝr being launched on the market on the day of the anniversary and is simultaneously intended to embody six generations of dreams, achievements, excellence, mission and mastery for the traditional company. Of course this bed was also manufactured with meticulous craftsmanship and completed with unique textiles designed by Ferris Rafauli – the same material used for the Grand Vividus. Rafauli’s basic principle is simple and goes like this, «creations should be timeless but still correspond to our time. My designs play with and arouse the senses in their opulence and extravagance, but remain classical and formal».

Photos Copyrights: Hästens

An excellent alliance

Perrier-Jouët and the GUIDE Michelin celebrate the chefs of the world together

Perrier-Jouët – for more than 200 years, the champagne house has been standing for perfection, elegance and unconditional love for exquisite artisanship. The maison is synonymous with the making of great wines and the refinement of the Chardonnay grapes. The elegant and flowery flavour of the cuvées is their unmistakable hallmark. The same goes for the prestigious Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque, whose bottles are engraved with the white anemone of “Art Nouveau” pioneer, Émile Gallé, based upon the close relations to the art scene.

Cuisines with star level

The Michelin Guide has been awarding for not yet 200 years, but about 100 years already, its stars every year, thus acknowledging the extraordinary achievements of chefs all over the world. What once began as a repair shop guide for French motorists in 1900, is the red book most anticipated by chefs worldwide today. The Michelin Guide, which by now is published in various country versions, no longer deals with four wheels and their maintenance. The people responsible for the publication of the book in various country-specific versions decide every year on the excellence served in cuisines all over the world. Once a year, it is announced during a festive ceremony what stars are confirmed or whose magic cuisine may celebrate being awarded one or more new stars.

A new partner for culinary highlights

In 2022 the event for the publication of the Swiss Michelin Guide was held at the traditional École Hôtelière de Lausanne. The representatives not only revealed the secret surrounding the stars. They also announced that there will be a close collaboration with the French Champagne label Perrier-Jouët in the future.

We are standing for a community of passionate gourmets and friends.

Stefan Heilemann

Excellent Ambassador

One who is glad to be inspired by the excellence of Perrier-Jouët happens to be starred chef Stefan Heilemann. The chef at the traditional hotel WIDDER in Zurich not only is the brand ambassador of Perrier-Jouët, but he loves to refine his dishes with a drop of champagne. The «Heilemann’s poached Oysters x Perrier-Jouët blanc de blancs» is a real highlight served by the cook.

Here is the recipe from the Chef of the Year 2021

Images: Perrier Jouët / Pernod Ricard

Perrier-Jouët and Guide Michelin

A partnership dedicated to excellence

For roughly 100 years the French Guide Michelin has been awarding its stars and as such acknowledging the exceptional achievements of head chefs worldwide. The ceremony itself, which takes place once a year and in which existing stars are reaffirmed, new stars are awarded for the first time or also no longer awarded, is therefore always an absolute highlight – and a tense, emotional experience for the culinary wizards in the kitchen. This year the event took place at the traditional École hôtelière de Lausanne.

During the ceremony the responsible parties not only revealed the secret of the star recipients, but officially introduced Perrier-Jouët as partner of the Guide Michelin Switzerland. The objective of the collaboration with the exclusive Champagne company is to promote creativity within the local culinary scene and to provide a stage for aspiring talents.

Perrier-Jouët represents the development of major wines and is synonymous with the refinement of the Chardonnay vine. Founded in 1811 in Epernay, to date eight cellar masters have shaped its history. And guarded the secret behind the unique cuvée. With the very first taste you can distinguish the elegant, flowery panache, which has inspired numerous head chefs to include the Champagne in their recipes. In Switzerland these include Rolf Fliegauf from the ECCO in Ascona and Jeroen Achtien in the SENS restaurant in Vitznauerhof. Stefan Heilemann, who currently holds two Michelin stars and 18 Gault Millau points, also created a very special oyster dish. In this case you may and should cook it yourself.

Here is the recipe from the Chef of the Year 2021

Images: Perrier Jouët / Pernod Ricard