Legendary on a new level

A legend reaches a new level. Breathe in the fragrance, sense the change. Being a man also means having the scent of a man. Or in other words: It means having the scent of Invictus Platinum.

«Invictus» is synonymous with masculinity. Fragrant, purpose-fulfilling, triumphant masculinity. As early as 2013, Paco Rabanne launched the first fragrance bearing his name onto the market. A powerful fragrance that attracted fans and fame worldwide. A scent that combines audacity, self-confidence and determination. But time passes and things change. A good reason for the French fashion house to «shake things up» and to «experiment to the limits, to change mentalities». The perfume «Invictus Platinum» is therefore not simply a new edition; it translates the irreverent spirit and the colorful facets of Paco Rabanne into a modern and new world of sensuality.

The content makes all the difference

«Each new product is like telling a new story », says Domitille Michalon-Bertier, who was already responsible for the fragrances «Invictus Legend» and «Invictus Victory». «And Invictus Platinum encapsulates a real, impressive signature fragrance that leaves an unforgettable resonance – a scent that is both spontaneous and natural.» Ingredients such as absinthe, mugwort as well as balsam fir and oak moss plus a hint of patchouli create a unique mix, which – according to the maker – «produces an aromatic, almost cold scent with a metallic effect ». A floral undertone is added with the complementary duo of cypress and lavender. A veritable masterpiece and a piece of art. 

The best version possible

In conjunction with the director Airton Carmignani, Paco Rabanne has also given «Invictus» visual and modern rebranding. Although it would be more fitting to say that it has been raised spectacularly and with prominent support to a new and extremely high visual level. The star of the new visual campaign, of the really impressive film for the new fragrance is Jalen Green. An NBA star, 20 years old, whose motto is «to become the best version of myself for myself ». These bold and courageous words reflect the discourse about the new «Invictus». It is about going to the limits and, as the name suggests, becoming invincible and as such unique. Or to conclude with the words of Domitielle Michalons-Bertier: «We must enjoy the pleasures of life in every single moment.» 

Appreciating Art at its highest level

The artwork «Right Here, Right Now» is a pleasure for all the senses. An impressive thank you from the Danish artist Jeppe Hein for the «carte blanche» at the Maison Ruinart.  

It is old and beautiful. The first of its kind: the Maison Ruinart. The house of Champagne opened its doors for the first time in 1729. The landlord was Nicolas Ruinart. His uncle, the monk Dom Thierry Ruinart had told him of the «Wine with pearls». He had had his first contact with it during his time in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés abbey. Popular among young noblemen and women and at the aristocratic courts, it still lacked a name at this time, but had abundant connoisseurs. Nicolas recognized the potential of the pearl wine. As however at that time there was still a ban dictating that the transport of wine was restricted exclusively to barrels, he had to be patient with realizing his concept – the Maison Ruinart. In 1728 the time was ripe; wine could be transported in bottles effective immediately. And Nicolas laid the foundation stone of a now almost 300 year old success story.

ort von Wein ausschliesslich auf Fässer beschränkte, musste er mit der Umsetzung seiner Idee – der Maison Ruinart – warten. Im Jahr 1728 war es dann so weit, ab sofort durfte Wein in Flaschen transportiert werden. Und Nicolas legte den Grundstein einer nun fast 300 Jahre andauernden Erfolgsgeschichte. 

An artistic production

To honor the house and keep the family heritage alive, Ruinart issues contemporary artists today with a so-called «Carte blanche» once a year. The intention is both a challenge and an aspiration that an artist confronts the theme of the Maison Ruinart, the unique history of the brand and the exclusivity of the Champagne in their own specific manner. This year the Danish artist, living in Berlin, Jeppe Hein, received the card. And he skillfully displayed his artistic flair. Sun, earth, water and air – Champagne could not be produced without these four elements. They therefore became Hein’s source of  inspiration for the artwork «Right Here, Right Now» created specifically for Ruinart. His words on the subject: «It is important to me that my art helps people to understand who they are and where they are going, but also how they can be present in the here and now. Because with our hectic lifestyle we sometimes forget to enjoy the moment and to experience it consciously.»

An exclusive exchange with kindred spirits

The result is, strictly speaking, not a finished work of art but an installation that inspires the observer to participate. It unfolds the different steps in Champagne production and invites you to use your conscious, pleasurable perception. The scent of a Chardonnay blossom, raisins to touch, large boards in different shapes and colors on which the visitors can leave their ideas in chalk. Hein says himself he would like to encourage dialogue. He would like to develop Nicolas‘ idea of creating a place for interaction and a meeting point – Maison Ruinart – from an artist’s perspective. As did his predecessors, Jaume Plensa, Liu Bolin, Vik Muniz and David Shrigley. Hein‘s work can also be experienced at other locations, including at Art Basel, the Frieze London and the Gallery Weekend in Berlin. Since its debut at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris in April 2022 the installation has been travelling the globe, enticing us to join in an exclusive and pleasurable interconnection. 

Photos Copyrights: Mathieu BONNEVIE, Strempel Photography

A Pre-Owned Watch

Timeless, precious and shaped by stories – the boom in Certified Pre-Owned watches.

The demand for luxury watches is exploding; the value of CPO watches has partially multiplied in the past few years. What lies behind this particular fascination with rare models from renowned brands? They are easier to obtain than new watches, the mechanism is impressive, every watch tells its own story and on top of that it is usually also a sound investment. At Bucherer, CPO watches have been in focus for some time. Each week there are highlights on offer on the website with integrated web shop. The Global Head Europe for Pre-Owned watches at Bucherer, Odilo Lamprecht, answered our questions. 

How long have you been working with Pre-Owned watches and which timepiece was number one in your personal collection?
Odilo Lamprecht: I always had a flair for watches but it is only since I began working for Bucherer that I have been actively involved in the field. As there is immediate availability of Certified Pre-Owned watches, I was keen on several models straight away and was able to build up an interesting collection in a short time. 

… is there one watch that you particularly fancy at the moment?
If the passion has already seized you it is difficult to answer this question precisely and conclusively …there are new watches as well as watches from our Certified Pre-Owned portfolio that constantly catch my eye. 

The purchase of a watch – whether it is new or worn – is always an extremely emotional experience. What does the customer get at Bucherer?
The customer can buy both online as well as in our stores. In the boutiques we ensure a very luxurious customer experience. Certified Pre-Owned areas are not only simply sales areas, but also meeting places for all watch enthusiasts, who often meet with like-minded watch lovers for a drink, e.g. at the bar on the second floor of the Zurich Bucherer boutique with a sensational view of Bahnhofstrasse. All Certified Pre-Owned watches are also available in the Bucherer online shop; customers can always discover our changing collections, an exciting and emotional experience that can also arouse the hunting instinct.

How do you at Bucherer guarantee that the customer also gets authenticity? 
All our watches are tested by a certified watchmaker for functionality and authenticity. All watches are completely serviced; access to original spare parts is essential in this process. A two-year international Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned guarantee completes the experience. As such Bucherer’s customers never incur the risk.

Do you think that certified models replace new models? 
Certified Pre-Owned watches are an exciting alternative to new watches.

Is the collection value higher when the customer keeps the original documents and the original box? What is the policy at Bucherer? 
The original documents and box are definitely important. However the condition of the watch is the main factor for determining the price. 

When you think of your target groups, do they prefer stationary trading or the online platform when purchasing a watch? 
Bucherer has several boutiques at top locations, in particular in Switzerland in all major cities, so we can welcome the vast majority of our customers primarily in the stores. In others countries, where Bucherer is not represented as extensively, the online ratio is higher.

The main target group for ADAM THE MAGAZINE is between 25 and 39 years old. How do you appeal to Generation Z in the world of CPO watches? 
Certified Pre-Owned watches are products that basically appeal to all age groups. In the past few weeks we have initiated a dedicated Gen-Z campaign and regularly conduct Gen Z events to get specifically the younger customers enthusiastic about the topic.

So when you say that the millennials are keen on CPO watches, can that be understood as a sustainability topic? 
The positive aspect of luxury watches is that they have been produced for an eternity. In this respect it is self-evident that these products will also be worn across generations. 

Bucherer has opened a Pop-Up-Store with Enea in the luxury department store, Globus, on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. What does Bucherer wish to convey/aim to achieve with this step?
The partnership with Enea is built on the idea of «timeless values». Bucherer and Enea are both family companies and we share the same standards in quality, aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship. Bucherer and Enea want to fuse the past with the present using this consistent vision. Visitors to the Pop-up spaces in Zurich experience the curated selection of unique Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned timepieces, embedded in impressions of an urban garden landscape of the future. Enea has managed to create a spatial platform, a green design oasis in which watch, design and garden enthusiasts can linger and exchange experiences. Community and experience concepts are again in the foreground here.

How do you envisage the future of Certified Pre-Owned?
Bucherer invests a lot of time and effort in this certification to provide customers with a high level of trust in Pre-Owned products. Because this is the only way that the market can continue to survive and grow in the long term. As an official retailer of the leading watch brands we are constantly seeking contact and try to set a new course for the future of Certified Pre-Owned in conjunction with the brands. 

Signora Del Morellino

The Fattoria Le Pupille Winery is nestled between meadows and vineyards, situated in the heart of Maremma. Over thirty years ago Elisabetta Geppetti took over the winery from her father-in-law, Fredi, and within the shortest space of time SHE HAS ESTABLISHED THE ELITE OF THE ITALIAN WINES. 

Is the wine business in your blood or when did it become clear that you wanted to enter into the winemaking world?
At the beginning wine was simply a passion, because at that time I studied Art History in the Faculty of Humanities at Pisa University. When Fredi died it became clear that winemaking was my vocation. I sensed immediately that I had to follow this passion, which was not just mine but his as well. 

What does tradition mean to you?
For me tradition is the essence of a place or a community of people in constant development to a higher level of consciousness. It is roughly the same concept that I always try to convey to my children: to stay faithful to themselves and to adapt to a consistently changing world.

Tradition or innovation?
Definitely both. In my opinion you always have to respect your own history, whether it is your personal history or that of a territory and in the process to strive for continuous improvement – in harmony with the time in which we live.

What is it that fascinates you about your profession?
Even after many years of experience I am still as impatient and curious as on the first day. What will Mother Nature offer us in this new year, how will the vintage be, how much rain will we get and which winds will blow our way. Winemaking does not just mean working the land and the vineyards, but also looking up at the sky and sometimes saying a prayer.

Which grape varieties do you grow most frequently and which are your location wine specialities?
Our vineyards are situated in the heart of the appellation Morellino di Scansano, therefore the Morellino di Scansano is our most representative wine. However, we became internationally known due to the classic Saffredi, a Bordeaux blend, and the Sangiovese-Cru Poggio Valente – two Crus from the heart of Maremma from an elevation of between 250 and 300 meters.

The Fattoria Le Pupille Winery is situated in the beautiful Tuscan Maremma. What influence do the environment, the climate and nature have on your wine?
The microclimate plays a very significant role and we are extremely lucky because almost all our vineyards are situated on hilly terrain, not far from the sea and in a very sunny location. I always had the impression that the sun in Maremma shines a little bit brighter than anywhere else.  

What makes your wines so special? Is there a secret that can share with us?
Thank you for the praise; that makes me very happy. However, I do not think that we weave any secrets into the production of our wines. Ultimately the wines are the reflection of that which we are as a company and as a family – and one of our most important values is the attention to detail.

How important is organic cultivation?
Organic cultivation is an issue that is very close to our hearts. At the moment we are conducting tests on several plots and hope that we can convert all our vineyards to organic cultivation in the future, even if we have been operating agriculturally for years with a low environmental impact and have joined other projects that are promoted by the Ministry for environmental transition. 

Which of your wines are you particularly proud of?
Wines are like children, I love them all!

Which questions should one definitely ask of a winemaker?
Which wine would you drink on judgment day?
The answer may reveal that it is not necessarily one of our wines. Wine producers are like artists: to create their works they require constant inspiration. 

Photos Copyrights: Fattoria Le Pupille

Timeless values

Lohri offers an extensive and very lovingly curated collection of sophisticated vintage and pre-owned timepieces for all lovers of exquisite watches. Several of the models have written chapters in the history of time, others are coveted rarities that make collectors’ hearts beat faster. We met the team responsible for the Certified-Pre-Owned (CPO) watch world at Lohri for an interview and began the search for you.

Mr. Kupper, why is «old» more popular than «new»?

Colin Kupper: The increasing demand for second-hand watches is based on different factors. We feel on the one hand that the topic of sustainability has also assumed a central role in the watch industry. There is a trend towards long-lasting watches and the timepieces are still cutting-edge and in demand after years. This is also the reason why limited edition watches in particular can often only be purchased on the CPO market. In addition, a number of luxury watch manufacturers are making the latest editions of iconic pieces from the 60s and 70s again. However, a reproduction can never replace an original from this time, as they have their very own charm. Something else that definitely played a role in the past few years is that people had more time due to the pandemic to research watches and now they are interested in the new offer of certified pre-owned timepieces. They have gained increased appreciation. Knowledge about sustainability often encourages the customer to prioritize a watch from the secondary market over a new watch.

Will this boom continue over the next few years?

Colin Kupper: We are convinced that the CPO market will continue to grow. Watch dealers in particular, who are the official agents for known luxury watch brands, sense the great potential for the certified second-hand watch market. The customers have recognized that this form of watch purchase provides them with completely new possibilities and is extremely attractive. Wearing a pre-owned watch has become completely fashionable.

Which brands do you trade and sell in the CPO sector?

Colin Kupper: We stock a wide range of vintage and new watches. We also offer exquisite collector’s pieces, so every watch enthusiast can find exactly the right time-piece. Basically almost every watch finds a new home, regardless of the brand. We also trade, of course, in luxury brands and not with fashion watches and there has to be a basic level of quality and intrinsic value.

As an expert in second-hand, vintage and collector pieces you also offer the possibility to exchange watches? How does that work exactly and where can the customer get an evaluation beforehand?

Colin Kupper: It is very simple to get an evaluation at our store and we offer three options: The customer can spontaneously bring their second-hand watch to one of our stores, send photos of the watch using an online form or send us the photos via WhatsApp. At the same time they can tell us which watch they are interested in acquiring. We can ascertain the trade-in value for the watch within a few days. This offer is free-of-charge for our customers. Incidentally we offer the best price in Switzerland for second-hand watches! If you want a change or would like to have something new, call by and trade in your second-hand watch and leave the store with a pre-owned or vintage piece.

Which service can the customer expect from you in contrast to the anonymous online market, what makes Lohri stand out?

Colin Kupper: Our know-how and our experience! Since the 80s our family has been extremely passionate about vintage watch trading on a worldwide scale and as an official agent for premium and luxury watches we have years of experience with high-quality prestige models – with current models as well as rare time-pieces. Another valuable asset is that all watches are checked by our special-ized watchmakers on site in Zug and tested and certified for their authenticity and integrity. This gives our CPO customers the security and guarantee that they are not purchasing stolen or counterfeit products. Thanks to our know-how in the luxury watch sector we can inform all our customers precisely on the value of the watch in question and issue a comprehensive watch description. This clear overview of the condition of the watch helps the customer to decide whether to sell or not. We offer this service in all of our Lohri boutiques as well as online. But of course, speaking personally with a watch connoisseur or watch-maker and looking at the timepiece together is a service that is very much appreciated and often given preference by our customers. The sale and acquisition of a second-hand or vintage watch in our renowned boutique is a unique experience, because watches are our passion.

A world first: Hublot unveils the first 100% ceramic minute repeater

Three firsts for two very high-level limited series: Hublot, is at the
leading-edge of Haute Horlogerie

Being the first, different and unique has never been truer than for this Big Bang Integral Minute Repeater Ceramic. The first ceramic minute repeater in the world, the first Integral Big Bang in black ceramic, the first with a tourbillon: Hublot is pushing the limits of fine watch making far, very far. But as always, we do not see it as a zenith: it is a milestone which, in turn, will open up new horizons leading us to other horological explorations.

A few crowns, sometimes bezels, possibly a pusher. Until now, other than a few anecdotal components, ceramic has never been mastered sufficiently to be fully used in a Minute Repeater. Today, we have turned a page: Hublot is the first watchmaker in the world to design, manufacture and assemble a Cathedral Minute Tourbillon Repeater entirely in ceramic.

This is a colossal challenge that Hublot has just pulled off. Ceramic is an extremely hard material both to machine and finish. The colouring of the ceramic requires exceptional precision in firing to obtain a perfectly homogeneous result. Until now, it has never been possible to guarantee the water-resistance of the case, despite the movable trigger piece which operates the Minute Repeater. Nor, for that matter, has it been possible to obtain a clear and powerful sound within a 100% ceramic case; achieving this is a world first.

It took some 20 years of mastering ceramic to achieve such a result. The process was difficult because the challenges were all closely tied: the monochrome ceramic is very complex to machine, which complicates the design of the case, which in turn can compromise water resistance, the guarantee of a pure and crystal-clear sound. All the parameters are interlinked. A single mistake, the slightest approximation, and you have to start again from scratch. The Big Bang Integral Minute Repeater Ceramic is not therefore a triumph over a material, but rather a declaration of complete interdisciplinary watchmaking mastery, spanning all the skills of Haute Horlogerie. It stakes the claim for absolute craftsmanship in its most comprehensive expression.

It will by no means be a unique piece. We see it rather as an accomplished prototype than proof of fine manufacturing achievement. Hublot therefore presents 36 pieces, each measuring 43mm in diameter divided into 18 pieces in black ceramic and 18 in white ceramic. These two Big Bangs belong to the same family: Integral Ceramic. Unveiled in 2020, it features parts made entirely of ceramic: the case, bracelet, bezel and case back. This is moreover the first time that a Big Bang Integral Ceramic has been produced in a black version.

It is not the only ‘first’: It is also the first time that this collection includes a tourbillon, entirely crafted in house, as is customary with Hublot. It is housed in a MHUB801 calibre, with manual winding, providing 80 hours of power reserve, in other words more than three days – an exceptional power reserve for a tourbillon, but not at all unusual for Hublot, since it holds the world record for a tourbillon power reserve (50 days).

Hublot mastered the Minute Repeater long ago. Indeed, in 2014, Hublot received a Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) for its Classic Fusion Cathedral Tourbillon Minute Repeater. However, this is the first time that Hublot has transposed this Grande Complication, a Tourbillon Minute Repeater, within its Big Bang, in addition, in one of its most prestigious achievements, the Integral Ceramic.

A superlative timepiece, the Big Bang Integral Minute Repeater Ceramic is equally a technical and decorative complication. These two aspects have been merged, to create an authentic Grande Complication which is intended
for discerning collectors. Those who are defining the Haute Horlogerie of tomorrow, today.

IWC extends TOP GUN collection

with new models in Ceratanium® and black ceramic

Schaffhausen, 30th March – As the Watches and Wonders exhibition opens in Geneva, IWC Schaffhausen launches two new TOP GUN models in its Pilot’s Watches collection. The Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 TOP GUN Ceratanium® is the first 41-millimetre chronograph in this collection in full Ceratanium®. This ground-breaking new material is light and robust like titanium, and at the same time similarly hard and scratch-resistant like ceramic. The Big Pilot’s Watch 43 TOP GUN in black zirconium oxide ceramic is the first TOP GUN Big Pilot in a 43-millimetre case size. The novelties are powered by IWC-manufactured movements from the 69000 and 82000 calibre families.

2022 is the year of IWC TOP GUN. In addition to launching the new “Lake Tahoe” and “Woodland” editions in white and green ceramic, IWC completes the TOP GUN collection with two new models in Ceratanium® and black ceramic. These timepieces reflect the technical and performance-oriented design that has been the hallmark of IWC TOP GUN since the brand introduced the Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph TOP GUN back in 2007.

Ceratanium® debuted in the IWC Pilot’s Watches collection with the Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph TOP GUN Ceratanium® in 2019. Now, this innovative new material returns to the TOP GUN collection with the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 TOP GUN Ceratanium® (Ref. IW388106), the first 41-millimetre Chronograph in this collection with a case, pushers and a crown made of Ceratanium®. In addition to offering outstanding material properties like reduced weight and high scratch resistance, the most striking feature of Ceratanium® is its matte-black color, which IWC and Pantone have specified as “IWC Ceratanium®”. The dark and slightly metallic shade results from a unique manufacturing process: it develops on the surface of the material when the case components are fired at high temperatures in a kiln. Subdued white print and luminescence on the black dial and black hands underscore the all-black, stealthy design. The IWC- manufactured 69385 calibre chronograph movement is visible through the tinted sapphire glass case back. The timepiece is fitted on a black rubber strap with textile inlay.

The Big Pilot’s Watch in black ceramic has been a staple in IWC’s TOP GUN line since 2012. Today, it becomes available in an ergonomic 43-millimetre case size for the first time. The Big Pilot’s Watch 43 TOP GUN (Ref. IW329801) features a case made of black zirconium oxide ceramic, a titanium case back, as well as black dial and hands. The engineering ceramic used for the case offers maximum protection against scratches. IWC and Pantone have specified the black ceramic color as “IWC Jet Black”. The timepiece is powered by the IWC- manufactured 82100 calibre movement. The Pellaton winding system has been fitted with components made of virtually wear-free ceramic, and builds up a power reserve of 60 hours. The integrated EasX-CHANGE® allows to change the green textile strap effortlessly. A soft-iron inner case protects the movement from the effects of magnetic fields, while the front glass is secured to remain in its place even if there is a sudden drop of air pressure.

The Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 TOP GUN Ceratanium® and the Big Pilot’s Watch 43 TOP GUN will be available through IWC boutiques, authorised retail partners or online at The timepieces are eligible for registration under the My IWC care program, benefiting from a 6-year extension to the standard 2-year International Limited Warranty.

Welcome to the third dimension with H. Moser & Cie

Neuhausen am Rheinfall, March 29th, 2022

Three-dimensional power. This is what will strike you when first seeing the Pioneer Cylindrical Tourbillon Skeleton from H. Moser & Cie. With this skeleton model, the Schaffhausen-based Manufacture has taken a new approach to its cylindrical tourbillon movement, which applies the principles of H. Moser & Cie.’s expertise in this area. Under a slightly domed sapphire crystal, reflected in the curve of the sub-dial featuring Globolight® inserts, the one-minute flying tourbillon equipped with a cylindrical hairspring is especially eye-catching. Without a doubt, this is a dramatic, sculptural piece, but one which can be worn every day thanks to its balanced proportions and water-resistance up to 12 ATM.

H. Moser & Cie. cultivates the art of contrast. For this piece, the company consciously selected the Pioneer case. With its contemporary and adventurous look and feel inspired by the industrial world, it showcases the HMC 811 three-dimensional Manufacture calibre, designed to be a true work of art. This large, fully skeletonised movement with a 34 mm diameter enhances the “balletic dance” of the one-minute flying tourbillon, equipped with a cylindrical hairspring at 6 o’clock. Invented in the 18th century, the cylindrical hairspring rises perpendicularly around the upper stem of the balance spindle. A frequent feature on marine chronometers at the time, it offers the advantage of developing concentrically. Thanks to the cylindrical hairspring, fitted with two Breguet curves attached at two points, friction on the pivots is reduced and the isochronal properties improved, even more when the hairspring is combined with a tourbillon as is the case here. Today, the cylindrical hairspring is particularly difficult to produce because it requires very specific know-how and tools. The teams at Precision Engineering AG, H. Moser & Cie.’s sister company, had to remaster this expertise, as each cylindrical hairspring is shaped by hand, taking ten times longer to produce than a traditional hairspring.

At 12 o’clock, a small, domed sub-dial reflects the curve of the sapphire crystal and features the company’s signature colour, Funky Blue fumé. The white H. Moser & Cie. logo has a certain subtlety about it, while the indices are much bolder: created using Globolight®, a ceramic-based material containing Super-LumiNova®, these add to the three-dimensional nature of the piece, as do the inserts which top the hour and minute hands, also in Globolight®.

A skeleton model of the new HMC 811 calibre is used here, on both the front and the reverse side, where a large, gold and fully open rotor oscillates. The beauty of this movement is further enhanced by the lightness of the flying tourbillon, which twirls gracefully under the sapphire crystal. The Pioneer Cylindrical Tourbillon Skeleton represents an important step for H. Moser & Cie., as it enters the skeleton watch segment and defines its own principles for this type of watchmaking.

The Pioneer Cylindrical Tourbillon Skeleton model features a black alligator leather strap, but can also be worn with a steel, rubber, textile or kudu leather strap, providing a variety of options. Even with its powerful yet elegant aesthetic, this dramatic piece is highly wearable thanks to its 15.3 mm thickness. Water-resistant to 12 ATM, it can be worn just as easily with a shirt as it can for sports or setting out on an adventure.

H. Moser & Cie.’s own and unique take on Haute Horlogerie.

Visions in Blue

Bucherer surprises. Consistently. The Bucherer Blue Project is now continuing with exviting collaborations within and outside the watch sector. What’s more Blue Space is opening in the Bucherer Gallery on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse.

Customers today want to be able to experience products and their history. And few understand how to create a complete world of experience like the traditional Swiss company Bucherer. Their motto from the outset has been to continuously reinvent themselves and to move with the times. Founded in 1888, Bucherer is considered to date as one of the visionaries in the branch. Dictating the pace instead of imitating the competition. Consequently Bucherer has expanded in the past few years and become the largest provider of watches and jewellery worldwide. Not to mention the Certified Pre-Owned sector, also completely in touch with the latest trends.

Bucherer BLUE has without a doubt been a particular success story over the past few years. Launched in 2016, Bucherer worked on this project with the most renowned manufacturers, as a sign of a close or sometimes longstanding liaison. They created special editions inspired by the colour blue especially for the traditional Swiss company. Since then roughly 50 masterpieces have been created by 24 watch brands, including Audemars Piguet, Baume & Mercier, Blancpain, Breguet, Chopard, Hublot, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget or Vacheron Constantin, to name just a few. And (fortunately) the portfolio of the blue “Trouvaillen“ continues to grow.

The journey continues
This can be seen for example in the “Carl F. Bucherer Heritage BiCompax Annual Bucherer BLUE“, a limited number taken from the new model captivates with spectacular 3D effects of the New York Skyline – a homage to the reopening of the legendary Time Machine Flagship Stores in New York. This special edition is exclusively available in New York. Or the two models “Longines Spirit Automatic Bucherer BLUE“ and “Longines Spirit Chronograph Bucherer BLUE“, both timepieces are appearing for the first time with black DLC casing and blue accents and celebrate the aeronautics and daring of the pilots. The new models include the “FREAK X Bucherer BLUE“ by Ulysse Nardin with its balance wheel visible to the naked eye and made of Carbonium®, a composite of “phased out” materials, which is also used in the aviation industry and means 40 percent less environmental impact.

More than just watches
The BLUE collaborations however surpass timepieces. That was clear from the outset, when Bucherer presented the unique specimen of a super exclusive Harley Davidson, which is currently on display in the Bucherer Flagship in New York. Completely true to the BLUE concept and at 1.888 million Swiss francs, the most valuable motorbike in the world. Ultimately, the Lamborghini Aventador S also marked another unexpected highlight; it is also a unique piece.
But there are also more affordable options, as demonstrated for example by the Danish Label Shamballa Jewels from the brothers Mads and Mikkel Kornerup. The bracelets, which form a bridge between Eastern philosophy and Nordic Design, became cult pieces a long time ago. With “Shamballa Bucherer BLUE Special Editions“ beautiful arm jewellery was created using individual Lapis pearls. The mystic blue of the semiprecious stones perfectly harmonizes in turn with the timepieces in blue, for example the IWC Schaffhausen „Portugieser Chronograph Bucherer BLUE“, in which the precision scale in blue harmoniously frames the white dial. Or even the Panerai Luminor GMT Bucherer BLUE, in which the Swiss art of watch making, Italian Design and the maritime brand’s legacy merge. Its GMT function is one of the most popular complications from Panerai and makes the watch the perfect travel companion. And “travel“ is a good keyword because Bucherer also has something in the luggage line for jetsetters: Working closely with the Berlin start-up Horizn Studios, the stylish carry-on luggage was created „Horizn Studios M5 Smart Cabin Trolley“, in which purism and accent meet in the form of Electric Blue on matt black. Built-in power bank and top case included.

For the community
And another exciting BLUE premier can be seen this summer in the Zurich Flagship Store: the BLUE Space in the Gallery area, with which Bucherer once again proves its visionary spirit. 160 square metres of lifestyle, crafts, art and enjoyment. The BLUE Space – kept completely in white, clear lines, while the timepieces and accessories are illuminated to perfection. In conjunction with the Zurich start-up Artdeal, works of art are curated and staged as in a gallery. Pure aesthetics. The expansion of the store in the second floor creates on one hand more space for the Certified Pre-Owned area, but also for the BLUE Collection and masterpieces from Haute Horlogerie. Designed as a meeting point for watch fans and lovers of modern lifestyles. A community space that entices you to enjoy and exchange conversations in its stylish bar and the lounge area. Welcome to the (blue) Bucherer universe

Fotos: Bucherer

Personal Development of Potential

“The focus has shifted from the quantity to the quality of life.”

Dr. George Gaitanos is the chief operating and scientific officer at Chenot. He talked to us about the Brand’s unique well-being and feel good concepts, about the creator and if course about the effects of the pandemic on each person’s life as well as on his own.

Who was Henri Chenot and why was he a veritable visionary?
Dr. George Gaitanos: The story of the Chenot movement began 50 years ago. Henri Chenot‘s vision and passion created an innovative approach to the improvement of people’s health and the lifestyle of each individual. It was his objective to detoxify people. He had recognized at an early stage that we are only really in good health when body, mind and soul work in harmony and convey a deep feeling of peace and happiness. If this harmony is disrupted or is lacking entirely, our bodies collect toxins more rapidly and our health deteriorates increasingly and visibly. Chenot was an advocate of prevention and already in the 70s he highlighted how important it is to take responsibility for your own health and your well-being as early as possible in life and to invest in it.

How did the Chenot Method, which can be experienced today in eight countries, originate?
At that time Henri Chenot combined the latest scientific advancements from Western medicine and diagnostics with the best from Chinese medicine. The result was the Chenot Method, which is applied today predominantly in the Chenot Palace Weggis as the central therapeutic approach. He also coined the term «Biontology» – the science of optimal ageing. Our founder was the first one, who spoke openly about issues such as «preventive ageing» or also «successful ageing». Up to his death at the end of 2020 he devoted his time to research into health and well-being. His motto: The source for a long, healthy life can be found in the ideal combination of genetics, lifestyle and environment.

Please sum up briefly the most significant features/content of the Chenot Method.
Our concept is preventive and not pathologically aimed at repair and illness. We do not heal illnesses; however we support the approach that the individual does not even become ill. The Chenot Method should support the body in the elimination of toxins, the assimilation of nutrients, in increasing its vitality and energy level, in rebalancing its physiology and it should ensure that the Health-Wellness-Index is consistently at its optimal level. Our method is unique in its use; it integrates and transmits energetic, physical and emotional signals to the body. In turn this helps the endogenous immune systems to be reactivated and the body rebuilds its own energy, functionality and inner harmony and keeps these over a longer period. The Chenot Method is tailored to the needs of each individual, ensuring that both body and mind can attain their individual optimal level.

Key word holistic approach – this is the central theme in the Chenot Method.
The advanced medical screening tests in the Chenot Method aim primarily at understanding the individuality of the person and their current status of optimal health and well-being. Using the «Lifestyle Biomarkers» measurement, as we call it, the effects of personal lifestyle and one’s own lifestyle are assessed for the respective health and well-being. This allows us to personalize the programme. Our approach is integrative and personalized. We treat the guest from the moment of their arrival, health specialists and experts assess the complete essence of the patient – of course this is conducted with absolute discretion and under medical confidentiality. Internal advanced screening tests and the most up-todate diagnostics are also offered, to facilitate an individual programme. All treatments are constantly monitored and are interlinked during the guest’s entire transformation experience. This tailored approach is the basis for our success. The employees are an essential component of the process. Through his multidisciplinary approach, Chenot wants to help people to find their personal balance, to reinvent themselves and to attain their optimal level both physically and mentally.

Health prevention – which fundamental changes do you see here in society?
The view of a healthy life has changed. The focus has shifted from the quantity to the quality of life. Everyone may be in agreement that the absence of illness is a component of health, but it does not determine whether one is in a state of well-being. A healthy life requires interventions with regard to lifestyle; however the efforts are not motivated by the wish to avoid illnesses but rather by the wish to promote successful living and a higher level of vitality. We should regard well-being as a culture and not as a programme.

What can each individual do themselves to lead a higher quality lifestyle?
Every guest is different; therefore we initially concentrate on building the guest’s awareness for their own current state of health. Then we discuss which new practices the guest can integrate into their daily routine, with the objective of making these a habit in the long term. Essential elements of the programme that motivate the guest to lead a healthy lifestyle are our support in all nutrition matters during the stay, healthy eating, but not compromising on taste, and also the sense of an increase in well-being after leaving the hotel.

What can I consciously undertake for my well-being in this exceptional situation, i.e. in the pandemic?
We heal or damage ourselves by the way in which we live our lives every day. And there is no doubt that our life in the past two years has become increasingly more stressful than ever before. We are now experiencing a transformational experience. A time of physical isolation, disturbed routines, increased and fluctuating emotions, stress and instability. All these factors have negative effects on our mental and physical well-being. Therefore we have to find a way, not only to cope, but to be productive, motivated and happy and to discover a new feeling of satisfaction to live in this constantly changing environment. But not much has changed about the Chenot approach. However, the pandemic has certainly opened many people’s eyes to the fact that they should concentrate more on what is really important: Health and their well-being.

Fotos: Chenot Palace Weggis