The Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc has created a unique oasis of wellbeing. Thanks to Dior. Sinde mid-April, guests have been enjoying absolute luxury in the newly opened spa of the luxury hotel in France.

First you approach along a beautiful driveway and the anticipation grows. That’s because at the end of the drive, one of the most exclusive and beautiful places to go on holiday in France awaits: the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc. Since 1870, guests have experienced real luxury on a grand scale in this villa on the French Riviera. And this is what luxury means: privacy, culinary superlatives and, above all, no wish left unfulfilled. Not only is the service as discreet as it is perfect, but the «feel-good» factor is attended to in style. And now in a most special way in the spa belonging to the hotel. Newly opened and designed in cooperation with Dior, since April 2023 guests have experienced how Parisian elegance, nature and luxury can be combined in one place.

Christian Dior adored roses. He loved nature, which is why many fragrance creations from the House of Dior still bear a floral note. And that’s why it’s the hint of the floral that is the first thing you recall when you enter the new spa at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc. Then it’s time to switch off, uncouple, disconnect from everyday life. In the «Iyashi Dôme», traditional Japanese methods ensure that the body is brought back into balance in a natural way. This is assisted by various treatments such as the «Escale à Eden Roc ritual» and the «Roc affusion». The focus is on stones, water, items that nature gives us.

The site of this homage to wellbeing stands opposite a 100-year-old rose garden dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II. Yes, a little nostalgia. But anyone who has turned 90 is definitely a good testimonial when it comes to doing something good for yourself. Don’t you think?

Photos Copyrights: Dior, Oetker Collection