Life is pure courage in which we defy the fear of losing something. We have to learn to see what we can gain. This new edition is entitled desires. They actually show us what we really want in life and in this issue we want to satisfy that feeling. In this current
edition of ADAM there is a complete “Hot-List” of things for living in the moment and stories about people who have created their own present moment – notably Dieter Meier and Boris Blank, the sound creators of Yello or the trend researcher and humanitarian Li Edelkoort. What do they have in common? They live precisely now! Prosper and Martine Assouline created books with a rarity value, under a brand of the same name. They are a treasure chest for all literary aesthetes among us. Here is an ultimate selection of the great collections.

“The virtual world needs tangible things.”

Are you now ready to live life to the full ? We have leased some confidence, because ultimately we have most things under our own control. An edition full of positive vibes – so start reading or start living.