The Sanders is Copenhagen’s first luxury boutique hotel. An elegant venue that combines the glamorous age of travel with the drama of the theater. 

Denmark – copenhagen / Dänemark – Kopenhagen
55° 67′ N / 12° 58′ 0

He felt at home in the Royal Danish Theatre for many years, and now the Danish ballet dancer Alexander Kølpin has made a new home for himself, so to speak, around the corner from his former place of work. Since the end of 2017, the luxury boutique hotel Sanders has been welcoming its guests in the historic centre of Copenhagen. But the former insiders’ tip has now become a real hotspot – but has lost none of its tranquillity, elegance and quality. «Walking into the Sanders is like walking into a theatre», says Kølpin himself. Guests will always be the focal point, but the set design and carefully curated interiors will provide the elegant and exquisite backdrop to their experience. The passion, generosity and professionalism of our staff will coordinate the enactment to offer our guests an unforgettable experience. The entire building has an elegant mise-en-scène. Stylish but understated luxury meets lovingly designed retreats. The 53 rooms as well as the «Sanders Kitchen» restaurant and the «TATA» bar give you the feeling of being welcomed into a friend’s home as soon as you enter.

The roof terrace is open all day and offers a great view of the Danish capital’s old quarter. And in the inner courtyard you can enjoy an apéritif in the late afternoon after a tour of the city. The design of the hotel was influeced by Alexander Kølpin. Together with the London studio Lind + Almond and the founders of the Kølpin Hotels Group, which also includes the Sanders, they planned and implemented every detail of the building. What particularly pleases the former ballet dancer is the fact that many locals are also regulars. They like to drop by to enjoy a cocktail at TATA or a culinary highlight in the restaurant. «The mixture of international hotel guests and locals makes for an interesting dynamic,» says Kølpin. «We are neither complicated nor formal. We want to be simple and focus on the quality of the products and the ambience.» And that is exactly what has been achieved in a unique way for five years now. A warm welcome!

Photos Copyrights: Sanders Hotel