No one can escape the power and beauty of the four elements.

An austrian business family has transformed the four elements into a unique relaxation hideaway and made four houses named “fire”, “air”, “water” and “king fisher” a living experience of the highest standards. High above the wild, romantic Salza river luxury houses hang on the rock face. Standing in front of the panorama glass wall, the turquoise coloured water thunders by under our feet and entices us to dream of adventure.

In the Styrian Gesäuse, Hermann Berger, who was born into the building trade on his father’s side, has created something exceptional. He translated the forces of nature from the four elements into stylish luxury houses „Four Elements – Living by Berger“, fulfilling every heart’s desire. To escape the hectic everyday life in the big city, we booked into house „Water“ for several days. Generous and well thought out rooms, high quality materials, comfortable furniture and smart style thrill when we first enter the house. However, the absolute highlight is the tremendous natural view through the panorama window – a natural work of art that could not be captured as impressively by any painter in the world. We enjoy a glass of Champagne on the terrace and observe the play of colours in the turquoise-blue-green Salza, cutting its bed through stone 30 metres below us.

Inspired by the thundering river we relax in the whirlpool beside the panorama sauna and relish in the sensation of being surrounded by trees as part of this wonderful natural beauty. In this environment, it is easy to get rid of anything that is weighing you down and to concentrate completely on oneself. The anticipated relaxation is immediate. We go for a short walk to the bank of the Salza and observe the fish dancing in the crystal clear water.
Three of the four houses represent an element – which is reflected in the materials, the colours and the decoration, with the King Fisher house fusing all four. The King Fisher flies with FIRE in his heart through the AIR and creates an EARTH-bound retreat on the WATER. The positioning of the houses provides a high degree of private space and intimacy. Although the recommended restaurants are only a stone’s throw away, we have our delicious dinner delivered to our house, to enjoy every minute in this oasis of peace and tranquillity. My companion has made herself comfortable on the soft sofa in front of the window, while I, sitting on the terrace, lose my thoughts in the meandering river valley. In nature, the four elements are immense forces, which Hermann Berger has skilfully transformed in his FourElements into well-being of the highest standards!

Fotos: Four Elements Living by Berger