The new Mikuriya restaurant in The Dolder Grand signifies enjoyment with all your senses. Unique culinary art, for the guest, in front of the guest. The host is Atsushi Hiraoka and he enters into a culinary dialogue with the guests

Omakase, Mikuriya & Atsushi Hiraoka – the concept «made in Japan» now reigns supreme in the Swiss luxury hotel the Dolder Grand. And it’s a concept full of pleasure and one that provides even more in the way of an experience. «Omakase» signifies a very special Japanese menu. The guests sit, mostly in small numbers, directly at the kitchen counter and watch the chef prepare the dishes. Above all, however, they rely or trust in the selection of the right dishes by the master at the stove. «Mikuriya» means the kitchen in which «special guests are served with something special». Very fitting, therefore, that this is the name given to the new luxurious restaurant in the Dolder Grand, as everyone in charge thinks. And Atsushi Hiraoka? He is the master who prepares the omakase for the selected guests in the Mikuriya restaurant. A unique experience repeated every evening.

Located on the fourth floor of the traditional Dolder Grand hotel, the restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday. A maximum of eight people can sit at the counter to watch Atsushi Hiraoka prepare the 18 courses and to enjoy his culinary artistry with all their senses. The cost per person is CHF 300.00 excluding drinks. But it’s definitely worth it. Since during the preparation, the chef initiates his guests into the art of Japanese cuisine, the culinary dialogue is about preparation, origin and of course the centuries of omakase. Because, as Atsushi Hiraoka himself says, it’s «a form of eating that is revered in Japanese culture and arouses curiosity.»

Part of the spectacular Suite 100 in the Dolder Grand was converted for the new restaurant concept. The restaurant impresses with its puristic design, artwork and a unique view of the historic main building, the city, Lake Zürich and the Alps. The restaurant seats eight people and is open from Wednesday to Sunday evenings. Booking essential.

Photos Copyrights: Dolder Grand