“The focus has shifted from the quantity to the quality of life.”

Dr. George Gaitanos is the chief operating and scientific officer at Chenot. He talked to us about the Brand’s unique well-being and feel good concepts, about the creator and if course about the effects of the pandemic on each person’s life as well as on his own.

Who was Henri Chenot and why was he a veritable visionary?
Dr. George Gaitanos: The story of the Chenot movement began 50 years ago. Henri Chenot‘s vision and passion created an innovative approach to the improvement of people’s health and the lifestyle of each individual. It was his objective to detoxify people. He had recognized at an early stage that we are only really in good health when body, mind and soul work in harmony and convey a deep feeling of peace and happiness. If this harmony is disrupted or is lacking entirely, our bodies collect toxins more rapidly and our health deteriorates increasingly and visibly. Chenot was an advocate of prevention and already in the 70s he highlighted how important it is to take responsibility for your own health and your well-being as early as possible in life and to invest in it.

How did the Chenot Method, which can be experienced today in eight countries, originate?
At that time Henri Chenot combined the latest scientific advancements from Western medicine and diagnostics with the best from Chinese medicine. The result was the Chenot Method, which is applied today predominantly in the Chenot Palace Weggis as the central therapeutic approach. He also coined the term «Biontology» – the science of optimal ageing. Our founder was the first one, who spoke openly about issues such as «preventive ageing» or also «successful ageing». Up to his death at the end of 2020 he devoted his time to research into health and well-being. His motto: The source for a long, healthy life can be found in the ideal combination of genetics, lifestyle and environment.

Please sum up briefly the most significant features/content of the Chenot Method.
Our concept is preventive and not pathologically aimed at repair and illness. We do not heal illnesses; however we support the approach that the individual does not even become ill. The Chenot Method should support the body in the elimination of toxins, the assimilation of nutrients, in increasing its vitality and energy level, in rebalancing its physiology and it should ensure that the Health-Wellness-Index is consistently at its optimal level. Our method is unique in its use; it integrates and transmits energetic, physical and emotional signals to the body. In turn this helps the endogenous immune systems to be reactivated and the body rebuilds its own energy, functionality and inner harmony and keeps these over a longer period. The Chenot Method is tailored to the needs of each individual, ensuring that both body and mind can attain their individual optimal level.

Key word holistic approach – this is the central theme in the Chenot Method.
The advanced medical screening tests in the Chenot Method aim primarily at understanding the individuality of the person and their current status of optimal health and well-being. Using the «Lifestyle Biomarkers» measurement, as we call it, the effects of personal lifestyle and one’s own lifestyle are assessed for the respective health and well-being. This allows us to personalize the programme. Our approach is integrative and personalized. We treat the guest from the moment of their arrival, health specialists and experts assess the complete essence of the patient – of course this is conducted with absolute discretion and under medical confidentiality. Internal advanced screening tests and the most up-todate diagnostics are also offered, to facilitate an individual programme. All treatments are constantly monitored and are interlinked during the guest’s entire transformation experience. This tailored approach is the basis for our success. The employees are an essential component of the process. Through his multidisciplinary approach, Chenot wants to help people to find their personal balance, to reinvent themselves and to attain their optimal level both physically and mentally.

Health prevention – which fundamental changes do you see here in society?
The view of a healthy life has changed. The focus has shifted from the quantity to the quality of life. Everyone may be in agreement that the absence of illness is a component of health, but it does not determine whether one is in a state of well-being. A healthy life requires interventions with regard to lifestyle; however the efforts are not motivated by the wish to avoid illnesses but rather by the wish to promote successful living and a higher level of vitality. We should regard well-being as a culture and not as a programme.

What can each individual do themselves to lead a higher quality lifestyle?
Every guest is different; therefore we initially concentrate on building the guest’s awareness for their own current state of health. Then we discuss which new practices the guest can integrate into their daily routine, with the objective of making these a habit in the long term. Essential elements of the programme that motivate the guest to lead a healthy lifestyle are our support in all nutrition matters during the stay, healthy eating, but not compromising on taste, and also the sense of an increase in well-being after leaving the hotel.

What can I consciously undertake for my well-being in this exceptional situation, i.e. in the pandemic?
We heal or damage ourselves by the way in which we live our lives every day. And there is no doubt that our life in the past two years has become increasingly more stressful than ever before. We are now experiencing a transformational experience. A time of physical isolation, disturbed routines, increased and fluctuating emotions, stress and instability. All these factors have negative effects on our mental and physical well-being. Therefore we have to find a way, not only to cope, but to be productive, motivated and happy and to discover a new feeling of satisfaction to live in this constantly changing environment. But not much has changed about the Chenot approach. However, the pandemic has certainly opened many people’s eyes to the fact that they should concentrate more on what is really important: Health and their well-being.

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