Tradition meets Innovation. Ruinart , the oldest Champagne company shows their pioneering spirit in their latest coup of Second Skin packaging. Not only is it environmentally sound, it is also good for the Champagne and groundbreaking for the entire sector.

Drive has always been in the company’s DNA. Nicolas Ruinart founded the Champagne company, Ruinart, on 1st September 1729 in 51100 Reims and in doing so became the first of his kind. In 1746 the first Rosé-Champagne was launched, while the traditional company caused furore in 1896 when it commissioned an advertising poster from the Czech artist and illustrator, Alfons Mucha. An order, which was to mark the company’s affinity for art as well as the beginning of countless collaborations with artists to the present day.

Custom-made skin
Ruinart is launching its latest coup this year with Second Skin packaging. And the name already says it all. Goodbye heavy cardboard packaging, welcome lightweight. The new packaging hugs the equally iconic and characteristic Ruinart bottles like a custom-made skin. Made of 100 percent recyclable cellulose, it is the result of two years of research. And perhaps also the logical result of the 10 year long consistently pursued commitment to increasingly reduce packaging. Second Skin packaging only weighs 40 grams instead of 360 grams like before, while the paper originates 100 percent from sustainably cultivated European forests. And with a 60% reduction in the CO2 footprint compared to previous packaging, Second Skin packaging certainly sets standards for the entire sector.

Elegant and sustainable
With its Second Skin packaging, Ruinart proves that sustainability and exclusivity no longer have to exclude one another. The design is reminiscent of white serviettes, which are elegantly wrapped around the Champagne bottles, while the surface structure reminds you of the natural wine cellar in the old chalk caves in the „Crayères de Reims“. The extremely thin packaging – signed with the classic company monogram on their paper sealing system does not only look elegant, but is also robust. It therefore reliably protects from any external influences and provides the perfect light protection thanks to the cellulose reinforced with natural metal oxide.

Bilder: LVMH